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I’m a big guy with a bad back. I’ve got a closet full of holsters I’ve tried and failed, along with belts that have also been disappointments. After a lot of money spent through the years I finally found two gems that work great. The first is “The Bull Belt” by Hank’s. It came with 2 heavy duty buckles, one silver and the other brass colored. It is one tough belt. Made in the USA. At 1 1/2 wide x 1/4 inch thick it is truly a Bull. It shows no wear even after three years. It holds my holster securely and as an added bonus doubles as a back support. At $60 a pop, it is well worth the money. I even bought a second one. With a 100 year guarantee you can’t lose.
As for a holster, I took a chance on Alien Gear. I avoided it because I thought the name was funny, but I was running out of choices. I purchased their Cloak Tuck holster IWB for a Smith 9mm. After an hour of wearing it I forgot it was even there, so I then purchased another IWB for a larger 9mm Ruger which was a little better because it was a newer 3.0 version. I just bought a small revolver and ordered a new Alien Gear holster for that one too.
It was a long expensive road, but I’m glad I found these two. I’m a Hank’s and Alien Gear customer for life.
I hope this helps those who are searching for belts and holster like I was.
God bless America and the USCCA


I can second Alien Gear for a big guy. I have the cloak tuck 2.0, wish i had gone with newer, but i still love it! I went with a Bigfoot Gun Belt though, about the same dimensions, slightly less leather with a spring steel core. I loved it so much i ordered one sized to wear without my firearm for when I’m at work wearing my duty belt.
As an aside, if you have a pistol with extremely rough grips, N82 Tactical (Nate Squared FYI) offers a very nice holster with full leather backing that extends the full length of your pistols grip. Yes it’s a little bulky, I am aware of it, but it is comfortable and it keeps the rough grips of my pistol off of my skin.


Yet another big guy here. I also use Alien Gear holsters. I have a couple of their IWB 3.5 models, and they are very comfortable. Alien Gear is my holster brand of choice.


I also like alien gear. You have a lot of options. Mike…I know what you mean, I am a big guy also. I found that RAW DAWG has an excellent IWB. I can even wear mine with running pant/sweats. I make sure they always have the heavy tie, to support the the extra weight. But even up against the skin, this is a very nice comfortable option. Only about $50ish and lifetime guarantee.

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Alien holsters are great. I own 4 different ones. As for the belt have you tried Bigfoot gun belts.

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Have not. I have a couple of tactical belts in black and brown, for all occasions!! :grin:

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My wife wants a magnetic holster from but not sure if they are worth it and if they are actually safe where she won’t have to worry about the holster coming loose or something happening.