Quick eval, Aliengear OWB Belt Slides

AG stuff is sturdy, well made, and I have no issues with them, so this is an unbiased eval…

Their OWB Belt Slide holsters, or at least the 2 I bought, are too bulky and heavy on the belt. I realize they’re attempting to spread the load of a firearm on their system, but I wore that type of holster one day, switched right back to clingerholsters IWB gear holster.

Like I said, I’ve no ties to either company, this is just a regular man speaking from personal experience, to simply share what I experienced with others.

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+1 on that. I tried AG and returned it all. Great idea, terrible execution.


I’ve been eyeballing the modular ShapeShift set, which includes the belt slide system, but I guess I need to do some more research.

4.0 Alien Gear I.W.B. Holster . They are the
Best to cover that weight problem of your revolver or pistol. I carry compacts, which are below 30 ounces loaded. Plus, you can by a shell to exchange for a different pistol; swap out.

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I started with the AG 4.0 Shapeshifter IWB holster, then purchased the OWB Belt Slide configuration. Both were purchased with changeable shells to use with my SA
XD Mod2 and XDS 9mm pistols. Wore the OWB Belt Slide maybe twice, and did not care for it, but did not send it back within the alloted trial time. I didn’t care for the way it (OWB) , or The IWB 4.0 for that matter, “ride” on me. Just too bulky, and take up too much room. I do however like the sweat guard mat’l on the back of the rigs. I’m 6’1", and 197-200lbs on any given day. Maybe if I were a bit stockier those particular holsters would work for me. I’ve since switched my carry firearm to the M&P EZ9, and carry in a We The People kydex IWB holster. Easy donning/doffing, and doesn’t take up a lot of real estate in my waistband. Still hanging on to the AG holsters though. I do also have the AG Paddle holster set up, and use that occasionally at the range if I take the SA firearm(s).

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