AlienGear Setup

Because I want to try them out mostly, but also because the new system has the deal where I can mount inside my vehicle.

Aliengear…I spoke to the NICEST rep for about 15 mins getting an order together for Monday (military payday ya all), and here is what is in the TENTATIVE order thus far: RH OWB Belt Slide for 5" 1911, LH OWB slide for Sig P365XL, double mag carrier set with a bucket for 1 spare 1911 mag and 1 spare Sig mag.
And, because I’ve put weight on, I’m gonna purchase a new belt sooner than later cause you can’t carry a dang thing without a solid belt.

Now, in my mind, these OWB belt slide holsters will conceal under a loose shirt, and I can use the ShapeShift stuff for moving to other carry positions, like in the car, etc., whatever. But, it will also get all holsters out of the inside of my waistband where, frankly, I’m tired of even my primary that I’ve carried with the same holster at 4 o’clock there for years, being. In the end, OWB must be more comfy, and I don’t look like a gangsta if I wear a baggy shirt, just like an goofy middle age dude, and am guilty as charged there your honor.

I do think that, in addition to, or in all probability instead of, the double mag carrier, I may grab a single carrier for each of my carry guns. Otherwise, as I see it, the only good place for the double mag carrier is is SOB, and that will NOT be comfy sitting anywhere.
OR, maybe I should just start wearing a plate carrier everywhere and open carry everything? LoL, nope, nobody paying me enough and they never do.

Anyway, there IS A QUESTION FOR YA ALL HERE – IF you own and use a belt slide holster from Aliengear, does it allow for covering ok with a baggy shirt? My clingerholster pulls the grips into my body and hides my guns very well, so I’m curious how Aliengear compares with concealing. Input welcome ??

Ya all take care :slight_smile:


Yes, a baggy shirt will cover, especially if it’s a little longer.

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@Spence Thx! Appreciate the intel. I usually buy tall fit shirts anyway, not only bc of my build, but for that reason. Should work I think.

Honestly, I’m just looking to simplify that which is required to get holsters on my belt, and to make moving 1 of either pistols on my belt easier to remove/replace if needed… I’ve some high Hope’s for the AlienGear Cloak Tuck system, but if I dont like it, I have a box full of such holsters :stuck_out_tongue:


Like @Spence said. Baggy, longer shirt should work.
I used to practice with the Alien Gear Holster (Shape Shift on paddle) and it concealed under longer shirt (unbuttoned only), loose jacket or coat.
My IWB Alien Gear Holster never worked for me. :pensive:

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Thx, that’s precisely my intent on how to use these. Appreciate the input.

I’m ow attempting to figure out how their car holster works. I see and understand 1 with straps, but thought a Mod base was available to screw into vinyl…will keep looking. May do best in vehicle to keep all traditionally holstered…


The iwb works great for me and my shield 9. The belt slide holster is the one I could never get to work it would take a gorilla to draw it, they sent me another one and it was the same way. I wanted to get their drop leg but nervous it won’t work.


My first 2 holsters were Alien Gears.
Modular OWB was great. It was very easy to attach and detach from paddle, plus I could change holsters cant.
IWB didn’t fit at all, but I think it was me. Holster somehow fit at 4 o’clock but my arm hurt me reaching there. My best fit is 2 o’clock… and holster wasn’t good for it. Additionally I was carrying 4" PPQ and holster sat too low.


@Smiddy… so are you thinking about Alien Gear Shape Shift for car or Clinger holster?

Even though I’m not supposed to answer a question with a question… have you tried an IWB between your belt and the outside of your pants? This was suggested to me by a friend and after trying it I like it. I’ve found it more comfortable than in my pants and more secure feeling than OWB. Plus the belt on the outside of the holster helps to break up any printing, albeit minimally.

@Greg35 , who are you asking this ?

I thought I did a reply to Smiddy’s post. Anyway, it was to @Smiddy


This Forum engine is confusing for me… sometimes it cuts out the “quotes” in responses, and it happens it’s hard to tell who I reply to :upside_down_face:

@Greg35 I’ll presume you’re asking me.
No, cause, well, just no. If it works for someone else, awesome. I’d not be comfortable even trying that with any holster I oresently own…

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@Jerzy - sure, blame the forum engine! :stuck_out_tongue:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There is always something, not somebody to blame for :wink:

But seriously, this response is strictly for @Smiddy’s last post. There is no sign I replied to this one…
I think “engine” is assuming I’m replying to last one, so no need for extra indicator :


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K heres wat I’ve come up with,along with an AlienGear Rep, OTP, to try out:

Alien Gear Cloak Belt Holster RH 1911 5inch 1 1/2 belt

Alien Gear Cloak Belt Holster LH Sig P365XL 1 1/12 belt

Double Cloak Mag Carrier 1 mag bucket for a single stack and 1 one for a double stack Military Discount For the pricing quote of $128.47

I also discoveredthe double mag carrier comes apart into separate single mag carriers, and is therefore less expensive. Was going to change but they told me that, so no change needed.

I’m anxious to try this stuff. Who knows if it will improve my current EDC system or not?! 1 thing if will correct for certain is, it will get spare mags out of cargo pockets onto my belt. Next few weeks I’ll order a new belt too lol.

Of course I’ll be telling everyone here how this all works out.

Now I just need that IWB for my 300BLK AR :stuck_out_tongue:


K, ordered the holsters + mag carrier thingiejig. Skipped a car mount for now cause:

  1. Dont live in the hood where quick access is gonna make a difference
  2. That’s more money and I’m not rich! They got me for 124, and I bought a $70 belt from, their sister company. Hoping they do indeed do a military discount - thatd be helpful :slight_smile:

I find myself being much more hesitant to buy things now that I’m fitty (50).



I just ordered a Cloak shoulder setup. I’ve used Alien Gear for Years both IWB / OWB for years so I already have the shells. I’ve gained weight too from a back issue that is causing a problem carrying at 3-4 position. I figure if I have to wear a cover shirt anyway, I can distribute the weight and I won’t have to worry about printing. I just need to practice a safe shoulder carried draw. I never had trouble concealing anything up to a Beretta 92 FS with Alien Gear.

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@Louis26 First, glad you’re posting:)!!

2nd,I may end up with a Zimmer situation bc I need back surgery asap. I’m literally awaiting a call from surgeon’s office to get scheduled. However, I am hoping for a fix that makes carrying easier,not more difficult.

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Be advised all, there’s no such thing as getting an order from AlienGearHolsters quickly. I was told by them when asking about my order that they manufacture per order, keep no stock.

Initially I was looking at late July delivery for my order. Now I should get it Monday, or at least next week. It seems they use a shipper that starts out UPS, then transfers that to USPS, whom we all know ain’t the fastest.

For 2 days I had a UPS tracking result that said my order would arrive yesterday, Saturday, by 9pm. It did not, and I’m simply now hoping that the mailmain brings it tomorrow. We shall see.

I mean I realize I did not pay the (exorbitant) price for expedited shipping, but still, to have a tracking number that makes me think I’ll receive my order one day, then it be 2 or more days later, I believe that is a bunch of BS for shipping. I’ve not yet, clearly, had the chance to evaluate their products, so we will see on that, if they ever arrive.