Trying to decide on an Holster

I am a new fire arm user. I just picked up a Glock 17. I am looking to see what would be the best holster for me. I am tall and slender build. I looked at a lot of video but still undecided. Is it better to have iwb or owb. Also I am a conceal carry for general information.
Any suggestions would be great


Hello and welcome @Joseph549
It is really going to come down to your personal preference. How do you plan on carrying, IWB, OWB, AIWB? Kydex, leather, or Hybrid?
OWB I use a VersaCarry leather Guardian Arc

My current IWB is a Tier1 Xiphos V2

My light bearing rig is an Alien Gear Cloak 3.5.
All are very comfortable to use.
There will be many more suggestions coming soon on here.


They key for me is finding what will work for you. I have been carrying for years as I am retired police. My favorite is the shoulder holster, but it requires a jacket or something that covers it up. IWB are really good again depending on what you are wearing. I even have small of the back holsters that are nice. My favorite right now is a fanny pack holster. Easy to put on for everyday use and that makes it simple. Many others will disagree and that is fine. Work with what works for YOU!


I plan on carrying Owb. I have to get the appropriate belt. I am looking more for something that is practical to use and is good at concealment.


I switch between my Kore and leather steel core for belts. I really like the Kore because of the incremental increase ability and quick release. The leather will hold everything I put on it.


@Joseph549 Welcome to the community, why not do both IWB, OWB. I use kydex holsters, mini-tuck IWB for Sig P365, as well as OWB Blackhawk Serpa Kydex, and Crossbreed Waistband w/holster, also have OWB Blackhawk Serpa Kydex holster for Sig Full size P320. I use gun belt from TheBeltman.


Welcome to the community @Joseph549

You are going to get a lot of recommendations but what works for others may not work for you. Finding the right holster/s tend to take a lot of trial and error or some very good luck if your first choice happens to work out.

A lot will also depend on the type of cloths you usually wear and the types of activities you do during the day. A holster and carry position that works for you during the winter may not work in the summer with lighter cloths, especially with a full size gun like the 17. So you might need more than one. Some people even switch firearms in different seasons to help with better concealment.

AIWB (Appendix IWB) tends to work very well for tall and slender people. But I would be reluctant to recommend it for brand new carriers as a mistake with trigger discipline or part of a shirt or jacket getting caught in between the trigger and holster when reholstering could lead to unwanted holes in sensitive or life threatening places. Many experienced carriers won’t carry AIWB because of this reason and some don’t find it comfortable when sitting for long periods of time though a thin waist makes for more comfort in this position.

Good luck on your quest for the perfect holster. I’ve come across some fairly good options for myself but still haven’t found the perfect one yet.


Step one - go to Walmart, buy a medium to large cardboard moving box. Tape bottom closed, best to tape the remaining flaps up to get extra volume.
Step two - buy lots and lots of holsters and try them out until you find the perfect one. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have half a box of random holsters to trade with friends! :grinning:


I have been fortunate, I have only two disliked holsters. I started my quest with a cheap nylon holster that had numerous options as to how to use it. Based on that I tried an AIWB, then a Sneaky Pete, then settled on my current carry of OWB with a cover garment. Summertime, a Hawaiin shirt, winter a long, untucked shirt.

Rule of thumb for concealed, if it passes the wife test, you are good. If she doesn’t notice, no one else will, even if you do.


I am a 5’8", 160 lb guy - so not too slim, but not carrying a lot of extra weight. I got lucky the first OWB holster I bought was a Galco Gunleather OWB model simply called “Concealable” for a double stack 40S&W 14 +1 round capacity. It was immediately comfortable, has a forward cant, and huggs the body to help with concealment. The original Galco Concealable for Glock 17 is the model CON-224. A newer version made for Glock 17 with red dot optic is CO2-224. You can do a web search for those models and possibly find a good price for one. I bought both of mine from Amazon … the second one being for a Government size 1911.

However, like others have already said, just because it works for me and I like it does not mean it wouldn’t end up in the @TheProtonSpinner holster box :smiley:


Welcome and everyone here will tell you that they have a drawer full of holsters trying to find the one that works for them.


As most have said it’s what works best for you and the situation. I carry different depending on the attire I’m wearing, and the environment I’m in. Best advice given to me was start with one and wear it around house and practice draw and maneuverability just how you feel comfortable.


I’m a fan of CYA Holsters, great price, carry my Sig P365XL IWB, love it. I’m 6’, 260lbs, fits well with no discomfort.

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I filled my large range bag, instead!

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i only have two that i like one is pancake owb the other is the Alien Gear shapeshifter that would give lots of options.

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Many of us have more holsters than we have firearms, try this, Nope in the box, try that, yep that’s a keeper. I’m a traditionalist, I like leather, I find it more comfortable. Many like Kydex. It’s actually pretty easy. Get out your Debit Card, get on the internet and start exploring, you’ll find the right one eventually.


I’m a big fan of my crossbreed minituck for my 365 or Glock 43.

Kydex gives good trigger protection and retention, horsehide leather gives a forget youre wearing it comfort.

Edit, and it’s a tuckable IWB if you’re not a fan of loose fitting shirts for concealment.

Hello and welcome @Henry81


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