I’ve been thinking about adding to my CC options. Any thoughts on in the waist band versus outside the waste band? I’m a 60-ish left handed female on the heavy side. I carry a Glock 43x. Currently I use a belly band. Appreciate your comments!

Whatever works better for you.

The choice of currently carried holster may also depends on season or weather. I use OWB during winter time and cold days/nights when holster is covered by jacket. It’s much easier and faster to draw.
For warm season I have to carry IWB for better concealment.

There is a good practice to be comfortable with both types.


I always say you can’t tell someone what feels right to them but I found aliens gear. I was able to build what works best for me. I am right handed but carry left appendix and cross draw. that is most comfortable to me. my second favorite is flashbang bra holster. a little strange to draw so not great if you are practicing but better in the summer for concealing

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I think IWB is superior in concealment, but many people conceal carry OWB. IWB is what works for me. What’s nice about owb, is you don’t have to buy new pants to fit IWB.

The own holster needs to hold the gun close to the body. I’ve Looked into Vedder’s “Light Draw”, but I stick IWB.


Why not both? Depending on the situation, either one may work better for you.


I started iwb, now owb… way better for me
But I i also ipc a Little 22mag

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Lefty here also. I use IWB kydex for my Glocks and OWB for my 1911’s. Surprisingly, the leather OWB belt holster tucks in the 1911 pretty close and is more comfortable.

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