How do you carry?

I owned a few holsters before I obtained my CCW, most were not meant to conceal since I carried them in the desert on the shooting range or camp sites, or when I went hunting. I used to carry cross draw OWB as I felt that it was the most comfortable and on the other side of where my hunting rifle is.

But conceal carry is different. My wife got me a DeSantis Gunhide M89 IWB 2.0. It is the most comfortable carry on my right side and so easily concealable and it fits my 3 favorite carry pistols (Sig P239, XD9 subcompact and M&P 40 Shield).

I tried appendix carry and small of back but it was not comfortable or doable in some instances like driving.
Shoulder holsters was only effectively concealable with a jacket and there are not a lot of days in southern California when you want to wear a jacket.

I also heard of fanny packs, but I never got used to have one. And obviously, I don’t have a purse. :rofl:

How about you? How and why do you carry the way you do? I’m interested in hearing the pros and cons of various way to carry.


I carry the same basic way I have since I started in 2005. Strong side, IWB, slightly behind the hip (3:30-4:00). I can’t get AIWB comfortable enough when leaning forward, picking things up, sitting, tying shoe, whatever, and I still am not personally comfortable with where the muzzle points (there are videos of guns literally firing while in the holster, that is a quick way to die)

Right now I mostly use JM Custom Kydex holsters but I own a great many holsters overall.

I can access it reasonably quickly (when I’m in practice, <2 seconds on the shot timer to draw from the beep under concealment from normal clothes and make an aimed hit).

It is pretty comfortable for any activity I do.

It conceals pretty well. I’ve been carrying a full size 17+1 Glock 17 for awhile now but sometimes downsize especially in summer to a G19 and on rare occasion a Shield Plus. Or similar guns to those


I appendix carry a Sheild plus PC with a 4" barrel with Keeper’s concealment Errand. I have no issue with while driving or basically doing anything, it is very comfortable.


I mostly carry AIWB as this is the fastest and most convenient way to carry for me. Is it comfortable? No, so whenever my garment allows, I use OWB holster at 9 o’clock.

Few months ago I started using “Alias clip” that allows me to quickly mount and unmount the holster from my belt. So driving is not an issue anymore, handgun stays in the holster, the holster changes its mounting spot in the car.


I carry one of 2 ways AIWB using a JM4 holster a ruger security 9mm or a security 380 (both compacts). if I am out on my own in power wheelchair. I will use a fanny pack that keeps everything easy for me to grab.


4 with a spare mag at 8.


I can’t carry most of the time I am working since much of my work lately has been in CA where my right to effective self defense is denied.

Around here I have been working on getting used to AIWB. I really like how quickly I can draw from that position and how easy it is to keep concealed especially when reaching or bending over. I also really like how it provides a very strong retention position. It would be hard for someone to get to my pistol without me noticing them making a move for it and being able to use both my hands to stop them.

But I have not been able to make it completely comfortable. Part of the issue is that my six pack abs are hidden by an extra inch or two of belly fat;) When sitting for any length of time I need to shift the holster up a little to keep it from digging in which makes it conceal less well. And squatting and reaching down is a bit uncomfortable as well. Then there is the muzzle position though being in front it is easy to visually check there is nothing in the way to snag the trigger when reholstering. I position the holster so that with a slight push out of the hips I can keep the muzzle from pointing at my femoral artery and other important parts down there when reholstering.

I also front pocket carry a small pocket pistol from time to time. It is really comfortable though not invisible in most of my pockets unless I stand just right. But anyone who might notice would most likely assume I am carrying one of the very common large phones people carry these days. The biggest negative is that it takes away valuable pocket space from my other EDC items.

I’m hoping to finally get into some competitive shooting this year which I believe requires an OWB holster on the hip. If I do I may go back to carrying at 8:30 (I shoot lefty with handguns) just to keep the practice for EDC and competition more consistent.



My favorite ways to carry are either Appendix IWB or 3:30-4:00 IWB/OWB. These carry positions are comfortable to me. Once in a while I may use a shoulder holster but on rare occasions. In my home when I am just hanging out I have a chest rig. My advice is to get something that will be comfortable for you or you will not carry. Leather holsters are one way to carry and Kydex are another choice. I pretty much go with Kydex because that is the way I have gotten used to. Also make sure you have a holster with good retention. I will pocket carry in the summer once in a while. My belts of choice right now are a 511 Tactical and a Nexbelt with the USCCA logo on the buckle, both sturdy and comfortable belts.


AIWB M&P Shield w/TLR6(non-laser) . Depending on the area im heading to ill carry two or three spare mags. When im driving i will pull my shirt out over my seat belt.


I’ve evolved through different carry methods over the years as technology and equipment have advanced.

Nowadays, 99% of the time it’s my Glock 48MOS AIWB in a Kydex holster with a wedge with a 15 round Shield Arms Mag in it. Reload is a 20 round Shield Arms mag in back pocket besides my wallet.

Sometimes, like tomorrow, I’m headed into the desert in my Jeep and I’ll be carrying a Ruger New Vaquero in .45acp with the birdshead buffalo horn grip, butt forward on my strong side. Just because…


ya I have the same problem with my DUNLAP disease. had to experiment with a couple of their holsters. but, nothing went to waist because I can use the holsters with other guns and different carry positions. holstering using JM4 holster they recommend that you remove the holster and insert your gun. then put the gun and holster in the position you carry.


Ditto here


Based on daily schedule, I have to go into a lot of “ gun free” zones, and my state laws enforce these pretty strictly. So, I need a solution that allows some flexibility and ease of arming / disarming. Based on this, I pocket carry when I can (with a pocket holster). When I can’t, I carry IWB 4 o clock with a kydex holster with a claw. I’ve tried some hybrid holsters with a leather backing. These are more comfortable, but harder to put on and remove when on the road.


How? What holster?

I just received my Enigma,…. And while I have yet to do the whole fitment process, I’m not seeing it working with my “Dad Bod”

If the fitment process doesn’t result in a usable solution, I will modify it for off body carry in my vehicle. (Drawing from 3:30 while buckled in is frankly difficult at best!)


To answer the OP;

I have a Crossbreed mini tuck IWB at 3:30.

I can forget I’m wearing it if I’m not careful!


Are you able to get a good hold on your grip right off the bat?


i carry owb cuz iwb does not feel right to me, most the time i use a pancake holster at 9 and 2 mags at 2.


What holster is that with your Glock?


If you have to remove and rearm a lot I recommend getting the North American Arms .22mag mini revolver. That is called a Holster Grip. I clip it inside my right front pocket and it looks like a knife or a beeper or whatever to the casual observer. I carry it as a backup to whatever I may be carrying on a particular day. In the photo is my Glock 30S .45acp.