Most comfortable way to carry

Ok this is a tough one, i have already spent Hundreds on different styles of holsters searching for that “perfect” holster, with that said ALL HOLSTERS INAIFE THE WASTE BAND IS OUT OF THE EQUATION. I have bought just about everyone on the market and they all “pinch” or hurt at one point or another.
I bought he “concealed “ undershirts which i do like dut where its right un my armpitt it takes to long (for me) to draw it if needed.
I do have 1 i wear everyday in fall/winter its the belly band holster” and i wrap it right around my outer clothes cause i wear Coverhauls or a jacket, but when i put it under my shirt the grip protrudes out and its obvious so spring/summer is out.
I could go with shoulder holster but requires an outer garmit (again spring summer)
Im sorry guys for being so “picky” but i do wanna be comfortable while out and about cause its the first thing on last thing off type deals everyday.
Appreciate ANY HELP if there are any help for me lmao!!!


Speaking only for what I’ve tried and works for me…

I tried most positions and ended up 3:30-4 o’clock whenever it is on me. Appendix feels terrible, especially when sitting. 6 o/clock is dangerous. In front of 3 or 9 o’clock just feel stupid and hard to conceal for me. Ankle seems unnecessary. I just don’t go to places where I need to have a bunch of firearms on me. Haven’t tried the soft clothes (t-shirts, bellyband, etc.) as they wouldn’t work better on my lean frame. I like the idea of a shoulder holster, especially when I am riding the motorcycle, but again…i’m not likely to get into a shootout while riding, so I just carry one in the luggage in case we run into any wildlife.


I also have mine between 3:30-4:00 IWB. This seems to work the best even when sitting in the car. I just learned to position it so it is in line with the seat side bolster and it doesn’t dig in. Adjusting the height and cant was also crucial so the grip didn’t dig into my ribs.

Did you try IWB carry with roomier pants? I gave away a couple of pairs of jeans and shorts that fit me “just right” before carrying. They ended up making the rig uncomfortable when worn all day. Sacrificed my vanity for security. :wink:

In a purse, briefcase, or messenger bag. Next would be in drop rig belt holster on your strong side hip or thigh at 3 o-clock. After that, not much qualifies as “comfortable,” in my opinion. It is really about what is most tolerable/least annoying. It takes awhile for any on-body carry to feel “natural.”

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What gun are you trying to conceal?

Pocket carry could be an option, but that’s a rabbit hole on its own.

You could try OWB.

I like 3:00 but I run a really thin gun (it’s less than an inch thick).

Carrying a gun is not always super comfortable. It will get more comfortable the smaller the gun.

What’s uncomfortable exactly? The wieght, is it poking, scratching.

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Can I ask why you think this?
I carry at 6:00.

I think appendix is dangerous, no bullets pointing at my boys. :dizzy_face:


If you fall backward, you can do serious, permanent injury to your spine. Do a little research and see if it is worth the risk to you. There is a ton about it on Al Gore’s internet. We see it a lot in the movies…with sideways shooting and bottomless magazines. :slight_smile: For me, there are just too many other o-clocks to choose and which work better for me. 3:30-4 is relatively easy for mto grab and hold correctly from either hand, so it just (for me) makes sense.


I find that pocket is pretty comfortable
I also have a pancake holster that is very comfortable


@Brad and @Justin47 an interesting (and funny) video from John at WPS on the topic to continue the debate fodder… :slight_smile:

As for me, I started at 3:30 /4:00…but as I’ve been working on my draw, adjusting holsters clothes etc. it’s now sitting around 2:30 /3:00. So moving closer to the appendix but not quite there. It’s what’s comfortable for me, but what’s more important it seems to be the position for my fastest draw speed times.


Funny really. I’ve called all my buddy’s and 17 out of 21 Carrie at 6:00. I’ve never had a single issue with it. One reason I prefer it is because I can stand at a 10:00 to somebody and there not able to see my arm move and see me grab it from behind my back. If it’s in a movie it’s not relevant to me. As for the whole falling down backwards thing, highly unlikely.

I had a friend of mine accidentally shoot himself pulling his gun out of the holster at the 2:00 position. As he was pulling it out the gun got stuck on the fat of his belly. He went to get a better grip and accidentally hit the trigger. The fat of his belly actually pushed down the safety on the slide.

I have none of these problems at 6 O’clock. I can get an in and out of the holster quickly, without messing with the safeties. I on a pool league, bending over a table playing pool. No one ever sees it.

this is just a personal preference. it’s just better concealed to me. it’s safer to me and it’s just how I like it


Clint Smith said long time ago:
“Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable; it’s supposed to be comforting"

@Michael404 - don’t worry about being picky. Nobody wants to wear crazy thing that bothers all the time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Reading your post my understanding is that OWB seems to be the best option.
I’d suggest 2:30 or 3 o’clock. Doesn’t hurt your back in case you will fall down.
The most concealable will be the holster with WINGS, not CLIPS nor LOOPS.
Kydex makes the draw stroke very fast and is easy for rehiolstering.

I do not have any experience with shoulder rig, but as you have mentioned, it will require additional extra garment.


Thanks for all the input, i have been carrying for years and have always had this problem im a big boy (6’5” ) and its when i sit down is where i have 95% of my problems


Appendix carry 11 o’clock with cant and belt loops mounted low - this way holster sits high above the belt and muzzle being pointed sideways a little, not straight down, doesn’t pinch your thigh.
(other option if you don’t like OWB 3 o’clock)

Just a random suggestion, a hammerhead revolver usually has very smooth edges and grip. There are no hard points to poke into you and it could be more comfortable. (I’m watching a review on the S&W air weight :joy:)

It’s not my preference, but something like that is better than not carrying.

Isn’t there a saying “the .22 in your pocket is better than the full-size gun at home”.

Southpaw here, carry at the 7:30-8:00 position, essentially the 3:30-4:00 position for a rightie.

I use an AlienGear OWB paddle-style holster and I haven’t tucked in a shirt for about 10 years. My spare mag carrier is IWB because I just like them. Works like a charm for me. I have three steady dates, a Ruger American Compact that feels like I’m carrying a howitzer, an H&K VP9SK that is far more comfortable to carry, and my Glock 42 “church gun” because it disappears under my suit coat.

OWB holsters feel pretty comfy and doesn’t poke into my back when I’m driving.


I have hammer heads but dont care to cary them right now i carry the .40 Springfield subcompact and my wife the s&w 9 mm m&p but ahe (as most woman ) carry a purse anyway have more options than us guys :man_shrugging:

Welcome to that community @Charles279 !!

I have tried 3, 5, open carry, and appendix. By far the most comfortable for me is appendix carry.

Am I 100% comfortable…of course not. I am carrying a firearm and an extra mag in a holster. Have I grown accustom to wearing this, yes.

What I like about AIWB is I can pretty much wear anything I want and conceal easily. I can wear just shorts and a t-shirt and easily conceal my G26 or through on a casual plaid button up and conceal my shadow systems 918 (g19 variant).

I can twist, turn and move without worrying about printing. Bending at the waste is not the most comfortable but it isn’t the best idea to bend at the waste and have become more used to kneeling to pick something up.

While seated I have easy access to my firearm if ever needed.

I spent the money and bought a solid holster that provides me as much comfort as possible.

What is comes down to is adapting to your carry position. Each position will have a degree of discomfort that you will have to adapt to which helps prevent said discomfort. I have also learned over the last 10 years or so that spending the cash on a quality holster is more than worth it.


Great video that has been posted here before. He is a funny guy.


Hey Justin,

I’m not trying to talk you out of it, just sharing some info. It feels like seatbelts or motorcycle helmets to me. I don’t need to be in an accident without one to know that they’re safer. There’s plenty of data to support it without be being the crash test dummy. lol Other positions happen to work better for me anyways, so it was easy for me.