Should I get a different holster?

I had to get a new holster for my TP9 because in the old one the TP9 was digging into my side creating an open sore. Also I have lost some weight and am taking up more of the belt to cinch it down tight. The TP9 clicks into place which I like but it’s slowing down my draw considerably. I’m working on the draw but just can’t seem to find the right way. Saddest part is I just bought the thing and really don’t want to buy another if possibly.


i’m guessing it’s IWB… What is the position you carry it?
Usually playing with clips helps… but everything depends on the holster and clips, how they can be configured and moved up/down/cant.
Positive click is a good thing, you are sure firearm stays in place. It should be tight enough to not let the gun fly up, but it shouldn’t disrupt draw smoothness.

If you feel the edges of the holster digging to much you can also use gel pads to make the edges softer.
For my AIWB I use “blister bandages”. These get a nice, soft cushion.


I’m carrying it OWB between the belt and pants waist. It’s not the holster digging into me, it’s the gun slide. The maker said it was designed for a TP9….

So the holster is actually shorter than slide?

Yeah, some manufacturers made such type of holsters (I still cannot understand what might be the reason to have muzzle sticking out from the holster). :thinking:

In such case, I recommend a new holster that covers muzzle. You will have more room to play with discomfort.
Try to avoid “Amazon type” holsters. Everything below $60 is a crap that will never fit the firearm the proper way.


Yeah, that’s where I ordered it from. Thanks Jersey

The less expensive and reliable holster I ever bought was from Muddy River Tactical. Not a super holster, but decent one and if something is not right, you call the Company and they will fix it for you.
Or if you want to buy once and forget about problems… invest $100 - $140 for a really good holster. :upside_down_face:


I’m a little confused from your posts.

  1. Does the new holster have the problem with the slide? Or is that not an issue with the new holster?

  2. Are you saying the problem with the new holster is that it is hard to draw because it’s tight on the gun?

  3. Was the holster designed to be OWB or IWB? If it was designed to be OWB, have you tried it on the outside of the belt instead of between the belt and your pants? I would think that some OWB holsters if worn inside the belt, the belt might put extra pressure on holding the gun inside the holster making it harder to draw.

  1. Looking at the holster, it has a thin tab coming up to cover half of the slide. The upper half of the slide is open and the corner of the rear sight is exposed.
  2. Yes and that the holster wiggles during the draw canting the holster forward and I have to reposition the holster back on the belt. It’s like the belt clip isn’t big enough to fit the belt.
  3. It was designed for OWB.

Doing some more practice drawing and I think I’ll just get another holster and trash this one.

You may also be experiencing a belt problem. A rigid “rigger” style is a must, and at least 1.5 in. wide. Also, if your holster is a generic “one size fits most” you may never get it right.

I found the holster I wanted at Craft Bullseye holsters. Then I immediately got a notification from my bank of possible fraud. Three charges of under $1. I verified the charge for the holster but not the others.

The first of all… for your setup (holster under the belt) you need IWB one.
IWB doesn’t mean it goes inside you pants, it means it goes under the belt.
You must use IWB, otherwise the clips won’t keep it sturdy enough and holster will change cant all the time.


Thanks Jerzy. I ordered a cross draw from the above company. Been wanting one of those and these I think will fit the bill. Only problem I have with them right now is the wait time. I guess they have to kill the cow, and tan the hide before they can get one out to me.

Muddy River, definitely :+1:

Shop FALCO holsters - I recently ordered a customized IWB from them - although I couldn’t get an all-nylon holster, they offered to switch the fixed belt-clip on their A806 “Smith” for the rotary belt-clip on their A804 “Walker”, the holster right next to it. This change makes a fixed, thumb-break IWB into a “4-in-1” holster, where you can adjust your gun’s CANT. For this switch, I had to kick in an extra $7.00, and I’ve had it made for my Walther PK380. Their standard belt-clip size is 1.5" - you’ll have to kick in an extra $2.95 if you want 2.0" on any holster that offers this option. I don’t know how durable they are, so I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve also suggested belt-worn, IWB versions of their D808 “Mason” Folding ROTO Nylon Shoulder Holster - considering how crappy and clunky current makes and models are, after so many years. SHOP CAREFULLY with FALCO - they have VERY detailed gun-finder and order-option formats. FYI



There are too many variables for me to come up with a potential solution with the current holster. You might be able to return it through Amazon if that’s how you purchased it. However, if it’s designed for a larger belt, you might keep it for if/when you are wearing a wider belt. IMO, OWB is a handy way to carry if clothing permits. I would check 1. what position it was designed for (3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 5, etc.), 2. what size belt it is meant to fit 1.5", 1.75", etc.) 3. try it on the outside of the belt instead of the inside.

Also, I would make sure your belt is made for carrying. If not, you might have similar issues in the future. My go-to for mid price belts are Galco for leather with a “frame” buckle, Ciguera Gear Company Emissary EDC Belt for Nylon belt (it’s “Scuba Webbing”) with a “frame” buckle, or Kore Gun Belts for a ratcheting style buckle.

You can find OWB holsters with two belt loops, but if you’re planning on wearing it inside the belt, I would opt for an IWB holster instead. Again make sure your belt matches the clip size. Also figure out what degree of cant you want and what position you’ll be wearing it at. They usually list these on holster manufacturer websites.

We all have different preferences for holster brands/materials/cants, so take the following with a grain of salt. My go to for IWB is Vedder Holsters (if all plastic/kydex is preferred… I like their metal, adjustable, shirt tuck-able clips) and Galco (if all leather is preferred). Often it is just so I can get something that works well in the short term for not too much money (they aren’t cheap though) while deciding on what more expensive brand with a LONG wait time I want to get… although that’s usually for leather holsters. I have no experience with hybrid holsters (plastic side and leather side).

If you want more belt stability and weight distribution get one with dual clips. The downside is that it takes longer to put on or take off than a single clip variant. Adjustable clips are nice to give you options to set up the position and cant you want.

I find the dual clip IWB configuration more easily conceals because it is not as thick. In other words the single clip IWB configuration stacks the thickness of two pieces of material, the thickness of the firearm, and the thickness of the clip.

I went from wearing a single clip configuration of the Black Arch Protos to the dual clip. What a major change in both comfort and conceallability (for me).

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After this experience I don’t think I will use a single clip holster again. All my dbl clips have never given me the problems I am having with this holster.

Amount of clips depend on holster’s carry position and its construction.
Be sure what are you buying and make research what works best for the particular holster.

I don’t know if you are familiar with “NeoMag Alias system” for holsters, but this is single clip system with a “receiver” that can be used on belts and also on any hard surface (car, wall, desk, etc).
I found it much better and more stable than original 2 clips for AIWB carrying.