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Like a lot of people I’m sure are like me are a bit "portly " As a result, when I secure my holster on my side, it keeps creeping forward until it is stopped my the next beltloop. I I normally carry OWB and use a Nylon holster because of comfort. I carry a Glock 43X, Any help or recommendations would be appreciated


Several intermediate and advanced instructors I am familiar with recommend rather strongly against nylon holsters due to questionable retention of the gun and inability to re-holster with one hand. You might consider upgrading (this will cost more, but is worth it) to a hybrid leather & kydex holster specifically fitted to your 43X.


I think others here got much more experience than I.

Shoulder and/or OWB. I like both.

If in an open carry state, I still prefer to conceal, as I feel less chance of a perpetrator grabbing it, JIMHO. Some belt loop throughs are ok, but takes a bit longer to put on before one goes out.

There are so many holsters out there, one might find one he/she likes which is also comfortable. I’ve liked some of the “paddle” versions as they spread/disperse the pressure over my entire hip, instead of pinching feeling on once inch of my side. With the paddle, it sits on the outside of my underwear, so not directly on my skin.

Not all paddles are made the same, some have more rounder edges and spread out further, others even softer material, differing in comfort.

I’m experiencing something similar as you, and was thinking about switching to:

Can’t echo enough what “Craig_AR” shared about the importance of the material. I too would be more concerned with nylon. I like the kydex material on the inside of the holster. If so, ensure it has screws on it where you can tighten or loosen em prn.


I wear IWB at 3:00, crossbreed holster mini tuck.

Stays in place, horse hide backing is all day forget your wearing it comfy. Kydex gives excellent retention and trigger protection as well as being able to reholster


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Mark, I am a rather ‘Fluffy’ fellow myself :crazy_face:
This Leather Holster (Commander series) from Versacarry works rather well for me
hugs the gun/mag close and doesn’t interfere with the ‘Muffin-Top’
comes in distressed Brown and Black depending on the style ($21-33)
I get the belts there also (really thick, and the holster doesn’t move)
If you keep the nylon–not recommended --try adding a belt ‘Keeper’ you can get
at Amazon or local Cop shops, that could be a Temp. fix. Just wind it around the flimsy
nylon loop and your belt…


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I strongly recommend against a nylon holster.

Use a high quality leather holster or kydex holster, one made specifically for your exact model of firearm

I almost exclusively use holsters with a belt attachment method that will straddle a belt loop, thus keeping the holster exactly where I put it. Most of my pants have a belt loop in the same spot at basically 3 o’clock even (right handed), which puts the grip and the majority of the above-the-belt gun behind the 3 position. This is IWB. For OWB, I find the holsters that are strong enough to justify using OWB (gun grab resistant) all hold onto the belt strongly enough they don’t move. I think if it moved that much on its own, I probably wouldn’t trust it for OWB to begin with.

And I recommend some more serious training. As a general rule, people that have taken that next level of pistol class will have learned through experience how many serious drawbacks those all nylon holsters have.


Mark, I’m a fan of OWB holsters as well. I’ve used a few varieties, the classic leather “Pancake” being my favorite.

I recently got an Alien Gear Cloak OWB holster and have found it to be very comfortable. It seemed a bit…HUGE…at first, but in reality it conceals well under a good cover garment, and the wide profile distributes the pistol’s weight nicely, eliminating pressure points.

I haven’t used it to roll around on the ground in a CQB class, but retention seems quite good.

Just a thought!


I am also a “portly person” and I use the Crossbreed Supertuck IWB hybrid holster at the 4 o’clock position. It is comfortable and stays exactly where I put it.


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You compromise safety using Nylon holster.
I’m wondering how Nylon is more comfortable than leather or Kydex? When your handgun is in the holster even Nylon becomes stiff and uncomfortable.

I strongly recommend good holster, sturdy belt and all your issue described will disappear.


You won’t have this problem with a good leather or kydex holster, especially if you choose a kydex mode with a belt clip instead of a belt loop.


Hi, thanks for your thoughts, I tried the belt keepers got a couple from a friend… no avail. will look into the holster though Thanks again


Most of my OWB holsters are paddle holsters. They will move forward or rearward depending on my movements (especially in the truck). I have a very nice gun belt & some quality leather OWB holsters that are secured by the belt. They always stay put


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I carry IWB @2 and I use this holster it has good retention and easy on an off. with great craftsmanship, thick leather.


I use Kydex holsters. The only time they move is if I actually move them myself. Yes, I too have a little extra padding.


I too am of somewhat “generous” proportions, and I carry a P365XL. My Dunlop won’t let me carry appendix, and I’m not a fan of having the muzzle pointed toward my femoral artery anyway, so I don’t even try that method.
What I’ve found that works for me is a LAG Kydex IWB holster, centered behind the label on my jeans, with the holster hooks straddling the label (I’m right-handed). That seems to keep it in one spot quite well. I also wear a Kore Essentials belt cinched as tight as I can tolerate, to make sure it doesn’t slip down my hip during the course of the day.

As you’re seeing already, if you ask ten different people, you’ll probably get at least 15 different answers.


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