Changed my EDC

Today I changed my EDC From my Kimber EVO to my Springfield 911. My Kimber holster wasn’t acting right, a couple of times during dry fire practice (2 or 3 out of about 200 draws) the holster would stay with the gun. The clip didn’t hold it onto my belt. That’s the first time I’ve had that happen. I contacted Muddy River Tactical about it and shipped it off to them today to get a new belt clip installed. So now I’m carrying a little different firearm. First it’s a .380 not a 9MM. Second and the main thing, it has a hammer and a thumb safety. I’ve worked with it a bit just incase I would need to use it but it’s still “Different”. Weird, the psychology of changing things.


That would be my biggest concern, personally. That’s why I have 2 Glock 30’s one I EDC, the other one new in it’s case, I also have 2 Glock 41’s one I EDC, the other one in it’s case.

If something happens and I need to do something with my EDC’s. I want everything to be exactly the way that I have trained, feel, size, weight, even placement.


Yea, I agree. My other choice is a 38Spcl. The problem there is it’s a 5 shot revolver, plenty of punch just not enough punches.


Good luck! Changing EDC took me almost a month before I got to the point of not noticing the change.


The crazy thing is, I have a similar MRT holster for my Springfield, carry it in the same place etc. but still it “feels” different, I mean not so much physically different but in my brain different.


I’m surprised they didn’t just send you another belt clip.


I imagine it can be difficult making the switch between pistols and holsters. Based on attire and feeling, I switch on a regular basis including holster types…

Granted, I have currently 4 primarys, 2 of which being the same, G40, TP9SFX, TP9SFX, TP9 Elite SC, and then the others, G2C, Taurus 85, LCP2, NAA Mini Revolver (basically always in the pocket).

Likely adding some more…


Yea I wondered about that.

Maybe the rivet goes through the belt clip?


I have a Galco OWB i Ride for my 1911, a Galco Hi Ride for my P226, an Azula cross draw for my Colt .380 and a Galco cross draw for my Bulldog. I’m still looking for the perfect .44 Sp holster. I’m thinking about trading in the Bulldog for an S&W .44 Mag and using .44 Sp in that. And that’s another holster.