How often do you change EDC guns?

The other thread going on here about why you like your EDC got me realizing that a lot of you guys change up your carry guns pretty often.

How long do you typically “everyday carry” a gun before you replace it with a new one? I see people talk about putting a gun into their “rotation.” Why rotate carry guns?

Personally, I have a revolver that I pocket carry literally every day. I’ve had it a couple years, and other than cosmetic wear, it’s perfect, so I’ll probably carry it that way for years more. I have an identical second one in the safe as a back up, but I don’t really use that one much beyond making sure it’s in good shape and ready if I need it. Otherwise, I have a pistol that I sometimes carry depending on how I’m dressed and what I’m doing. I practice often with my EDC revolver and pistol. It seems like a hassle to find good holsters and get really proficient with a gun, so rotating or changing often isn’t appealing to me.

What about everyone else?


I have a rotation of 3 that I’ll go through
My primary 9mm is about 80% of the time
My secondary .380 is about 15% of the time
My tertiary .38 Spcl is about 5% of the time


I guess I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like change! I have plenty to change to, but I’m extremely comfortable in my 3” .45 that I’ve been carrying for the past 16 years.
I have swapped depending on certain circumstances to my Sig P238, which happens to be my backup! Very rare, that I substitute my EDC.


Just a Shield 9mm compact after I got used to it.
Not a fan of rotation.


I have a summer subcompact and a winter full size gun. I prefer to carry the full size one but summer clothing makes it too hard to conceal.


I stick to my P365 really. I have a Sig P232 as a backup gun if I need it. On the other thread, I read about someone having trouble with a trigger spring in their P365. I am now researching that issue.

That is another great thing about our Community. I might never have heard about that issue if I were not a member here.


@Virgil_H i agree, this is a very valuable commumity and I do really appreciate it.

I’m with the guys that have posted so far about sticking with what works. I’m like @Scott52 , I’m not a big fan of change, especially once I find what works for me.

I mean, I really do see a ton of amazing looking guns when I go to my range/ LGS, and there are several I’d buy right away if I had the funds, but for my daily protection, I know I can count on the two guns I wear, and I know that I know how to use them should the need arise. Still, I want to learn from guys that know way more than I, and there are a lot of you on this board.


I’ve carried several guns over the years. That taught me what did and what didn’t work. When I started training I bought a Glock 19. I wanted deep concealment and a smaller gun so I bought a S&W Shield when I got a good deal on sale.

I work in a place that is sensitive to guns. So I carry the Glock 19 when it’s cooler and I can wear a heavier layer. I carry the Shield the rest of the time.

I’ve taken training classes using each gun.


That’s the thing for me, I work in an office sensitive to guns, plus I go out in the field to customers all the time. I drive a lot for work, so I need something that can conceal well in business dress clothes, and still give me decent protection getting gas in a sketchy area. My little J frame with five shots of +P Underwood JHP seems like a good answer. I don’t like that I only get 5 shots and effectively no reload, though, and I’m kind of wondering what I’m missing.

On the other hand, I can draw that little revolver and put a perfect double tap center mass point shooting in less than a second, so there’s that.


come on, guys, variety is the spice of life lol


I carry a Beretta .32 around town. Safe area.
If I go out of town, I take a Taurus 1911 w/Hornaday CD 185GRN.
Or a SA XDM in .45.
For the woods it’s the 1911 w/250grn Hard cast +P. :slightly_smiling_face:


I carry my Hellcat Pro pretty much all the time. I am experimenting with a Bersa thunder, as well as a micro 380 as a true pocket pistol. In the winter I will carry my CZ when I am sure I will not need to take my jacket off.


I carry in a Vertx Unity Tactical Clutch Belt. It’s a belly band. A few people know I carry but still can’t see it. With a cover garment I use crossbreed super tuck.


I’m with @gary263 here. Also depends on what environment I’ll likely find myself.

If I know I’m going to be in a well-populated public place (church, movie theater, outdoor event, etc.) I prefer to carry the pistol I’m most accurate with at a distance.

I deliver for a pharmacy, sometimes in sketchy neighborhoods after dark, so for work a snub revolver with a CT laser grip and pepper spray is my usual.

If something happens it will likely happen real close and real fast.


I like to ‘vary it up’ myself.
For instance tomorrow’s Friday that’s Tan Hanes underwear
and my XD in FDE!
Saturday w/ have Hilfiggers in Black , that’s the Rock Is. M-206.
Nobody see’s my drawers, my pants aren’t around my knees
(Unless the occasion warrants! :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :vulcan_salute:


Very rarely. There has to be a considerable benefit to switching ponies. I’ve had my current EDCs for thirty years and have seen no substantial improvements in new guns to warrant the time and expense for acquiring, mastering and outfitting new fightin’ tools.


Same gun, same holsters (one IWB, one OWB), same ammo, same belt all the time.


Whenever I feel like it.


Mostly it’s seasonal (size/concealment). Sometimes it’s what interests me at the time. What optic is newest. What gun I shot the most at the range last time.

But even if I have carried 6 different guns this year, every one is a 9mm striker fired polymer frame with no manual safety and a similar grip angle as well as similar pull weight for the trigger. And always carried in the same location at the same cant (or within 5*)


I always EDC my Smith&Wesson M&P Shield Plus 9mm PC. I also have the Shield Plus 9mm regular with Trijicon night sights. So switching really doesn’t make much of a difference except the trigger in the PC model may be a tad bit better. These are good carry guns during all seasons. I may once in a while during the summer months carry my Smith&Wesson model 637-2 5 shot revolver in my cargo shorts pocket.


I have a Glock 48 (15 rounds) and a Hellcat Pro. I rotate every few days. I like both guns though I do shoot the 48 better. Given I am willing to use either, I think it is important to have the feel of each with my varying clothing over the seasons. Both conceal well IWB.