More leather

Well, I needed a brown belt, so I ordered another (Mahogany actually) from Hanks, and I found a Bianchi 55 Lightnin’ on sale and I thought it would be nice to have an OWB to compliment my pocket holster so I ordered that too.

Is there, like, some kind of leather buying virus going around? :thinking:


I prefer leather, and as I have not lost weight recently, I blame COVID-19, aka SARS-2, I can’t easily carry as before, AIWB, so OWB .45 PX-4 Storm, with cover garment. Summertime, Hawaiian shirt, which I have worn pre-CC; wintertime, long shirt, or light jacket to cover. I now live in Virginia, so typically only Virginians wear winter outer garments.

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Must be, I love my Hanks belt!

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I have bought and sold a bunch of holsters, and still have a bunch! I do prefer leather, I think I still have a kydex holster or two around, but keep them in case someone needs to borrow a holster.

I agree! I deplore the new non-leather holsters. Using one is like wearing a case of some kind.