New Carriers, Attention, #BELTS Matter

I was simply curious while standing near the kitchen scale.

Weight of the 2 firearms on my belt daily is 67 oz, or 4.1875lbs. Cocked & locked 1911 with 8 rd mag, and a Sig 365xl with a 12 rd mag.

I distinctly remember, many moons ago, looking in local stores for a decent holster, then discovered quickly how much a sturdy belt matters.

The solutions I found was custom online ordering for holsters and belts, from a couple different places. Then once when a belt lost a river, I discovered having a backup belt on hand matters too.

I’ll not presume to know the best belt out there. It, like your gun + holster, will depend on your body type, how you dress, etc. And here I’ll mention that tailors can be of help more than folks usually realize.

So, summation here is:



I have bought so many belts to tackle this matter and the only one I truly like is the one I made from leather from the leather shop. It is a thick piece of leather and I did my own leather design and died it a really nice black and brown color. As for the buckle I use a saddle buckle, it makes it easy to take off when you got to go. I know this does not help you out but the ordeal is real and belts do matter. Never be caught with your pants down.


I currently wear a Buffalo belt. However, theres a weekly rodeo not too far from here where theyll cut you a custom length of leather and make the belt right there. Not sure of the price, but have heard good things about them. Of course that’s a local thing, no internet orders, etc.
I’ve worn CrossBreed belts as well. Nice, strong, well made.

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I love my NexBelt with a click buckle. Sturdy and so easy to adjust. Regardless of which brand you select I would strongly recommend a gun belt quality “click buckle”. Its lightning fast to adjust for when you are sitting in a car and then you decide to walk around at a store. A few clicks in a fraction of a second allow you to stay comfortable all day long. I could not imagine going back to a conventional buckle after the convenience of my click buckle.


NexBelt - most likely an anomaly with the buckle on the one I tried, but I put the belt on, buckle release would NOT work, I cut it off with my EDC knife. I mean seriously, it was probly 1 defective buckle from a batch of 1000. I literally just cut my losses and put a Buffalo belt back on.
I’m sure NexBelts without defects are great & I may even try again.

5.11 operator belt 1.75” also metal detector safe. Sturdy enough, I think I could pull my car with it. Always stays in place weapon never slouches. Been using them for ten years.

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Fantastic post Smiddy! Carrying was miserable until I found the right belt. I would almost say the belt is more important than the holster!

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They do. I carry a combat commander 1911 every day, even at work (no, not LEO, just an understanding employer) and I have three primary belts. They are all Hank’s belts steel core. Two 1-1/4 (brown and black) for work wear in dress pants and tucked in dress shirts, and one 1-1/2 for jeans and every day wear. Belts matter.

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Thanks very much :slight_smile: !!

I wear the nexbelt too, it is an awesome belt

Didja ever notice that after wearing a belt (any belt) for a while that it takes on a distinctive “curve”? Bianchi makes one in double thick sewn leather that is already contoured. Bianchi B21 contour belt. Been wearing the same one for 20+ years but it’s finally getting a bit scarred up and I am looking to get another one because I know as soon as it goes on it will fit exactly the same as the other one, no break in period.



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This is so true. I carried using some low quality belts. They got the job done for me. I bought a Kore belt a couple weeks ago and it is truely amazing. It holds tighter to the body which means better concealment. Pants don’t sag on one side. It’s more comfortable in general. holstering and draw is Improved. It solves public bathroom problem (you can hold your belt between calves and keep your gun above the stall gap). Took me way too long to get a good quality belt. It’s a massive improvement to carry.

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I use the Bravo Concealment belt. Stiff solid feel and the buckle is adjustable very quickly. I usually carry a Springfield 911 .380 OWB but also carry a Ruger Security 9 that is a bit heavier. This belt works on both very well as it can be adjusted in small steps for the weight of either gun. I use leather holsters so I can cinch the belt up to draw the holster in closer to my side.

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Mine is a 1 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick, heavy leather belt from a small leather goods maker I bought at a gun show a number of years ago. Came in especially handy after I got my .45. It is still in good condition.

100% right.

First, thx for the agreement virtually a high five :)))

Now, I gotta just say, a 1.5" belt is my preference too. But it MUST HAVE been a gun show where u found one 0.25" thick!!! My goodness that’s barber strop thick dude! Bet itll keep on keeping on!

Now, having started this thread, I guess I either felt responsible to do it, or just made myself wanna, but I just bought another Buffalo Belt from No, wait, I did it because I ordered holsters to try from their sister company,, and I believe in having a backup belt… love how sturdy their belts are, and I had a great experience with their customer service when my buckle bent - they replaced it, quick.

I’m glad to hear the shares here. Thanks ya all!

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That’s a 16oz belt. Thickness is denoted in ounces, with each ounce being 1/64th inch.

That is interesting. I did not know anything about the classification of leather.