Let's talk holsters


In relation to the topic of folks new to this lifestyle. Those of us that have been around have a box or boxes of holsters. Sooooo…

What holster buying advice is out there? Things to consider when buying a holster etc.

I carry a Vedder light tuck holster in the summer and a Vedder paddle holster (w/ a safariland paddle) in the winter.

When working as a member of church security I carry a blackhawk serpa holster because of its retention.

I have found that less is more when it comes to the comfort of carrying everyday. I have used crossbreed holsters and the carry compression shirts and found I do not like the “bulk” of the cross breed and I really dont like the trigger being exposed just sitting in a pocket in a shirt.


I agree that less is best, at least for me. I also have a Vedder Light Tuck that I use. Feels perfect to me without any unnecessary BS.

I have a friend who has a Crossbreed. It looks like they use as much leather as a baseball glove!! He doesn’t like it because he said he gets too hot with it on, so he doesn’t carry. Pretty much defeats the purpose if you ask me.


I was going to buy a Vedder but ended up jumping on a sale with We The People. I like it. I eyeball new options but haven’t been convinced to buy yet.


I have a crossbreed and love it. I don’t think I would get one for a gun with less weight though. I have a versacarry owb holster for winter. It’s basically 2 chunks of leather sewn together to let you carry owb without the bulk of most OWB holsters. I have a safari land for carrying in the woods when I don’t care if my gun is showing, and want something that is way easier to access. I definitely prefer a thumb switch like the safari land to a serpa holster. I don’t want to depress a tab that is right over a trigger.


I run BlackHawk Serpa or IWB with Alien Gear Holsters.


I too like Safariland thumb release holsters. I have one for each of my three Glock’s. I wear those when I open carry during the summer. I actually have 3-4 holsters for each of the three. It depends on where I will be, and the level of concealment needed. I prefer an IWB from Concealment Express for at work, and I wear it directly in front, not off to the side. A Vedders OWB for casual wear when concealment isn’t as crucial regarding printing if I bend over to pick something up.


I have a bunch of holsters that didn’t fit just right or made me fidget too much when I was wearing them. I “stick” to the Sticky Holster for an easy holster for IWB.

We do have a holster guide – you might be able to find it on your USCCA dashboard. Or you can download it here: https://cdn.assets.usconcealedcarry.com/pdf/guides/USCCA_HolsterGuide.pdf It goes over the types of holsters, not the brands.

Also, you can find discounts on holsters on your USCCA dashboard from our partners. Go to Member Only Discounts: Partner Discounts to see more. I know these change occasionally so be sure to stop back there every so often.


I have a few alien gear, they’re really not that bad. I do like the we the people holsters mentioned above. I really like galco and safariland. The we the people holsters are cheap, do their job and it’s usually what I carry the most. They’re easy to remove, gun and holster, and put in a drawer at work and easy to pop back on.


I use a Crossfire Tempest holster. I love it. By far my favorite IWB I’ve tried so far. Even with different firearms, the holster is perfect for my body. It also fits the best with girl-jeans. Haha! :rofl:


I have a Comp-Tac paddle holster arriving today for my G45. I wanted it for when I also carry my G17.


Nate Squared for IWB. Covers the entire grip with good retention. Alien Gear for a shoulder rig.

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Bravo Concealment makes fantastic stuff as does Alien… But what I’ve found over the years is that holsters, belts, guns, etc are all about what works for the person carrying/wearing them. I’ve tried a lot of things on suggestion that were just terrible for me, and conversely suggested stuff that people tried and hated. The great part about the free market is that we have a million options.


Need help please!!! if anybody has any suggestions I have a viridian C series laser/light combo on a M&P 380 shield EZ m2.0 but we can not find a holster for it. I’m looking for an IWB holster and it’s for my wife’s EDC so if anyone knows of a few options then she does like to wear tighter pants and office like attire at her job. The holster doesn’t need to feature the “instant on” magnet/device as I can get one from viridian to bond on myself. Thanks


Help on the way! :sunglasses: a few different options are available! The ones i know i looked into when i had to dress up for a job. For what im referencing, these are to fit multiple single stack firearms like the EZ, G43, etc. smaller firearms have similar options too but may get a little lost with these. I would recommend something different for those micros. (Mentioning this in case someone with a LCP, bodyguard, etc reads this and is interested) Now, holsters are just as unique as the person carrying it. I can send you links or explain more if needed. So! Single stack! With a laser/light combo! Ready, go! :cricket: :cricket: (haha, had to throw in some crickets.) Pretty limited! Cross breed makes a holster with belt clip ment for IWB with extra space for a laser/light. It should have enough room beyond a CT laser. Would have to look up the dementions of yours. I can do more digging in the depths of my brain to think of other companies with similar holsters to this crossbreed if she’s set on carrying on the belt line. Can’t recall them off hand. There are other options besides your normal belt holster she may be interested in. (Especially depending on the dress clothes she wears) For example, there is a large selection of elastic style holsters where it wraps around the body. Around the hips resting just above the belt line, around the abdomen resting above the hips, etc. They come in different widths as well. Then there are also holsters built into an undershirt positioning the firearm under the arm. Downside of moving north of the belt line, harder to access in comparison. Will take some practice! It all depends on what she wants and what works with her body type. I hope this helps give some ideas! Happy to help with anything!


Thanks for responding
the dimensions are: Viridian C5L Dimensions: 1.3 by 1.46 by 1.9 inches (W x H x D)
Which is the crossbreed holster you are referring to? I know we like these and the Galco


Hi. The freedom. We tested it out at work when the EZ’s first came out. With a 9mm shield crossbreed the EZ fit (even with little extra barrel length). Now EZ alone had alittle wiggle. Not terrible at all. We strapped on some different style lasers, lights and got a perfect fit. One light set up we had didn’t work at all, too bulky. Definitely try it out!


Thanks alot I’m gonna order it. Should I get the freedom for just the shield 9mm or the shield 9mm with a lasermax addition?


Or I guess the shield 9mm with viridian would be smart lol


:sunglasses: no problem. Hope it works out for you! Funny, I had a customer with the EZ buy the crossfire and his remedy to the wiggle was a small piece of felt from his pool table. Said “It worked like a charm.” Lol. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


Don’t we all wish we could go to the Holster store and try several. It’s sad how many holsters we purchased before finding the right one.