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The way that Facebook & Twitter treated our President Trump during his 4 years and especially in the last 6 months, as a member I am asking USCCA to dis-associate itself from these two social media outlets immediately!
They promoted the impeachment hearings, they falsified information about the dosier, they lied and prevented the information of the Hunter Biden case, they were used as networks to help BLM - Antifa during the burn-loot- murder disorder across our nation, they assisted in disinformation of facts about President Trump’s 4 year term. They continue to promote communist- extremist- and anti American political / anti-constitutional policies.
They continue to undermine the very freedoms that are at stake.
Let it be known…, that when firearms organizations fail to lobby Congressional leaders, fail to fight for the rights within our Amendments, help fight to protect those Amendments, & accept the terms and conditions of such anti - 2A protections… then the organizations are not fit to be paid.
Virginia sold its soul in this election and the 2 social media outlets are mostly responsible. Apparently they don’t love their rights.
These 2 social media outlets helped Oregon decriminalize heroin and cocaine!, Helped a BLM CO Founder become a black congress woman in Missouri last night, and helped organize marijuana legalization in 5 more states!
I implore you USCCA staff to cut ties with Twitter & Facebook immediately! Please!


Don’t forget, much of the main stream media repeated their scripts and said it was all Russian disinformation.

Virginia sold it’s soul long ago, but… they did make an attempt to recover it. It was neck and neck… until 2 am, then suddenly in the morning, it went from a 20K lead which switched back and forth, to over 200K lead by Biden…
But, there are reports they double counted Biden votes, at least 100K of them in Fairfax.

There are also reports they have more votes in Wisconsin than they have registered voters… and they are not allowing poll watchers in… and Wisconsin is looking at over 88% population turnout for voting… an almost unheard of number.

Biden did clearly state, he had one of the most extensive voter fraud organizations ever…

Fakebook and Twitter should be avoided.

Just remember, keep your powder dry…


Steve crowder has video evidence of possible voter fraud in Detroit and several other issues across the nation



There is also video of poll workers in Philadelphia blocking a certified poll watcher from entering.


Rudy giuliani is on his way to Philly now with a team of lawyers now. They’re also blocking the windows so you can’t see inside to view the counts.


Biden did say he had one of the largest voter fraud organizations in history.

They already had some reports that Wisconsin had more votes than registered voters. (could that be all those mail in ballots, and people went and voted in person also)

If they pull off a cheat and win… they will be violent, and we must be careful, as they will feel they are justified to commit violence…
If they fail to cheat a victory, they will be violent, as they have been for the past 4 years… and they feel they are justified.

I prefer Trump win… jobs, low taxes, manufacturing, freedom and liberty, limited government… decreased regulations (though not as limited government as I would like)… but if Biden wins, FAIRLY… by the RULES… .so be it, the nation does not have many years left, so now or in 4 years… I just do not want a cheated win.

And, Republicans kept the Senate and gained in the House, so there is limited Harm Biden can do… except there are Republicans that align with Democrats and might help them… but it should still be limited damage if Biden is installed as our Despot.


@Aaron40, thank you for the feedback. Social media outlets are tools to spread information much like firearms are tools to help us defend ourselves.

We do not endorse everything that is said or done by organizations who use the social media platforms you mentioned or the platforms themselves, however, we do know that these platforms help us share information with people who are looking to find out more about protecting themselves.

Removing our pages from social media platforms that allow other organizations to have freedom of speech – even if we don’t agree with the other organizations – limits our ability to help people learn how to best protect themselves and their loved ones. Seeing one of our posts on either of these platforms may help someone take their first step on a new self-defense journey that they hadn’t considered before or weren’t sure where to start.

Please do not take our presence on those platforms as an endorsement of every other organization that utilizes social media. Our mission is to help save lives and the more people we talk to the better chance we have of fulfilling that mission and helping someone save their life or the lives of others.

We appreciate the awesome support and feedback from members like you who want to help others and help us better serve responsibly armed Americans. Another goal of posting on those other platforms is to raise awareness of the Community where people from every background are welcome to come to learn and share.

Glad to have you here!


Please keep this thread on the topic of social media platforms (not a discussion about possible voter fraud).

Thank you.


Social media platforms are actually in the process of assisting in voter fraud and in suppression of information, which is what the original comment was dealing with and NOT other organizations who use social media platforms as your other reply seems to indicate.

I took the original comment to be a complaint of the dishonestly of the social media platforms, and their suppression of information, not a complaint that other organizations that might disagree with firearms also use those platforms.

Considering the thread topic was how social media platforms had treated President Trump, and suppressed information, especially that regarding Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hunter’s laptop, and Ukraine and China Biden connections and corruption, I think it was on topic.

However, since you say we should not stay on topic, move along, these are not the droids you are looking for.


My question for FB and twitter, to name a few, is that they had the freedom they did because they were supposedly neutral platforms, that assertion would seem to be most obviously incorrect. It hardly seems plausible that the claim can be maintained that they are, or have been neutral.


USCCA is made up of a variety of people from different backgrounds and political affiliations. While I understand people are frustrated right now, it doesn’t make sense to expect a business organization (USCCA) that caters to all people who enjoy firearms and their right to carry and protect themselves and their families, to side with one particular side in today’s political contest and boycott social media outlets.

News organizations are no longer required to be neutral, there is no reasonable expectation that social media outlets are neutral. As an individual you have the right to not patronize those social media organizations and take your business elsewhere, just as you don’t have to give your business to a private business that posts no guns allowed signs.


Well said.


Don’t forget Trump signed the bill to make bump stocks illegal and also signed on to the Red Flag laws. So both of them want your guns. One is just more obvious then the other. Social media is how I found out about USCCA and was able to also learn a lot about firearms from social media.


Although Social Media has shown itself to be biased, it is the medium we can reach others through. How many people are here, because they were on the USCCA Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages? I know I am.


Never went to the Fakebook page, or Twitter or Instagram.

I did follow along in the disqus comments, but avoid all Fakebook and Twitter if possible.


Do not expect them to be neutral (and historically, newspapers were not neutral, the Jefferson / Adams campaigns, the newspapers were nasty… )
But do expect them to be free and open platforms, and NOT suppress information just because it is negative to their chosen candidate or viewpoint.
The social media giants have legislated immunity to liability, in part if they are free and open platforms.


I would still encourage that the USCCA find other means to get the information out there for first time buyers and new / first time gun owners without using these 2 social media sites.
If there wasn’t a genuine concern as to the Ethical Journalism that these 2 sites involved themselves, then the U.S. Senate would not have called the two site founders to D.C. to be held accountable.
I understand businesses are about making money. There has to be a line drawn in the sand at some point.
Believe me when I tell you that, when & if Biden / Harris take control and begin to probe options to repeal several 2A protections, these 2 sites will be a larger part of their campaign platform. When that happens the organizations in this nation that are pro 2A will receive a barrage of negative activities to them by the government under those 2 in office. It will haunt you, believe me. Sometimes slight obscurity is better than being in the spotlight.
They will promote pro organizations as “hostile”, as “threatening”, “ extremist”, “right wing constitutionalist”… etc. I see it coming.
If you all refuse to break party with these 2 sites as FB & Twitter…, I would seriously recommend hiring more lawyers to protect the agency and create a lobbying chamber immediately. I would also recommend establishing a solid press base to suppress any and all derogatory media opportunities.
This next 4 years under those 2 in Office will be a fight for survival for all of us.
Please…, Don’t make me say…” I warned you, I told you so.”


Yeah not for me, but I’m on in my years & there all the devils playground. Too many whack jobs out there.


I was actually invited to this page, because I was active on the USCCA Facebook page.
I also use Facebook to keep in touch with my 4H rifle team.


Didn’t the Russians use FB and Twitter help get the orange man elected?