Uscca for you

I’ve been a member of USCCA for only a short time, but I certainly didn’t join for political opinions. I joined to learn. To be a more responsible gun owner. To become a better shooter. To have the use of the services provided should I ever have the need to use them. And to have reasonable discussions with people I may not know, but enjoy doing something I also enjoy to do.


Haha. Wasn’t inferring you were nutso just what I’ve seen/heard on my kids tab

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When I saw this post - I thought to myself, is USCCA a safe place for me and my friends and family? Will this be a place where I can learn about responsible firearm ownership? Is this where I will meet people from different walks of life and sometimes different viewpoints ? A place where, as James Baldwin stated:“we can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist."

Aaron40 - I ask this with positive intentions and to offer a place where we can keep the conversation about the purpose of USCCA - as well as the opportunities to build community:

What if you are wrong? What if the information used to form your opinions is off or seasoned with mal-intent, unbeknownst (at least I hope unbeknownst) to you? What if your viewpoints have caused harm? Or causes harm?

I am asking this because you are calling for a company, who like thousands of other companies use these platforms, to abandon a way to connect with the USCCA community, because of the information you’ve shared above.

I’m not asking you if your information is accurate - that’s not my point nor overall intent. We’d hold some differing perspectives, certainly, but my question is, what if you have been equipped with the wrong information?

I wish you peace and continued access to our 2nd amendment rights.


Really I’m sure you know that’s history. I’m slso sure you realize that fb & twitter are very popular with some folks. I abhor their practices but if uscca bugsout no one in that hellhole will know about what we stand for

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Didn’t the Russians use FB and Twitter help get the orange man elected?


Welcome to the family and you are in the right place at the right time.

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Most everything today has a political angle or opinion associated with it.

Especially when it comes to the Second Amendment, self defense, and our rights, including the right to keep and bear arms…

There are plenty of threads that deal specifically with learning, and there are threads that deal with potential security and self defense issues regarding violence and terrorism perpetrated by those who seek to silence people they disagree with… hint hint… BLM and Antifa, which tend to both be aligned with the Democrat party, or at least some of the Democrat politicians.

Simply walking down certain streets today has become political, eating burgers has become political (climate change… you know). While some threads may be very political, most are not, even if they do cover some of the politics of an issue.


Welcome to the party,


Why would you say

If you seek to meet different people from different walks of life and different viewpoints, why would that very difference in viewpoints be of such concern, and how would it not be safe for you?
None have threatened anyone with any violence, so it should be perfectly safe.

The purpose is to learn, to share advice, experience, and training information… and to discuss security and self defense, and all of those tend to have political aspects and ramifications. Eating a burger today has become political.

I would ask… if free speech is important, not only for @Aaron40, but for all, and information is important and can be considered power, when a social media site such as Twitter or Fakebook blocks information it does not like, calls the fact there is a Hunter Biden laptop with photos and videos of Hunter and underage girls… to be false and Russian disinformation and blocks accounts that mention it, it is not that he is wrong or has any ‘mal-intent’, it is stating a viewpoint and opinion… and if you choose to believe everything Fakebook and Twitter tell you, everything CNN tells you, even to the refusal of believing your eyes (at this I point to all those who claim the riots were peaceful, when the reporter stated it was ‘mostly peaceful’ while standing in front of a burning building), that is your choice.

We all seek more information, we all look to self defense, security, home defense, and the legal issues and responsibilities we all have, and some threads will have limited political viewpoints, others will have more… as I said, eating a burger today has become political… as some will attack you for climate change.

We must all seek information, we must all be well informed, and that sometimes means looking outside of our comfort zones and considering other sources than those we find most acceptable as they reinforce our views, and we must know our laws and Constitution. Sometimes it may cross a line you do not like, but we should all be willing to consider these views and the information available.

Hope you do not find any reason to depart, as all information and viewpoints are welcome and do help everyone to consider many aspects to determine what they will decide to do or accept.


Thank you for the, um…welcome. (?)

As I stated earlier…James Baldwin stated:“ we can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist. "

I believe this should answer your initial question alone, but I can elaborate further:

Safety, like racism, is often perceived as if we are addressing an imminent threat to someone’s body.
Which is understandable, given the purpose of why we are a part of this. However—the word safety, like racism, is nuanced and requires a deeper understanding of its layers and one’s relationship toward it. We can even apply that to the term violence. Violence isn’t always defined as a physical attack on the body. There are other nuanced meanings to the word.

That said, my question to the OP, put succinctly: Have you considered that the information youve taken in to develop such strong opinions, which moved you to call for even stronger actions that could impact the USCCA community, could be off?

Perhaps this will clear up any misunderstanding or confusion. Thank you for the response.

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It was a welcome.

That being said, all opinions and people are welcome, but not all will meet with total acceptance.

I would put that same question to you. Have you considered the information you have taken to be off?

We all have opinions, and some are backed by fact and some are backed by belief, and that belief can be backed by fact that lean in one direction or another while not being totally supportive of the idea, and some beliefs are backed by evidence that is suggested and not actually backed by fact either due to lack of information, or a mix of differing facts that do not provide a definitive direction… and some are based on faith…

I do question your introduction of ‘racism’ into this.


Cool beans. Enjoy your Sunday.

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My opinions are based on what I witnessed come straight from Joe Biden’s mouth about taking peoples firearms, asking if they need 100 rounds, saying O’Rourke will be his gun czar to take peoples 9mm’s.
Harris saying she would give Congress 100 days to come up with anti 2A legislation or she would enact an executive order.
Now you see AOC calling out for a blacklist of Trump supporters.
Then seeing how states governors are not protecting peoples rights.
Part of firearm responsibilities are protecting those rights. The talk no one likes and many consider aggressive. This is part of knowledge, and believe it or not part of training.
It is both because without the knowledge you can’t emphasize a spoken understood measure to protect the rights within the Constitution and also part of training in a mindset to be able to present an open verbally presented case of why responsible firearm owners are not the animals the left portrays us to be.
I asked everyone to contact firearm manufacturers to pressure the government with eliminating all contracts on anything firearm related if anti 2A legislations are passed and enforced.
I am further encouraging them to still manufacture but not distribute to a system that will not honor our Constitutional rights.
When people lay back and say “ Let them sort it out, that’s where Freedom disappears!”


My apologies if this is off topic, but it is in response to some of the ideas expressed in this discussion. First and foremost, to abolish or repeal the 2nd Amendment it would take 2/3 of the House, 2/3 of the Senate, and 3/4 of all the states to vote to get rid of the 2A. This would never happen in America, no matter how many people you view the left wing of the Democratic party to have.

Biden’s page on his website does state he wants to limit magazine capacity and AR ownership as well as a whole host of other restrictions. As a retired LEO I can tell you I felt marginally safer during the 90s during the AR ban. Not because I expected your average citizen to shoot at the police, but because anywhere from 56% (conservative estimate) to 82% (crime statistics reported to FBI) of violent crimes committed are with stolen weapons. I applaud USCCA for their training because I hope it is moving more gun owners to responsibly store their weapons when not actually being carried. I still read on here daily that “all my guns are in my safe, with the exception of my EDC and my XX which is in my closet…” or “under my bed.” In addition, the last on duty death in my department was the result of an army sgt. that just killed his wife with a pistol, who then opened up on officers responding to his house with his AR. If he had only 10 shots in his AR magazine then the two other officers who were wounded but not killed, may have had time to get to cover.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I was on a call and asked the homeowners if there were firearms in the home and was told yes, but it is unloaded or that it was stored properly and that wasn’t the case at all. I can’t spout a statistic but can say from a full career of observations, only half of gun owners are actually responsible gun owners. The actual statistics are 1 in 4 receive training once they purchase a gun. Now as a civilian, I believe it is my duty when introducing people to gun ownership and shooting that they get as much or more training in being responsible in storage, handling, and safety while shooting and carrying, than improving their accuracy or speed getting back on target or from a holster. In arguing for 2A rights, it is regularly an afterthought thrown in that gun owners “should” go that distance to get proper education to both store and handle their new gun.

Finally, what will be the nail in my coffin probably on this site, is that everyone’s translation of the actual 2A is different. One person will say infringed means there cannot be a single law regulating any aspect of owning a gun, rifle, shotgun, etc. Yet there are many examples of that already when a person 18 to 21 can’t buy a pistol but can buy a long gun. If you want certain models you may have to apply to the ATF for a license. People argue any new laws need to be opposed because it will lead to not being able to own a firearm at all. This takes me back to my first statement that it would take 2/3 of the senate, 2/3 of the house, and 3/4 of all the states to vote to repeal the 2nd Amendment. While an independent, I can tell you there are a lot of people in the democratic party that are conservative and middle of the road that are a part of Gun 2.0 self defense ownership who also won’t let their party get rid of the second amendment.

All of this isn’t put forth to tell people they shouldn’t advocate for 2A rights, that needs to happen but, in my opinion, be less fatalistic and dramatic and more level headed. And “be more level headed” isn’t directed at anyone in particular in this thread, but a hope for everyone who is posting and advocating for the second and also who choose to deal with or respond to people that do label themselves as democrats in this forum.


Thank you for responding.

I see where you’re coming from.

And no, it’s certainly not right to be criminalized for doing nothing wrong, but it’s real and happens all the time in this country. Being a law abiding citizen simply isn’t enough for people committed to keeping an agenda. Even if you are wrongfully suspected of being an animal in the slightest, you are still subjected to animalistic treatment. For many in our country, that’s a reality they are forced to endure.

While I don’t think severing ties with social media outlets is the answer, nor calling out a congresswoman-elect, who is Black and a BLM organizer as a part of the problem is helpful, I do understand the importance of calling out and keeping vigilant watch over movements or entities that might have been either co-opted or causing harm, or disrupting access to basic human rights and the rights of this country.

We are here because we aim to exercise our right to bear arms, and here on this forum because we are forming the USCCA community.

Like the moderator said, it’s an opportunity to build and attract others to what USCCA has to offer. Cutting that off seems to be an act against our own interests.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the dialogue.


We have to be patient and allow due process in the courts. I think Graham was correct. If we do not fight this in court, another Republican will never sit in the White House again. That said I do not have any social media accounts. I am guessing I am blessed with a business and family to occupy my days and never felt a need to sign up for either.


i put it like this if someone wants socialism then move to a country that is socialism for a while and see how they like it , i guarantee you they will come back kissing this ground.


That is the problem. I have posted things on FB that I have witnessed and was told it was censored because it might offend someone or incite others to violence. I was restricted for a few days. The senaes just had the CEO’s come and testify why they were censoring conservative speech. They denied it… Of course some of the CEO’s had no idea we were being censored. LOL… I watch the hearings on C-Span and see what is really going on and how the conservatives are treated when they testify about having their free speech curtailed.


I completely agree. I’ve closed both my accounts after something like 14 years as a subscriber.

I don’t care WHO communicates on them that I lose. If they can’t see truth and justice enough to quit those two sites, then both of us may possibly lose that easy communication between us, but I will have walked the walk instead of just big talk.

In any case, I do not see any kind of future now that kamala harris is the potus. NONE.


We all see where levelheadedness, niceness, abiding by political correctness and courtesies got this country.

Welcome to your new potus kamala harris.


fb and twitter HAVE to go. There are freedom sites already lined up to take their places if only people had the stones to leave, which they don’t.

The people of this country are spineless as evidenced by the new potus kamala harris. Period.