New censorship to Facebook

So I usually post 2A related content, well out of nowhere Facebook disabled my account. Went and created another one and this pops up. What’s wrong with the USCCA? They promote responsible gun ownership, gun safety, how to get out of bad situations safely without using that gun and they encourage you to get medical training and carry med kits!


Social media is doing more of this lately. Stuff they don’t like, 2A, stories not favorable to liberals, get removed.


I told my wife yesterday that the biggest news/revelation around the Hunter/Joe Biden “scandal” has nothing to do with the Biden’s but how FB and Twitter went into immediate censorship mode on the story and then not a word about it from the main stream media except for Fox.

These spaces need to lose their protections congress currently affords them. Ted Cruz had a good “rant” on it.


My biggest issue with the censorship is on one hand they want the right to freedom of speech, but the other they want to control it.

You either have a right or you don’t. If someone is controlling how you exercise it, then it’s not a right it’s a privilege


A HUGE digital war started yesterday. I was looking at it from the firewall, DDOS Attacks, etc… I have not seen on peep about it in the Main News channels. Zip. Probably censored, just like all the other stuff.

Today was the biggest day in Gab’s history.

For over four years we have been warning about Big Tech’s unchecked control and abuse of power over the flow of information, news, and communication online. We have been building a digital Noah’s Arc for this very moment. A place where free speech is preserved and the free flow of information is protected for all people. Gab’s traffic, new user growth, and site activity all reached record levels this week.

Today started with Youtube banning dozens of top Conservative channels.

Then Twitter continued banning people who posted the Hunter Biden story. (Which you can read and share with friends here)

Then the Senate Judiciary Committee Announced That They Will Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over NY Post Censorship.

Then Wikipedia Editors Censored the Hunter Biden Bombshell, and called the New York Post an ‘Unreliable’ Source.

Then Twitter Locked the Trump Campaign Account Less Than 3 Weeks Before Presidential Election.

Then Jim Jordan Posted the Hunter Biden-Burisma Story on a federal government website after Twitter Censors House Judiciary GOP, at which point the link was promptly censored by Twitter.

Then Twitter itself shut down completely.

When this happened, Gab’s growth exploded.

Gab is the only place left on the internet that does not censor on behalf of the Google and Apple app stores to keep our app on their platforms. We do not answer to Apple. We do not answer to Google. We do not answer to Twitter. We do not answer to activist groups, big corporate sponsors, or the mainstream media.

We answer to you, The People.

On Gab you are not the product being sold. You are a valued member of our community and if you receive value from Gab and want to support our mission we hope that you’ll consider becoming one of our customers. Our highest honor is earning your business and support by providing a great service where information flows freely and people aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

Please keep our team and our community in your prayers. Make no mistake about it, the digital civil war has only just begun. It’s the oligarchs of Silicon Valley, the little tyrants who bend over backwards for their Communist Chinese Party masters, against We The People.

This is a spiritual war.

There is a very clear dichotomy between good and pure evil.

The line in the sand has been drawn.

What we need to remember is that we have God and Truth on our side.

United in faith, we can and will accomplish anything together.

The question is: which side are you on?

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Andrew Torba


October 15th, 2020


With the DOJ taking a look at breaking up “Big Tech”. It is a lot more likely they will get broken up with Trump in the White House than with Harris/Biden. At this point they have nothing to loose, they need to drag Biden across the line or they will loose their legal protection and get split up.


But it’s not new! Just more visible. Socialist media globally has misled the world since its inception

These services are free because you are the product


As mentioned in another post. I stopped reading Drudge as they have become anti trump. As of today, there is not One article on the hunter/sleepy Joe story on their page.


Allegiance has been made & alliances formed… The message of the 2nd Amendment & self-reliance is a message that one side definitely seems to be against. In these situations, one must always ask WHY?

Is it for public safety? The global good? We know that’s not the case no matter how many times they say it. I don’t know how long FAKEBOOK has been around but I was on it for 1 week & that seems too long.

It’s not in their interest for us to live free… Self-reliant with the ability to defend ourselves from enemies, domestic or foreign. A benevolent, functional government would desire such for it’s citizens so what does it say about a government that wants to control, monitor, & restrict the liberty of it’s citizens? :thinking:

I know it’s just a movie but ever since I saw that “The Social Network” movie about the origin of FAKEBOOK, I have always considered Mr. Zuckerberg to be (let’s just say) someone I wouldn’t trust! I’m sure his massive wealth has made him a modern day Bruce Wayne though :smile::smile:!



Things have heated up a lot over the last few months. I have been on Facebook for a while and only once was one of my posts ever restricted. I contested and they decided I hadn’t committed the PC violation and dropped it. The other day I made a slightly snide remark about Disney placing a Raciest content warning on Peter Pan and Aladdin. Today I was warned that such a response was Hate speech and I could get my account closed. I am considering dropping Facebook all together. I will give myself too weeks so it isn’t a made in anger decision but it might be time to move on from that social media platform. I understand there is a site called Parler that might be a better platform for conservatives but I haven’t tried it. But whatever the case Facebook is getting like having a liberal democrat sitting and looking over your shoulder. They didn’t even tell me which post was hate speech.


I wish someone would make a powerful emp gun and aim it at Twitter and Facebook’s servers.


They should be held accountable for all the crapola they are doing. I don’t do fb or Twitter, however this is just wrong is sooooo many ways.


Facebook can’t sensor me, I don’t have an account. Here and an NRA group or two on MeWe is all my social media.


We may still have elements of a free press, but the information stream now travels a new path to get to us, and because that pathway is owned by someone, they feel they have the right to filter and influence that information on it’s way to the customer that receives it through them, which is, these days, virtually everyone. If you try to use that same tech to locate a new source, that search too can be manipulated.

I take all that as a pretty serious threat to the mind and thinking of the public. Consider, for example, the subject of self defense, and how you virtually never hear about the great many times a person rightly defends them self or loved ones, but you get a tragedy shoved in your face for days or weeks on end, all highlighted and emphasized to maximize your negative reaction to gun owners, guns, and the 2A


@DS-1 You make a very valid point. And that point exacerbates the problem of getting information. Looking at fact checker sites it is obvious they have a bias to how they present “facts” Like the way the New York times reported the decapitation of that teacher in France. It was a beheading because of a depiction of the Prophet Mohammad. The times reported it as a police shooting of a suspect in a “Knife” attack. That is not unbiased reporting. But I got that information second hand so it should be verified as well. Here was the Heading but I believe they clarified it later.

French Police Shoot and Kill Man After a Fatal Knife Attack on …

Link issue fixed. ~Dawn


@Dawn Thanks Dawn, I should have fixed that myself. I hit enter too soon.

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What we’re experiencing with fb and Twitter censoring conservatives is a full out assult on 1A freedoms. I have zero doubt that if liberals win America is lost. That is unless we have the same desire for freedom that the authors of the Declaration of Independence had.


I closed my FB account in 2017 shortly after Trump was inaugurated. I started FB in 2009 for the sole purpose to inform my friends and anyone who would listen about the Corruption and Lies from the “Oblamer” administration that the Media wasn’t reporting, and in 2017 my job was effectively done. I closed my account and deleted all content. At that time FB was still okay with any of my pro 2A content and gun reviews, and I never had anything censored or deleted. But I sure as hell wouldn’t make the same posts today. As far as Twitter goes, I knew even way back then that my mouth and ideas would get me in trouble, and “Red Flagged”. Lmao. For Gods sake vote for Trump on Nov 3rd, anyone with half a brain knows that a vote for Biden is actually a vote for Kamala Harris.


I got banned from FB seven times in two years spanning the Presidential Election coverage in 2015 and 2016. After that I deactivated my account. Heaven forbid I should think for myself, have an opposing point of view like the idea of Individual Freedoms with a limited and restrictive government. It is crazy that some people get their primary source of information and news feed from FB and Twitter rather than read and research for themselves.


Facebook? Twitter? Whats that? I worked IT 35 years, a lot of the last 10 years security. Never had and never will open a fb or twitter acct. I like being anonymous except for a couple sites I trust.
Might add… I feel the same way about Alexa, Echo, Siri web browsers and search engines (use Firefox and DuckDuckGo) and other home smart devices. And still everything through a VPN.