Facebook removes Armslist - you can help!

Got an email from Armslist today:

Instagram appears to be working this evening, but the facebook page is definitely gone.

If you’re interested in supporting them, and in helping to push back their heavy-handed removal of all things firearm, pop onto facebook and make a complaint about not being able to reach their page.



I think you should start writing code and make a gun friendly alternative to Facebook maybe call it GunBook?


The sad part is PragarU just went through this Lawsuit with YouTube about similar methods of oppressing “conservative messages.”

Unless its the “government” your first amendment is not infringed therefore Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. can delete who they want, when they like under “community standards” such as applied here.

I don’t like that major platforms can do that but…It’s been ruled on by the supreme court.

I’ve been flagged for Bible Scripture on Facebook for “Hate speech” (even though hate speech is non-existant) but when I flagged a page literally called “I hate Jesus” they claimed it does not violate community standards.

Can you believe that?!?!

One time the Constitution got flagged as hate speech on Facebook but they ended up making a public apology for that mistake.


There are a couple non-censoring platforms out there now… MeWe.com is one, just not much population on them yet.

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I am a seller and buyer on ARMSLIST. I too, have sent my comments to Facebook and Instagram about this removal.