Email blast about USCCA and voting

Kind of disappointed by the USCCA and it’s wanting it’s members to log into Facebook to vote for 2 of its magazines covers issues as " the best of".

Im glad you are nominated for the honor and hope you win. But it won’t be with my vote. I don’t have a Facebook page, wouldn’t take one if you made it for me.

After watching Big Tech join the cancel culture crowd and muzzle so many conservative voice’s. Its just not happening for me.

Jesus wept.


I’m with this ^^^^^^^^ guy.


Make that three of us. Heck, what stops FB from manipulating the voting?

I have even managed to fairly stop using Amazon for purchases. I am going to cancel my Prime next.


What is facebook?




Canceled my Facebook years ago and haven’t missed it yet. Why would anyone want to be on a discriminatory application like F.B. or Twitter either one.


I’ve never had FB. Never will.


Facebook is another of the causes for why America is struggling, never used it, hope you won’t either.


The voting for the best cover was only in Facebook (we didn’t design the contest, but we do want people who might not have thought about concealed carry or firearms before to see the covers so we’re participating).

Personally, I still have my Facebook account and use it frequently to share self-defense, firearm, and general 2A information. If everyone who supports the Second Amendment stopped using Facebook then those who are anti-Second Amendment and anti-Free speech have won this battle in the long war on our rights, so to speak.


Yeah…sort of like if everyone who was morally opposed to slavery stopped buying cotton and tobacco produced in slave-holding states, or if everyone who thinks abortion is murdering babies refused to give money to Planned Parenthood…the pro-slavery folks and the abortionists would already have won if we did such things.


I respect you and the USCCA’s position to do as you wish concerning Facebook. I disagree. I will not support any of big tech that has abused it’s power to muzzle conservative voice’s. I cancelled my Amazon Prime account, Disney account, and any other big business that thinks this cancel culture is ok. You don’t fight them with words they just shutter your account. You hit them where it hurts and that’s in the pocket book.


I’m not against people who don’t value their privacy using Facebook, it’s a free country. But if our future depends on who uses what money sucking and privacy stealing social media sites then it is already too late.


Personally, I think we have to use every tool in our toolbox to get the word out. Until they kick me off, I’m going to shout about our rights from the proverbial roof tops. And if they kick me off (maybe I should say when :woman_shrugging:) those people I know who are adamant that it won’t happen will see it does happen.

I appreciate those who don’t want to use those platforms for all of the reasons cited. We all have different strengths/tools - I work in social media so it’s a natural tool for me to use to continue to educate people.

That’s another one of the positives in the diversity of responsibly armed Americans - we all work to our strengths to support the Second in the way that works for us.


If I thought anyone was listening I would be on all the cancel culture sites talking calmly and rationally about all of our rights. But part of America is not listening no matter what you say or how many facts you discuss.

This is what I have been doing since Inauguration day. I was asked to collect 100 signatures to put a proposal before my towns city council to make it a Second Amendment Sanctuary. I’ve collected 1785 and I’m working on my presentation and coordinating with the mayor’s office. That’s over 10% of my Cities population.

I became a life time member of GOA and I’m trying to get an Alabama chapter of the GOA stood up.

I keep a white board with all legislation coming through committee and talk to my elected reps everyday, so much so my Congressman legislative aide recognizes my voice.

I’m not allowing myself to be silenced I’m just using leverage to where I can’t be muted because I don’t toe the appropriately politically correct lines.



Bingo! No sense hollering down a capped well. :cowboy_hat_face:


Ahahahahah, you ain’t missing much, basically it will waste your precious time.


I respect USCCA’s position and the decision to participate in a Facebook poll. I hope you win.

I had three different Facebook accounts over the years and deleted them each time because of the trolls in my own family and the friends of family members. I won’t put up with that crap in my face. I sure won’t put up with it from a keyboard warrior.


I’m right with you–I got off of FB and Twitter months ago.


I am not a daily user of FAILBOOK & I don’t post about my personal life . I use it to enter contest to win Gun etc where you have to visit a FAILBOOK page of one of the contest sponsors to get an extra vote.

Yes I DID VOTE FOR THE USCCA COVERS Because the USCCA is a class act and has your back if you ever need to defend yourself . They will stand by your side every step of the way. I believe we should stand with the USCCA that will be there to Stand by us when we need it most.


I’ve been slowly deleting everything with intentions to shut it down eventually.