Facebook Account - Do you or don't you?

Throughout the comments on the Email Blast about USCCA and Voting people were discussing their social media usage.

Now you all have me curious, can you answer these two questions for me? (I’d love to share your feedback in a quantitative way to everyone here at USCCA HQ.)

Please answer both for me with just a quick click:

Do you have/did you ever have a Facebook Account?

  • I have and use my Facebook account
  • I don’t use my Facebook account, it’s still active
  • I closed my Facebook account
  • I never had a Facebook account

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My age is:

  • 44 years old or younger
  • 45 years old or older

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I’d love to hear your thoughts about different social media platforms and if/how you use them! (Please, keep the conversation within Community Guidelines, thanks!)


I do not, nor have I ever had a Facebook account.

My wife has one. She opened it when our son was stationed in Misawa Japan. I opened a Skype account at the same time. Those were our communication portals with him the 6 or 7 years he was there. It was a relief to hear from him just 2 days after the tsunami took out the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

We kept her account and have used the messenger feature many times to communicate with friends and relatives while they (or us) were abroad in other countries.


I use my FB account for personal stuff like posting picks of kids, vacations, food, etc. I also have a few groups that I’m following - mostly motorcycles, cars, a couple of reloading groups.

Also have a MeWe account for buying & selling firearms, ammo, reloading equipment & components.

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I use Facebook. I started to delete my account , and then figured I’ll just use their own stick to beat them with. I also coach 4H, and we use Facebook to post meeting dates, updates, etc.


I had a Facebook account many years ago. When they started changing their privacy policy to something I disliked, I shut it down. That was probably 15 years ago. I haven’t been back as a user since.

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I use only what can benefits me. Common social media like FB, Instagram, Tweeter, Snapchat would waste my time.
LinkedIn and 3 gun related Communities - these are in use.

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If not for family and friends living overseas, I have no use for Facebook.


We have no personal FB accounts, what we do have are strictly for work. As we are in the hospitality industry.

I too cancelled mine within 6 months of opening it over 5 years ago. Haven’t missed it. Can’t convince my wife to cancel hers or understand how intrusive it is to her personal details. The day they sent me a message that my company CEO wanted me to know blah, blah, blah was my day of reckoning and they say I deleted or faked all personal information and disabled the account. They didn’t have an option to cancel the account back then that I could find. Found an option late last year to delete account. My life is None of their business, so they get none of mine.

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I have a Facebook account so that I can keep up with what is going on with gun control laws being made. And I do follow these groups on FB. USCCA, NRS, GOA, JPFO, 2A Foundation, Law Enforcement Today, Blue Lives Matter, and Convention of States just to name a few. I also have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and now Mewe. And I follow the same groups there as well.

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I decided right before the election that I needed to weed out a few “friends” that spent the better part of the last 4 years whining and insulting me with impunity because of my political leanings since I had decided to stay apolitical on Facebook. For about 3 months I wasted NO opportunity showing them what I thought of their hypocrisy, incompetence as voters and how uninformed they were. By the time the election came about the undesirables are now gone and I can go back to looking at pictures of puppies, my nieces and keeping up with my real friends, so it worked fine.

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I have a FB account that I started back in 2005 only to get in touch with a friend of my wife’s. We moved from Hawaii and lost track. For my 30 HS reunion I was mildly active, just keeping track, I didn’t go. Since then I check it about once a quarter or so or it will pop up for a business I am looking up. I don’t post or even interact, most of my “friends” are HS acquaintances that I have no hope or desire to ever see again. It’s useful in that it exists and takes up their bandwidth other than that it is a waist of my time.

I am very careful on social media as I was witness to a very fine Navy SEAL whose career was ended because of his daughters FB account. The young lass was proud of her Dad (never said he was a SEAL but that Trident is hard to hide in pictures) and when he went away she posted that she was sad that Dad was gone again. One of her “Friends” was actually ISIS and by seeing her “homecoming” pics and “I’m sad” posts was able to put together the operational schedule of a real SEAL Team in REAL time. My boys were 7 and 10 when this happened and we had a hard heart to heart about posting ANYTHING about DAD, EVER along with guns. It has served them (and Me) well. My youngest went on to get a degree in cyber security, one of his courses required him to “find” your parents/wife/kids etc. on social media. I had to go visit his professor and answer all kinds of questions before the man agreed that I don’t exist other than some very specific sites which you have to have very specific information about me before you can even get a whiff of me. I was kind of proud of that. He got an A because the professor couldn’t find what he found.




Technically, I have one. I use it only for saving app games.

I went in and made it as private as possible. I set it so people couldn’t send me messages. I set it to where people couldn’t look at it. I told it not to send me notifications.

I do not post on it. Ever.

I am a chef at a bar and grill. People want to know what the chef is cooking. As for personal life or beliefs, or political beliefs, a bar and grill is not a place to discuss such matters. What you want to eat and what is the special is up for discussion. Steaks done right, burgers that make you say Mmmmm! I would post a picture here but, I would make everybody hungry!


Same approach for me as Reloader54 above- I kept the account, but use it to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on (keeping in mind the left leaning “fact checking” basically scrubs what you see on Facebook). Always know your enemy as they say- knowledge is power in these strange times.

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Social media is the new waste of time that took over TV. Now some can say " Justin you’re on social media right now". I would say to that " at least this social media helps me become a more responsible carrier". At least this social media has a purpose.

Facebook, Instagram, tick tock and all those other sites that are ran by socialist, are only there to help keep control of you. If they got your attention at all times, then they can put ads and other things that helps keep you doing what they want.

I have more important things to do then post a picture of my dinner on a website that hinders your freedom of speech. I do not support such websites that follow the agenda of a socialist/communist party. That’s exactly what Facebook does.

On top of all of that. I would rather be a productive citizen of the United States of America then Park my butt in front of the internet all day long. I have my children to play with and my wife to hang out with. I have a job that I take seriously and the Lord to obey. Which means I have a life full of love and spiritual fulfillment.

Do people even remember what it’s like to converse with somebody face to face? Our kids sure don’t. Today’s society is nothing more than walking zombies. With leadership that only wants you to obey and consume. Get off the internet and walk outside. Take a deep breath and live a little.

I deleted mine last year but was reconvinced to start another one to keep up with friends and family. So naturally now I share every absurd thing that FB tries to “Fact Check” just to mess with them.


Dont have one never wanted one. friends always talk about how everyone aired their issue an problems on it when I still had a flip phone ,deem it as a Jerry Springer social media page an friends still saying the same family said I’d would get kick off quicker than joining so it hasn’t changed in my opinion, an now big tech wants to oversee an monitor me yeah that’s not going to happen as long as I’m breathing. No Facebook ever

Being an international man of mystery participation in such follies diminish my professional standing :rofl:


Ditto my wife has an account for personal and family members.

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