Facebook Arguments


So I am certain the vast majority of us have gotten into heated FB arguments, with that said. Who has had a cousin threaten to travel thousands of miles to beat respect into you when all you did was respond to a relative at the same level of respect they use for you? Crazy as it might seem, yes, I have a cousin who threatend to come to my house amd give me a good ole beating amd get offended when i said i would protect myself and family up to and including dropping them dead on my door step, seemings how that would be Extremly premeditaded assualt to cause seriouse bodily harm and or death.


I avoid the FB arguments. It’s an all around waste of time and there are too many people I call them keyboard operators out there. As far the threatening to come to my home. Seems silly to put that in social media. It does show a certain level of premeditation, even worse with it being family. I have become extremely careful with what gets put out online. However friends and family that know me know how a situation where I fear for the safety of anyone in my house would be handled.


I try and avoid them as well. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on this format I don’t visit the USCCA FB page nearly as much. Mostly because I’ve got zero tolerance for the keyboard warriors on their FB page. The worst ones are the people who think they might actually know something but in truth are clueless. That in and of itself isn’t bad but when they start trolling it gets old quick. I’m curious to see how many make it over here now that USCCA’s decided to make this format public as well. I could poo poo that decision but they do have a busines to run so I guess I get it.


I’ve been in social media for the USCCA for over 3 years. I’ve seen horrific statements (both on and off the USCCA page) by people who don’t realize that their social media posts can and will be used against you in court. The thing most people don’t realize is that we have incredibly strong filters set up that deletes a huge portion of the unwanted/unnecessarily crude and nasty comments off of our pages before they hit our page.

Your social comments will be found - even if you’ve deleted them.

As far as the USCCA Online Community goes, there are many reasons behind it. The biggest one is to give responsibly armed Americans - and other like-minded individuals who might choose to not have a gun - a place to have good conversations.

We never expect people to agree on everything - guns included. What we do 100% expect - I may go as far as to say demand - is that the conversations are respectful.

As the USCCA Online Community gets larger, there will be trolls - we expect it. We also will swiftly deal with removing them from the USCCA Community if they do not abide by the guidelines.

There is also a feature on this platform that gives you - the Community - the chance to alert us to trolls and help keep the focus on education and great relationships: https://screencast.com/t/oDabqXfhzihI


“The thing most people don’t realize is that we have incredibly strong filters set up that deletes a huge portion of the unwanted/unnecessarily crude and nasty comments off of our pages before they hit our page.” I’d LOVE to read some of these!!!


Let’s put it this way, I’ve never been sheltered, work with Vets, have teenage boys, and know a lot of welder/mechanic/blue collar guys who don’t censor themselves around me - I had to look words up!


I try to not argue as much as inform. I have been in some heated discussions on Facebook. Usually on a page that has its share of different opinions, mainly news sites. I’ve had a few on gun pages, but they ended up being trolls. I can’t say I’ve ever had one on the USCCA page.


We’re monitor our social media pretty well, @45IPAC and the core group of followers is very dedicated to helping us monitor for issues.

Kind of like the awesome people who have helped us build the USCCA Community so far! You guys and girls ROCK!!


Everyone gets a kick out of our filters. There are over 2,000 words (a good 200+ variations of certain words). And all are words that should not be repeated in front of your boss in most cases … unless your boss is Tim, then he gets a kick out of the filters too. :laughing:


I never argued with anyone on social media, I call those who think they’re tough guys a (Keyboard Heros).
They can only type fast, but none of them so far accepted my invitation to a quick tour to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.


That’s a great thing to have, filters are so important. I’m really surprised that we haven’t seen any trolls as of yet, they tend to go onto pages like our little community here, and spew their nonsense, they make false statements and try to get a rise out of us so they can say that we’re triggered, then they blame everything on President Trump, no matter what it is. I won’t engage in political discussions on Facebook anymore for the most part, and I’m active on the USCCA twitter page, I’ve seen plenty of trolls there. I also follow david hogg on Twitter, that’s a hoot, that’s the place where you will find every mentality on the planet. It’s entertaining most of the time, you won’t believe what some people will say to drive their point home. Unbelievable.


This wouldn’t happen to be the same Cousin that said he would rather attack the police first and take them out if ever confronted as all Leo’s are racist??? The ones in California…

We all have our friends and family, most of our friends are on the same page, some friends the other end of the spectrum, and then there is family. Our mother has 11 brothers and sisters, most are in California and believe guns are evil and let anyone into the country. A shared post on FB usually triggers comments and a discussion, usually with facts being presented but the comments tossed usually have opinion articles they try and use as factual. We try and give a healthy debate with examples and statistics but it usually ends in personal attacks…

At least for me, some of my family, we can “fight” but toss another topic like one person wanting help with their RV, the heated argument is as if it never happened and we chat…

The double standard is that we can post or share and they can comment and “troll” but it’s not trolling for them, it’s their attempt to prove us wrong but if we comment with something like a constructive argument challenging. Its automatic trolling and hate speech…


So far the USCCA Community is pretty hard to find - on purpose. By keeping the Community to a select group of responsibly armed Americans we’re building the culture and of the Community so that those who aren’t interested in a positive way will definitely stand out.

Respect is one of the founding principles of the Community to me. I’d LOVE to hear solid arguments against owning a gun or carrying. Really? Yes, really! That way I can learn more about what others think and learn to express my believes in an even stronger factual manner.

I’m sure the trolls will come, so I’m really enjoying the great conversations now! :slight_smile:


I agree Dawn, I enjoy it as well, I love to help others. I remember how hard it was to get any information from anyone when I was starting out on a serious level. The old timers didn’t want to tell you anything, because they thought you would get to be better shooters than them. If you want to see some crazy stuff, follow David Hogg on Twitter, just watch, He is the kid that was in the Parkland shooting and is now the poster boy for gun grabbers, it’s where the most ridiculous people go, these are all the younger generation that want to take our guns away, all of them. Sometimes if you pick your conversations carefully, you can have a reasonable talk with a few good folks that just didn’t know any different.


I don’t know if I can follow David Hogg. I don’t have high blood pressure at this point in my life and I don’t want to get it from following that conversation! :roll_eyes:

*Please remember, you can invite your friends and family to join the USCCA Community! They do not have to be a member of the USCCA to take part in the Community! The more the merrier!


I don’t argue…at all. Online or in person…I don’t like conflict, and I’ll avoid contributing to it the best I can. I’ve had people furious at me online, and we end up almost becoming friends, because I never respond with emotion. If something makes me upset, I’ll wait a while before responding, or I won’t respond at all. I’m not Interested in having drama in my life, and it’s surprisingly easy to avoid if as long as I keep my mouth shut… which is easy since I’m an introvert.


I saw that on Facebook today! I’m also an introvert - which is probably why I love communicating via written word.

However, I used to slip and respond with emotion when I was on my personal pages. Working in social media for 3 years at the USCCA has taught me a lot about keeping any “argument” to strictly facts. And when emotion is involved, the argument is already lost because right, wrong, or otherwise, people are entitled to their feelings. I can’t tell someone what they feel is wrong. I can tell someone the statistics they’re sharing are wrong.

It’s fun to educate people, it sucks to argue. - IMO.


Yeah, you can definitely tell when somebody is itching to argue, and just like financial decisions using emotions in a conversation normally doesn’t get you the expected results.


This is worth the time.


social media is awful key board commandos and more to put it as delicately as can. i only use one of them Instagram
twitter and Facebook and those associated anti god anti American do not like folks like myself what i stand for and more.
they work over time to have them silenced.

eventually run off.