What you say may be used against you!

I know we’ve talked about it on the USCCA Online Community before, but I think this is important enough to make it its own topic.

Many of you know I started out my career at USCCA as a Social Care Advisor. I was lucky enough to interact with people from all walks of life on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now on the Community. One thing I couldn’t say enough was: Your social media comments may be used against you in court. Please be careful how you phrase things online!

There was some pushback and even a nasty attitude at times when people said I was trying to infringe on their First Amendment rights. Some thanked me for warning and made sure to watch their wording going forward. My goal was always to help people protect themselves. The awesome USCCA Social Care Advisors still warn people about their social comments today.

The linked Blog Post is near and dear to my heart! (No, I didn’t write it, but I’m very glad John Caile tackled the subject). Please be safe online!

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to protect yourself online!


Yeah, don’t write anything online you wouldn’t say in front of a judge.


Too many people get hung up on what they feel shouldn’t be used against them, and what’s reality. Reality is this, a lawyer is looking to stack a jury in their own favor. Most of us hang out and associate with people with like interests; they will try their hardest to make sure that jury is made up of polar opposites if possible. In a perfect world, a juror will put aside emotions and personal opinion and go by what the law says. We don’t live in a perfect world!!


When my kids were old enough to get Facebook accounts, their first friend request had to be me and within 24 hours they had to friend request their grandmother (my mom). They know that whatever they posted on Facebook would be seen by their grandmother. :laughing:

Now that they’re older, they’re on different social media platforms, but they still know that whatever they post can be used against them - by a judge or an HR person when they apply for a job.


I don’t have FB, and originally got my Twitter account as a joke. I use it seriously now, and am careful about what I post.

My employer requires new applicants to friend them and accept them as friends on FB.


I don’t say anything on Facebook I wouldn’t say to an officer, a judge, or a preacher. Come to think of it, I have some Officers, judges, and preachers on my Facebook too.



I know we’ve had our interactions online and have agreed on many and agreed to disagree on some. I completely understand where you are coming from and what your intentions are.

For those people saying you are infringing on their rights, it has always come down to this for me. Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should. With freedom comes responsibility. I’m sure for every ONE person who wants to give you flak there is a handful reading, watching or listening that quietly appreciate what you and the USCCA does.


I use FB to stay in touch with family and friends. But I have preachers, priests and deacons as friends too. I use FB to right wrongs like the clerical sex scandals prominent in the media. And I get angry at those bishops and call them out for wrong doings. I would not post half of what my family and some friends do. I do have a sense of humor and utilize hyperbola at times to drive a point home or just for the obvious irony or rediculousness of some things. Sometimes I edit or correct when I realize that I posted too much info. Overall I’m harmless. But I do defend constitutional rights, share faith beliefs and play around with other vets and active duty soldiers.


Proceed with extreme caution…


This cannot be stressed enough!



I would have to give the officer proper warning of possible hazards if I had any at all.

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I do not have FB, Twitter, Instagram or any social media . Other than this site I am intentionally anonymous,