What are your thoughts on this

So I stopped coming here because of what I perceive to be, a lot of closet and very outwardly racist remarks and comments. Some coming from the worst kind of people; those who don’t know they are. When I am on facebook I see it in a TON of gun groups. I have no problem with it there because I don’t pay for facebook. But I do pay to be here. It makes me wonder if god forbid I ever have to use my weapon and call USCCA, would their lines be “busy”?

Initially I came to the forums cause I was looking to write the editor as a few of the magazines are so pro-police that it literally has deaf ears to anyone who is not of that demographic. I never could find how to make a comment and ended up getting involved in some very prejudiced, borderline racist discussions that ultimately made me leave.

All in all, it reminded me of this video that I think uses humor to point at multiple important topics

Anyone who feels strongly about this care to discuss? There’s yet another thread where a member is using his shinning example of prejudiced BS to spew his hate and of course, there’s forty replies all patting him on the back. Is prejudice/racism internally something you guys ever think about? Or because you don’t think you are, are you more cavalier with it because in your mind you’re not? I know not all of anything is one thing, but there seems to be a very large group that travel in packs here. Thoughts?

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To which thread are you referring?


Too many to list. But thats not the real question of this post.

Ok I’ll bite.
Regarding the video, other than having an irony to it that somehow seemed to subversively point to an anti gun agenda I actually thought it was kind of funny. I found myself laughing at the part that was an open parody on hypocricy.


It sounds like you have your mind made up already. That being the case, I wont interact at all besides this. I will be labeled of course. Look up the term confirmation bias sir. Done and out.


I am guilty ! And I remember one thread… But I’m NOT sorry…


Thanks for assuming I don’t know what confirmation bias is. I mean, the very definition of the word is in the words lol. If my mind was made up, your post helps cement it for certain. But I will say with absolute temerity that your comment is exactly what I expect when someone is confronted with having to look at themselves in the mirror and they dislike what they see. Peace be unto you.


This is what I’m looking for! Seeing if people can recognize it and acknowledge it. You are the breath of fresh air in a room that people like Virgil stinks up. Thank you.

Nothing to bite on my friend.

Just me, a black gun owner, saying what I’ve noticed in the gun community. And asking others if they feel or felt at any point in time, they were or could have been responsible for making someone feel out of place. Some will take this and get butthurt (while calling others snowflakes lol) and others like you and jerzy who are honest. That’s all I’m looking for.

Forgive me, but that is precisely the question you raised. You are accusing some members of this community of not communicating in a proper way. Without a reference point, we are powerless to agree or disagree with you. We are similarly powerless to attempt to redress any untoward situation that requires it.


@JayK, do you realize you are not making friends here? This place is not to shine. This place is to learn something (if you want to learn of course). Your posts are far away from the standards we have been trying to make.
If you think your words used here make any good for us, armed citizens, you are mistaken.

I don’t want to remind you that you should read Forum’s Guidelines before posting anything… I don’t want, because as you know, you either don’t care or don’t remember.

Hopefully this thread is gonna be closed soon. You have used too many words already.


I think you and I may have discussed the way I look it…
Everyone, and I mean everyone of every color or any other kind of grouping, has an element of internal prejudice (perhaps I could call it similarity bias if prejudice is inflammatory to some).

It’s human nature to want to be a part of a whole and overt differences make ‘fitting in’ less natural or comfortable (black, white, ginger, fat, too tall, whatever).

The sin isn’t noticing, acknowledging, or discussing the differences… it’s drawing lines along them.


Bamm. Hook, line and sinker. That was all it took to “cement” it. Wow, all to easy.

You know nothing about me, yet you alone (right at this moment) are willing to judge and condem me. Yet you are looking for truth you say?

The only hate in this thread might be on you. You dont mean that peace thing either, so save it.

You have no idea who I am. You would not find one person that knows me at all who would so easily say about me what you just did. Far from it.

To my Community friends: Hey guys and gals, we are a gang of racist, gun toting, redneck fascists.

Dont believe me? Just ask @JayK. He has us all figured out.


Please let me know which thread you’re referring to. That is completely outside of the Community Standards. We do our best to see all of the comments, but we don’t always see them all


Truth be told I’m only offended by two of those labels… here…, hold my gun and watch this…

Just kidding. Nothing to see here…


I’m not racist…I hate everyone equally.


Here, let me help:

con·fir·ma·tion bi·as


  1. the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

Definitions from Oxford Languages


I learned a new term.


Personally, as far as the 2A goes, I say the more the merrier. I am also curious what thread the OP is referring to. If I have come across as intolerant to law abiding gun owners, I apologize. But without context, I really can’t say.


Me too @Fred_G. The more the merrier for sure. I think any American not prohibited by the law should be able to carry. It is a unique and American right. ANY American!