Noticing a lot of people posting they have guns

Hey everybody,

I’m a new gun owner and I feel safe saying it to this group because I assume all of you are or are going to be. However, I noticed that on Facebook, especially since the pandemic and all, that people on my friends’ list are posting that they have a gun. There are posts stating “if you come into my home I will shoot you” and things of that nature.

I was wondering what peoples’ thoughts were on this kind of advertising.


Welcome to the group @TheLittleNiffer.

There is no better place to be then here.

We were all new gun owners at one time. If you don’t mind by me asking, what was it that made you ‘know’ you needed a gun?


Well if you want to advertise you have a gun on FB that is your right but understand that there are consequences to that. I for one would not do so. The people do it here on USCCA because it is a discussion forum and we have a certain amount of trust in each other, but that is not to say that a snake can come out of any hole. FB is open to everyone and more accessible to the general public. The USCCA family is for people who want to become more knowledgeable in firearms and we are a bit more careful. What that person posted was their intent of shooting a person???


I really am glad that I became a member here. I have already learned things from watching the videos and look forward to watching so many more and reading what other people have to say.

To be honest there were a few things that factored into wanting to carry.

I am a teacher at a middle school that not too long ago had an active shooter scare. I remember thinking this could be it. Also hoping that the kids in my classroom would be safe and what would I do if it came down to the shooter or me. I realize that I cannot carry at school, though I would not be surprised if it ever came down to teachers carrying, the thought of having no control over my own safety scares the living daylights out of me.

I also have two teenagers, a boy (18) and a girl (16). We live in a 60+ area, even though I am only 40 (inherited home). The thought of not being able to protect them or myself is the same feeling I have for the children in my classroom. I don’t want to wait for the cops to show up after the fact if it came down to it. Nor do I want to live with myself if something were to happen to my kids because I failed to be prepared.

I hope to be the very best, responsible gun owner I can be. I am willing to train and learn to protect myself and my family.


Most definitely I do not want to advertise anything. I feel comfortable talk to the forums about my firearm, for sure to get insight from like minds and to know more. I personally feel it’s not very responsible to post that you have one on something like FB. This is why I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were. I’m new to my role as an owner and my mind set may not be the same as more seasoned members.

I understand that it is anyone’s right to post what they want, about what they want. Just looking for other views on this subject.

I don’t know what their intent was for posting it, considering some of the sources, it could have been to fulfill a complex by saying something like that.


I’m just glad you’re here friend.

There is a lot to learn but allow us to take this journey together. Meaning, I can’t say I’ve come to the finish line. It’s a marathon for us all.


@TheLittleNiffer Glad you are here. Just a reminder that this is an open public forum. You do not need to have an account to view and read, anyone can read and see images of anything posted. There is no “private lounge” for members. So as long as you do not post anything that will give your identity away you are fairly safe.
However, given our litigious society anything you post can be used against you in court or civil case. Sad, but true.


My opinion? Don’t say stuff like that. God forbid that you should ever have to actually shoot someone, the last thing you need is prosecutor going through your Facebook account and finding premeditation.


I recommend being the grey woman/man keep things to yourself, no one needs to know, it’s your best tactical advantage.
Whatever you post on a public forum can and will be used against you. Prosecutors love that stuff, makes their job easier. FB confessions instantly earn you jail time if you used said firearms incorrectly.
These are trying times, practice, patience and safety is the goal. Not to shoot the mailman when he knocks at your door unexpectedly.
Study your states statutes and you’ll e good to go. Learn the laws on self defense. I’m sure that when the cops get defunded, there will still be the rule of law.
People who exclaimed publicly on FB, ”look I have a gun” are promoting ego and violence not self defense nor safety.
PS nice grouping and welcome.


I would never post anything on Facebook that could be used against me, now or in the future. To me, Facebook is a virus. Just my personal opinion :wink:.


You have to be aware of:
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
These words mean a lot once you find yourself in any kind of trouble…
And say means also write, post, anything what is tied to you.


Well… now that we have scared everyone away… things should quiet down a bit.


Lol, I don’t mean to scare anyone or get anyone upset. I’m new at owning and just wanted to know what everyone’s thoughts were. Best not to assume. Most definitely I am not going to post all over the place anything about anything. I just didn’t know how others felt about this.

Being new, it scares me to know that in the state of Florida anyone can go and get a gun with just an ID and a background. The people I know that have posted on FB definitely are the type that post to be cocky. I am not one of those people and like that everyone here seems to be on the same page with that. I don’t know how they are as owners though.


Hi @TheLittleNiffer, welcome to the forum. I am glad you are a new gun owner and looking for more information. Just out of curiosity, what more do you think people should have to do legally obtain a gun?


I may be speaking out of turn, but I feel like when someone gets a gun they should have to take some kind of training on the use and safety if they have never used one.

I took the initiative to sign myself up for the CCW class, not just to carry, but also for information. While I was in my CCW they were talking about people aiming their weapon at people, not aiming in safe locations… so on. I just feel like, at the least, a little crash course is better than no knowledge.

I realize that would take extra time to go through the precautions, but least people may be safer.

For example, I didn’t know that full metal jackets were not good for personal protection because of how far they go, that it’s best to use hollow point. I didn’t even know their names, that could have been my kids life if I didn’t know and used the wrong one.


We have to prove we know how to drive a car in order to obtain a vehicle and license, why not a gun?


You may want to clarify your statements.
How did you acquire your first weapon?
Actually most states that are unfriendly to the second amendment may require one or two more hoops to jump through, however, most 2A friendlier states have age requirements, waiting periods, NICS checks, residency requirements and so forth. If you found that it was a little more difficult to jump through your states hoops, please feel free to write your lawmakers. You should start feeling the pressure of being a new gun owner shortly, because every non 2A believer IS COMING to take your brand new purchase away from you.
Nothing to be scared of in Florida, there are only 879 people that DON’T own a gun.

friends’ list are posting that they have a gun. There are posts stating “if you come into my home I will shoot you” and things of that nature.

In addition if these are your friends, you may want to consider distancing yourself from people who have no respect or responsibility to gun ownership.


In simple terms, driving a car is a privilege, owning a firearm is a right that shall not be infringed.
My fifteen year old can buy the car, he just can’t drive it.


True. A good point. I just feel like there would be less irresponsible gun owners if there was some sort of training for them.

I’m saying to take rights away, just create more training.


You’ll notice here, that a majority of us are former military, law enforcement officers, retired gun enthusiasts, etc and a majority of people do find training when they purchase a weapon.
Yes, there are some people who acquire their training from Hollywood and Xbox. Hopefully you’re not one of those.
Next time you’re on the range you may want to seriously look left and right, because there are people out there that are not as qualified with a firearm. Hopefully as you learn you can teach especially your children. Safety starts at home.
Take the time to understand the four rules of gun ownership and commit them to memory. You said you had children. There are extreme laws regarding gun ownership a children and an extreme amount of common sense.