Potential gun licensing legislaton and online forums

Has anyone thought of or worried about potential impact of posting about what we own on platforms such as this with the current potential for much more infringing new anti-gun laws? Thoughts of government “bots” scanning sites for usenames and posts containing such information and then, if such laws are passed, bringing subpoenas to force site owners to give up registered users’ information?


Welcome to the digital age. ANYTHING you post can be held against you in a court of law or by the cancel culture. Google and Apple are already collecting firearms serial numbers from pics posted on line. Type in the serial number of a firearm that you posted a pic of on line and there are fair good odds that your pic will show up in your search. Oh and your cloud storage, yeah that is being synthesized too so if you think that keeping the insurance pics of your firearms stored on the cloud is a good idea … well you may wish to re think that. Not sure if phone mfg’s are cataloging the pics you take on your phone even if you don’t upload them but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Even the PM’s you post here between members are subject to observation and interdiction.




As long as your face is not tied to any Bjorn living in Georgia you are good… :wink:
But with today’s technology you are already caught.

Rest… exactly what @Craig6 posted.


Most would be listed on FFL forms. Right now as far as we know they are not sharing those but it would only take an act of Congress to do so. I don’t say that lightly as 1 party controls the WH and Congress right now. Most of the forms are done digitally now so getting access is all that would be required to start indexing them.

I work in technology and can tell you for any paper forms it would be easy for modern systems to pull and index that information.

That being said…most of the data is already digitized and that is how they can tell you 40% of firearms bought last year went to women and were pistols.

Any firearms not bought through an FFL is a different matter and I agree with the previous posts.


Everyone going on about losing their guns in a boating accident and I can tell you how it happened to me. My X sister in law through my guns in my brothers boat that was parked outside and they got destroyed with rust. I lost them all! Two were stolen from the house and I lost them. So, now that everyone is going on about losing their guns in a boating accident I think my story will not have any validation to it. No one will believe me when it comes to it and my story just will not float.



No idea what’s going on


Right. I suppose if one purchased from an FFL the Firearms transaction record is stored, effectively creating a national registry despite the fact such a registry is not supposed to exist or be maintained.


Haha. Yeah, probably not a lot of us in GA. :laughing:

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I’ve seen suspicious postings on Instagram from individuals with tons of ammo to sell at crazy low prices and wondered if they are either scammers or an attempt to collect IDs of gun owners.


Welcome to the Community @Peter256 .

These can be both… identity collectors and / or scammers.
Recently I’ve witnesses great deals from Hollywood stars, like $60K jewelry for a 1/10 of original price :joy:
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Will Smith can also offer his companion if you pay in advance. :yum:

There is a lot of great offers and deals these days. Ammo and firearm are part of them as well.
Just be smart and be careful…


Is USCCA going to give them their list of those having insurance?


If they ask nicely… :wink:

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I would like to know the same.


Hello and welcome @Peter256

Suspicious I think would be an understatement, anyone selling ammunition at pre-covid prices either has a shady agenda or it’s snake oil.

Not without a subpoena, I would hope. And even then, I would hope they’d fight that.

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So true, don’t over think this. It will drive you crazy.

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True, have to watch every word that we speak. We now have to walk on eggs everyday. The words you speak, or put in e mails will come back to bite you. Words will be twisted to make you look bad. be careful. Just know we are not fee to speak.


If I read the coverage correctly the USCCA covers you with any weapon that is legal in your state. Pepper spray, a baseball bat, kitchen knife, pocket knife, pellet gun, etc. In short gun ownership is not required for membership to be useful.

And yes, if you post pictures with guns, talk about guns, or buy through an FFL the information is out there. They could create a list of all the guns you’ve bought through an FFL by scanning the paper forms or retrieving the information manually.

But the same goes for those registered/licensed to concealed carry.

Credit card records and other activity can result flag as well.

But you can either be very paranoid, a little paranoid, or fight the paranoia and keeping/maintaining your rights.

I avoid specific discussions of specific firearms and my ownership or lack thereof whenever possible but if I’m engaged in an activity I may mention it - like range time, hunting, or shooting trap, etc.

In short, I limit the specifics… and carry on my conversations in person with people I know and trust.