Don't Do It - Should I buy a gun?

OK, so many of us, in this community have guns. A lot of us carry guns daily. Some have a lot of guns.
I have some, I like them. I like the value, the history, the memories that some have attached. I like to shoot, be around the folks at the range, I like knowing that in nefarious circumstances I might just have a chance to survive and maybe help others survive. I think you get the draft.

So here’s the question, Have you ever been in a situation where you simply told someone “Don’t get a gun”? Maybe you knew something about that person or their circumstances. Maybe they wanted it for the wrong reasons. I have and fortunately she didn’t get one.


Of course. Just like I tell certain people not to buy a motorcycle, funny hat, red meat, cigarettes, skinny jeans…

Did you mean a yes-no question/poll or are you looking for more?


I have not.


Yes, estranged brother in law drinks too much! Beer or bullets his choice!


Interesting post. I can appreciate the question.

I once walked in on a convo, of a father figure speaking with a younger generation - about “please staying away from any temptation of ever illegally possessing a gun, but that if they were ever interested, go about it the legal way”. He emphasized the legal ramifications of breaking gun laws.

These were extended family of mine, and hearing the consequences while seeing their faces – “hit home”. I politely jumped in and supported the importance of remaining legal and I mentioned the USCCA in a positive light.

Elders can be influential.

I’ve not yet heard someone express gun interest, from someone I thought should not be an “owner”. However, I know a lot of people I would personally prefer they not be.

It’s those people who I don’t proactively promote firearm usage to, in hopes to stave off their purchase.

Those who I trust, I may share and promote firearm information, focusing on safety, education and training; However, I’m still very careful with my privacy, to avoid theft and or avoid backlash (as in my circles, I’m in anti-gunner central).

I’m curious though, what is it about certain persons, where one might think or feel that he/she ought not become an owner?

I noticed in the past, this topic was pretty controversial and the majority of comments promoted guns for all, almost no rules.

Personally, I believe it’s more complex. I’ve met a lot of people in my life and work, even on a daily basis today - from all walks of life, and I get to know many of their backgrounds, history, see their personalities, tempers, behaviors. I think we all experience them when we are out and about.

Have you all ever met or seen someone who you recognized as a potential danger if they were to ever be behind the wheel of a car, if ever they were a parent, or a gun guardian?

Think temper, think behavior.

And then there’s alcohol and substance misuse. Marijuana is legal to use now in many regions.

I’ll never take my ability to own for granted.

But what about that person’s quality of life. If ever we know someone we think should not be a “guardian” of a firearm; What’s going on with them? Looking at the bigger picture, should we offer them help, or kindness? Do they have some of the other basics: love, education, food, shelter, healthcare, self-defense training?

Starting there first, to be more human. Them having those things – it’s harder for them to have an accident or hurt someone with those basics.

Should there be no rules, or does it depend – should there be a spectrum and an organized system? If so, then we need to be a part of that discussion too. Let the rules also reflect our sides, not just one side.


I have told people who insist on smoking pot that is will stay in their system for a long time, and it is still illegal by fed laws… choose carry or pot…


Great point. Good for more awareness.

For the community to know the rules around legalized marijuana use and the laws around firearm purchases and carry. Where I am, I can’t drink alcohol and carry at the same time, so when I might drink, I lock up the “arms” away.

There was a time I had no idea about the new marijuana laws, and looked it up just to learn (for a friend), "I never inhale" (lol). Personally, I never applied for a marijuana use license, but knew someone who possessed such a license but then later ran into problems when he wanted to purchase a firearm. For my aches and pains, I tend to use creams, hence my B.O.

Fan of hot baths to help with pain, scrub the tub.

Read up, and learn friends. Knowledge is power, as they say. :slight_smile:




You’re welcome to discuss if you’d like.

Mine was a young lady that was very upset with her husband, seems he couldn’t keep his pants on…

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Twice I have advised someone against getting a gun for self-defense. Both individuals convinced me of their deeply held conviction which rendered them unable to even consider using deadly force against another human being. That being the case, I could not, in good conscience, advise them to keep a gun. Better they spend their time and resources on other strategies which they could and would deploy without a second thought.


I have not. I’m still the only gun owner in my circle.


Good question. Back before I carried or even had guns, it seemed everybody I knew who had a gun, shouldn’t have had it. I hung out in the bars, had my bike, worked construction with some questionable critters for awhile, and remember those having revolvers (pistols were rare or non existent it seemed) always were the guys starting crap. Former good friend shot and killed his drug dealer, and went away for good. I got in a lot of fights and brawls back then, fortunately no shooting. Brother in law pulled a gun on a local bike gang, one I rode with at times; got his jaw broken and pistol whipped using the gun as a threat, not a defense.
These days, I grew up, don’t hang out with many people, and those I do see are for the most part responsible gun owners or are on their way to becoming one.


My 2 year old gets mad sometimes because he can’t hold a gun at the store. I tell him “they won’t let you carry one of those around”. He still gets fussy about it though :man_shrugging:t2:.


That would be bad… bad guys would just get the guns… HOWEVER, with training those people could be taught to overcome that tendency… combat is a good teacher.

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Allot, many, being precieved, by me, as “red flag” supporters. Opinions contained above prove that there are politicians to be in this forum, group, or “community”. Some are promoting it. Be careful.


Well even again another interesting topic with many good answers. Do we take our 2nd amendment hat put it on and say yes that’s your right please by a gun. Or do we put on our be a responsible adult and explain the responsibility of gun ownership and all it entails? I’ll chose the later. Teaching I can tell you many walk away never to person carry again. And for a good reason. Their choice not mine. Huge responsibility.


With out a doubt, I have recommended that a person not buy or, God forbid, carry a firearm. If they ask me why I am saying this, I simply say "You’re not buying a firearm for hunting or personal protection or to add to an already very nice collection. You want a gun to use at the 1st possible chance that arises. You are going to kill someone for other than self defense and ruin many lives in the process. See ya later & have a nice day


And we put those same responsibilities on reporters, who cause more hatred and division and death than any gun. Its a right… you don’t put conditions on a right. I’m all for people getting training, I’m not for people who took an oath to protect the Constitution to work to invalidate it.


I had a conversation with an Omaha Capt about 30 years ago-- just before the verdict came back against the thugs who beat Rodney King… I bought a shotgun to protect my family as I lived in a not so good neighborhood. Capt asked me why I bought a gun, I said to protect my family, he responded “that’s what we’re here for” to which I responded “are you going to place an officer in front of my house” and he said “we can’t be everywhere at once” and I replied that’s why I got a gun… to which he started over saying “but you don’t need a gun” and on and on … he had no concept of what he was actually saying… and any police chief, sheriff or officer who tells me I don’t need a gun has no credibility with me. I recently had a conversation with the PIO capt in my current city… He said “of course we (the police) are pro-2A we all carry guns” HOWEVER the official position of the chief is that people don’t need hand guns. So much for pro 2A. This is one of the departments that stood-down, retreated or redeployed during the recent riots. They left everybody unprotected except politicians and their own families.