Concerned neighbor

I really have a serious inquiry and discussion that I need to open up with you guys about. I’m sure it is nothing but I have reason to believe my next door neighbor bought a gun. That’s not the thing that concerns me though. It’s how he is implying that he owns one without even mentioning it.

I’ve been working really hard at trying to read people with the messages that they carry on their shirts, hats, etc. I got back from the grocery store tonight and when I was walking up to my apartment I saw about 7 or 8 signs on his door that are pro 2A, bill of rights, etc. One of them said “Is there life after death? Trespass here and find out.” Personally I could care less if he did own a gun if it weren’t for the fact that he put up a bunch of creepy signs on his door. I am really freaked out by this.

I contacted the USCCA about this and they asked if I felt comfortable discussing it with him and I said no.:disappointed: Owning a gun is one thing I get that but as responsible owners we realized that the worst thing we can do is advertise. It’s not something we do. Should I be concerned? He might be within his legal rights to own a gun but I don’t want to get him in trouble. His behavior just came across as really bizarre and very irresponsible. Any advice?

I don’t know for a fact that he actually owns a gun but I think what I came across tonight is a pretty good indicator that he does. If he does own a gun, he would be the kind of guy that would shoot and kill someone if they broke into his apartment. And I’d be afraid that I would be in the direct line of gunfire since I live right next door too him. As responsible owners, we all know that we do everything within our power to avoid even having to draw our firearms and engage a deadly threat. I’m just terrified that my next door neighbor will be inviting trouble so openly with the signs on his front door. :disappointed:


My advice is just to keep your head on a swivel. Observe his actions. He can posts whatever he wants because that is his right. But one thing he needs to know is that if he ever gets into a self defense situation all those posted signs are going to be used against him. IMHO as a responsible gun owner he shouldn’t be posting this. But to each his own. If you ask him about it you just don’t know how he will react and he does live next door to you so you have to be careful. You don’t want to wake up a sleeping giant. I would just let it go. If he’s not a threat to you just let it ride. Hopefully one day he will move from there but don’t let it concern you or don’t lose sleep over it.


Some people do these things so others don’t mess with them. Maybe he doesn’t even own a firearm. Just an opinion.


Thank you for your reply Johnny. I really appreciate it. When I saw those signs I was shocked. I was like wow because that very behavior is not something we as responsible owners would do. All he has too do is get a security sticker for his window. Your right about what you said in your reply. It’s not anything to lose sleep over. I’ll just be extra vigilant.


Could it be that you are reacting emotionally to the idea that someone who doesn’t meet your personal criteria has acquired a gun?

As far as the “creepy signs” & etc. go – well there are an awful lot of those things sold every day, and I find it hard to believe that they’re all being bought only by irresponsible gun owners. There are some people who seem to believe that if they have a thought/belief/position on a subject it must be forcefully broadcast to the world in order to prove it exists.

In my experience I have found that a person can be a responsible gun owner while simultaneously being irresponsible in other important areas of their life.


If I may boil this down…you are worried that your neighbor might be able to shoot a home invader if someone were to break into his apartment?


Also, doesnt the same physics apply to you if you happened to shoot an invader? The rounds could easily go to your neighbors appartment if his can enter yours.

I consider myself a responsible gun owner and I have a few toungue in cheek signs like those meantioned. I dont display them but I have found some if them to be humorous.


An interesting pair of active threads

I suggest reading the discussion in the below thread, OP, as it relates to how some people view their signage, and consider your neighbor’s perspective


The fact that he is so adamantly boasting on one of them, “Do you believe in life or death? Trespass here and find out” just seems off because has been acting strange the past couple of weeks.

As far as home defense goes I don’t rely on my handgun anymore for protection now that I have a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 birdshot. As far as signage goes on the exterior of my place I don’t do that. I have security stickers in my windows, a motion sensor alarm in my living room, and perimeter alarms in my windows. I don’t advertise that I will respond with deadly force if I am facing an imminent deadly threat in my place. If they get past my alarms and are armed with a gun or a knife, they are awfully stupid. At that point all bets are off on the outcome.


That’s exactly why I don’t place signs on the outside of my doors and windows. Very bad idea. It’s not something I would ever do.


@Lakerfan34 ,
First - these are only assumptions and we shouldn’t judge based on these feelings. Yes, whatever you have described might be alarming… but it shouldn’t change your life.
Second - 50% of US population feels exactly the same what you feel at this moment… so you are not alone with that fear.

Do signs really mean what they mean? I’ve been seeing warning signs and stickers: “Video Surveillance” or “Alarm” on the houses that had nothing done for the security. Sometimes simple sign shows temporary thoughts, feelings or emotions… nothing else.

Can you just start simple conversation with the guy about firearms? Ask him if he gets any interest possessing a firearm for defense once he posted signs outside. Get some information to know him better.
Perhaps he will be willing to know more and you can help him to understand the reality and responsibility of having a firearm. What about range time together?
Know your neighbor and fight your fear off.


“A fool labels himself with stickers and tats,
But a wise ninja minds his own business” (Confusuous)


Now now. Nothing wrong with tats…or tits…or both…lol


Your observation may be spot-on :dart:
He’s an excited new gun owner and wants everyone to know.
Been there, done that. I have the shirt to prove it.

Situational awareness is your friend.


Just a thought!



Probably the best thought that none of us thought of.


If your spidey sense is going off, there might be a reason. Humans are the only “animals” that ignore their fears (Gavin DeBecker, The Gift of Fear). You said he’s been acting strange lately. Sounds like more than the signs going on.

Does the USCCA allow you to anonymously gift a magazine subscription? Or maybe give him your copies when you are done reading them?


“Gift of Fear” by Gavin Debecker is an excellent read and probably relates to the OP’s concern.

On the other hand, maybe not.

But I’d just steer clear so the same.


I have that book. It is excellent. I’m just trying to understand why he would even post that many signs to begin with. Is he trying to send a message and scare people away that get close to his pad? All he needs is a security sticker for his window. That’s what I do.


Thank you all for your reply. I appreciate it. I was just shocked. But there’s probably no reason to be alarmed unless he becomes threatening with anybody or acts suspicious.