Branding (Not brandishing)

Here’s a thought I’ve had for a while. I’d like to see what your take on this would be? I’m a PROUD member of several organizations. NRA, GOA, and of course, USCCA.
Every one of these fine organizations has sent me stickers to “Proudly Display”. I have a concern about marking my car, advertising myself as a gun owner. Or wearing brand apparel like shirts, caps, etc. Grayman or predator? Avid shooter, or low key defensive hobbiest? Other than equipment exclusive to your range activities, how do you feel about wearing or displaying these branding materials? In another time or environment, I would have had no qualms. Today I’m not so sure.


This topic has been covered in at least several other threads. I found two similar, here, and here, with just a quick search.


Good to know. I should have done a search. Since I can’t delete it, maybe @dawn can merge or remove it. OTOH, I wonder if there’s anything other than current events that probably hasn’t already been covered in some way. This place could fall silent pretty quick I guess.


Stay gray, stay alive!



If the left’s playing it fair, I would wear whatever I want. Whenever and wherever I want.

But, these are crazy times. If I’m looking for an argument or a fight, I would wear whatever I want. Whenever and wherever I want.


Stay gray.


Well I work for a company that has a policy no guns. So I come in with USCCA gear in protest to that company while carrying.

In all honesty I don’t believe in the grey man theory. Wear what you want. Just because somebody wears NRA gear doesn’t necessarily mean they carry a gun. I wear a USCCA hat all the time.

I’ll ask people do you know what USCCA is for or what USCCA is 95% have no clue.


I guess those that need to, would know. My paranoia about vandals makes me hesitant to display the NRA sticker. I’m a proud member but don’t want to call my insurance to fix my car because someone has an issue with guns.

Exactly. I was once asked while wearing a Magpul shirt, “is that a band?”


So, with my vehicle having USMC license plates and the Marine Corps emblem sticker, do you think I have to worry about a NRA and USCCA sticker?


My guess would be probably not. The question still is about branding. When I was in the Army, we were told not to get vanity plates or license plate frames because it increased our visability to terrorist. That’s kind if what I’m trying to get at. Some areas it’s not an issue at all. Others would be a huge issue.

Yes, we were told that our USMC tattoos were notifications to terrorists too. That was after we got them. They might of said something before that but, I think I missed that discussion. Of course there is standing for something, thus the word stand, as in stand up.


I usually try to stay pretty grey, with the possible exception of the Chief’s anchor on my aviator ball cap that I commonly wear.

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Every Marine should be proud of their service. Wear it with pride.


My truck has a tow hitch black and gray American flag and that’s it. I’ve struggled with wanting to put various stickers or emblems on my vehicle but have always opted not to because i do live in a predominately liberal state surrounded by people who feel justified vandalizing a vehicle because they don’t like some sticker’s message. My previous truck I used to have a sticker that read, Hillary for prison and my truck got keyed, kicked, had a window broken and frankly, I paid out of pocket to fix or replace all of it. While I’d love to catch the little shits who did it and take a pound of flesh from their backside, rather than go through the same frustration with my new vehicle, I chose to be more incognito and my vehicle hasn’t been molested at all. Until law enforcement catches and punishes more appropriately these adolescents, it’s frustrating that we can’t market for our affiliations…but it is certainly less expensive NOT to advertise than to advertise.

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Unless I’m getting paid, I’m not advertising. Why jeopardize a tactical advantage?

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It’s the concept, not the politics.


Oh now, that is funny. :smile:

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OMG! I’m gonna have to do that soon!!!

I take the approach that Clint Emerson describes in his book “100 Deadly Skills”, and that is to be a “violent nomad”. Blend in and be as unassuming as possible!