Window Stickers Intel

I put this in the home defense category, but it also has to do with self defense, and family defense.

I recently removed 3 stickers from the rear window of my vehicle because they clearly indicated that i am a gun owner.
Why? Because that information on personal property in public, IMO, endangers the property as well as the owner. I don’t want strangers to know there may be a firearm in my vehicle to steal, or when parked at my home, to attempt a break-in to steal, etc.

Same goes with stickers with any personal info about anything. Sorry about your honor student’s name sticker, but do you want predators to have that info?

I’ve even stopped wearing anything with a logo on it, for instance, sorry, Grunt Style, Nine Line, and have never bought a USCCA tee…because i don’t desire to give that intel out to the general public where I am. If I can look at a USCCA emblem on someone’s vehicle, I can quickly deduce they are probably armed, have guns at home, and if I were a crook - I’m the polar opposite of a crook - I could use that info for evil intentions.

I really, really hope I’m not going to offend anyone with this post. And I DO carry my USCCA range bag to the range, and would wear such things at a range, but discretion is a tool, just like your EDC stuff, that might prevent a lethal force encounter, or enable you to have the surprise factor to win one.

That’s all I got.

Peace ya all, take care.


Do what makes you comfortable. Totally agree about the school stuff for kids, especially with names… I do wear 9 Line shirts, but I also wear a cover garment.

I also have a DW sticker on my car, I doubt the average person would know what DW means.

I love a lot of the pro gun stickers I see, but decided not to put much at all on my car for the same reasons.


I have an American Flag magnetic sticker on the bumper of my truck, should not have to say more.



You’re absolutely right! “Piercing by Glock” doesn’t make nice friends. As far as clothing, patches and stickers are concerned all my Nine Line, (FYI being Patriotic should not be considered a provocation) Gunsite, NRA USCCA swag is used on the range and for my own comfort at home on my safe or on my gear. It’s a shame we can’t display how we feel and exhibit our hobby in public for fear of being in danger. We really should turn the tables around! That’s just me. If I want to wear a MAGA hat in public it’s my right to be safe wearing said hat. If I looked like Arnold I would wear whatever offends them the most.
When I leave my home I have the pleasure of looking like a tourist.
Apologies, I actually do have the Nine Line decal on my rear drivers side window.
P.S. shouldn’t the people with the RESIST and Bernie Sanders decals be more worried???


I also don’t advertise for exactly the same reasons. I save logo gear for the range or other firearms activities.

Today you’d call this being the Gray Man. Back in the 90s I don’t recall there being a name for it, it just creeped me out to be advertising.


Yes, this , on the same wavelength.

I suppose in the end it is like which gun(s) we carry, that being personal preference.

I prefer to use as much “urban” and “not memorable” type camo as I can wherever I am. My actions and my personal checks make my statements, not my clothes or stickers is all I’m saying.
And to be clear, I mean absolutely NO offense to anyone who wishes to use or wear such items. None. It’s a free country. I fought for all of us to have that freedom.

That said, I love and own a good number of tees from nine-line. I simply now use them under a button down instead of as the outer garment. Ain’t trying to crack on those who wish to display on their clothing or car whatever they wish. Just saying I personally desire to remain as concealed in public as the 2 or 3 pistols I may be carrying…that’s all.

Peace to you all. Hope this thread has sparked some considerations and thought. Also hope I have not sounded like a wimp or as if I don’t support everyone’s right to wear WTF they want, cause I sure do I promise. Just pointing out that it’s not helpful in concealing that you’re armed to wear a shirt with firearms stuff, or use a window sticker of the same sort, etc.

Peace to all. My FAV holiday is coming Saturday, July 4th. I pray you ALL have a great day that day, doing what ya wanna do, and happy you live in a free country where that is not only possible, but encouraged.

Stay safe, have fun. I intend to work on a bottle of Four Roses that day…


The 19 minute mark sums it up


You could always mix it up with unicorn peeing on Bernie, NRA cold dead fist holding a fork, stick figure family being eaten by angry my little ponies, and “Never Say Never” on a Minivan. It’s the unpredictable ones we got to watch out for. If you see this car then you never know if it has more nerf or more lead.


I always wondered why people would want to “mark” their cars/trucks? I have a small home depot box full of decals that will never see the back of a bumper.
My brother in law who works in D.C. ( a former marine Capt. '91 vet Had to take off his life membership NRA decal,because people were putting bricks through the back window of anything that was concerned conservative)
I also don’t understand the stick figure one that depicts the family members.
Like carrying concealed, don’t mark yourself. As the saying goes, nail that sticks out gets hammered.
Just my personal feeling.


This discussion just came up yesterday morning with my wife. I’m all for being patriotic, but I don’t want to advertise. I agree, nothing wrong with anyone who chooses to wear clothing or use window decals, just a personal preference. When I do see the occasional NRA, GOA sticker, or similar, I’m glad to see another person who believes in our 2AR and wants to protect themselves and others. Be safe out there!

  • Discretion is the better part of valor.
  • Pride comes before a fall
  • Don’t broadcast your position, or forecast your intent
  • Grey man / 51% / blend in

I get it.
I guess I’m just stubborn, or foolish, enough that fear hasn’t dictated where I will stand front and center. Yes I have a few minor dings that came from the shadows. I can accept that. I’ve also gotten thumbs up on the road and positive feedback at the gas pump from nearly every walk of life.

If every citizen that respected law and order, or every citizen that owned a firearm, openly advocated how might that affect the tide.


No firearm stickers, but a U.S.A tag on the front of one car and small motorcycle track day coaching stickers in the rear windows of the others. That is primarily so that students at the events can easily tell where I’m parked.


There’s nothing offensive about your topic. It’s just good solid Grey Man advice. Only time I wear anything I wear anything 2A related is to the range or inside my house where no one could see it.

I prefer Grey Man style as I am older, only days I OC is rifle day at the range and that is more due to Precision Optics and monetary value of rifles I am carrying.

Good post. Would read again


@Smiddy. It’s a great post and a topic worthy of polite discussion.

Let’s please not avoid topics simply because we have diverse perspectives. Personally, I am OK if in the end we agree to disagree and walk away with a little better understanding of different perspectives. I hope others are as well.


I have also noticed as compared to 2016, I am seeing less political sticker on vehicles also. Shocking to me, because the left usually has them plastered all over their rides. I have also noticed that lawn sign are also not as prevalent this year on either side of the isle.
Sign of the times, unfortunately, yet no one wants to bring attention to themselves this political season I guess?


In a nutshell, “advertising” is counter-intuitive to CCW. The idea is to not be a target.


Who doesn’t like stickers? I have a Umbrella Corporation Parking pass on my Jeep. That should leave them wondering…

My International Zombie Hunting Permit is expired. Thank you for reminding me to update it.


Welcome to the family brother and carry on.


I do notice things on other folks’ vehicles. Glock stickers, NRA Member, Molon Labe, Punisher decal, the Gadsden Flag, Smith & Wesson stickers, & AR decals are the usual suspects. Sadly, I’ve never seen a USCCA decal in my area. Any one of these stickers & any combination thereof alerts me to the possibility (certainty) that this person has a firearm.

I think I saw someone mention Pro 2a clothing. I wear T-shirts every now & then. But, I’m always mindful of the message of the shirt. There are several FPC & Colion Noir shirts that I like but won’t buy. I don’t want the attention that may come with me rocking a “KEEP NC TACTICAL” shirt with an AR15 over the state. :v:t5:


Black Rifle Garb is a clothing company that sells shirts that are super inconspicuous and has firearms related meanings. I don’t own any but they have some really cool designs. 90% of the designs people would absolutely have no clue what the t shirt meant.