The Grey Man - USCCA Stickers

Driving along in the left lane today a car in the right lane and slightly in front of me turns on his blinker and starts to change lanes, sees I’m too close, speeds up then hits the brakes to slow down. When I passed he crosses behind me and makes a left turn. No big deal. As I passed him I saw a pretty large USCCA sticker on the rear drivers side window. My first thought, he’s armed and he’s telling it to the world. Then it occurred to me, not everyone will know what USCCA means. Any ways, to the guy with the sticker on state street this morning, Howdy from a brother EDC.


I have my stickers on gun cases, and work bench toolbox. I do not put stickers on my vehicle.


Personally, I don’t like any of those identifiers on my vehicles.

I’m quite certain enough people will recognize something like that, and when you park somewhere, it increases the odds of having your vehicle broken into on a fishing expedition for a free gun.

It also may result in a, particular type of person let’s say, making a false claim of “he pointed a gun at me”


He’s a d and he’s telling it to the world.


How so?


My first thought.


I have a sticker on the back window of my truck that says I love the Constitution. :us:.


The only stickers on my truck are a pair of left and right hand US flags on each side. At this point it probably qualifies me as an extremist. :frowning_face:

I’d like to advertise for the USCCA, but I don’t want anyone thinking there might be a gun in my truck, which there never is unless I’m in the truck, when its attached to me.

Oh, there is one other very small sticker. Its a commemorative sticker and badge from Chevy acknowledging that the truck has gone more than half a million miles. Like a rock…


Don’t like stickers on my vehicle. Don’t wear clothes that have names, companies, or slogans printed on them. No one is paying me to be a moving billboard. Just me. ( No dealership either)


At this point, having two flags on your truck indicates an increased likelihood of there being a gun in the vehicle. Trucks in general are targeted for guns and you better believe a truck with flags indicates a likely gun owner


I have considered doing the same. But old habits are sometimes difficult change. Have lots of the old Harley Ts dating back to when there lots more bikes were built in garages. :us:


I’d love for someone to show me any statistically significant data showing any of the above issues being real, because I’ve searched and can’t find any. The whole grey man concept sounds good on paper and has been popularized by the internet as some sort of gospel, but there are zero statistics to support it. I believe it’s just a big myth perpetuated just because it “sounds” plausible. If it was true, people wearing uniforms like police and military in general would be subject to a hugely disproportionate number of attacks. They are not…. Actually they are safer than most of us when they are just going about their business.

BUT, what is PROVEN by numbers, facts and interviews of criminals is that they are cowards and target people that will not resist or are deemed to be easy targets. The USCCA actually had a great article I think last year that in summary said, look like a victim and you’ll attract the predators.

Think about it, you are a criminal and you see a guy walking down the street with purpose, obviously aware of his surroundings and he’s in good shape and is wearing a Grunt Gear shirt with 2A all over it, and on the other side of the street there is dude that weighs 120lbs and is wearing skinny jeans, purple hair and a tie dye t-shirt, or a pudgy middle age guy wearing a nice watch, business attire and busy looking at his email on his iPhone. Which one(s) are the preferred targets?

On the other hand if you have a USCCA shirt or sticker on the car and are respectable and nice to other people you might actually change their idea of what a gun owner is all about since it seems like the media/news favors interviewing radicals and ignorant people every time they try to represent a hunter, gun owner or 2nd amendment supporter. So I personally don’t feel a need to hide my lifestyle or beliefs.

As an instructor and at one time USCCA employee I’ve spent countless hours for decades in gear that should in theory make me stand out. Sometimes it does and it’s noticed, but it has just about always been a positive experience. I like being an ambassador to my belief system. And I’m quite fine if someone else does not agree. Anyone who’s afraid to put a flag or a USCCA sticker on their car are welcome to not do so. I have 3 of them on my Jeep, so I’ll make up for them.


I have a 50 cal shaped antenna on my truck, and a USCCA decal. Haven’t had any issues yet.


Hello and welcome @William952


Welcome @William952. Glad to have you here.


Went to a National park yesterday, I was armed with a friend. My friend wasn’t armed and all he had was a backpack with 2 cameras and lenses.

I just had the clothes I wore that day and was conceal carrying my Glock 17.

I can’t remember how but an officer approached us and my friend was asking about the park, and the officer started asking him questions what he’s doing here looking for incriminating stuff, and I could tell by the body language, and later on asked if any of us had water (probably to see if there’s anything suspicious in his bags.)

But the whole time the cop really wasn’t worried about me and I was more of a threat to him then my friend was, I had 52 rounds of ammo on me.

No the officer was mainly focused on my friend, as I stayed quiet.

For context I was wearing a red button down shirt and a super Mario hat.


I tend to agree, I dont see the point in blending in so much that I start to look like a good victim. I will wear my USCCA hats out and about, and if someone sees it and knows I’m likely armed, Im okay with that. I have seen guys out with USCCA on, or even a sneaky pete holster here and there, and all I do is make a note that if bad stuff suddenly starts happening, I can expect them to be drawing a gun on the bad guy. I never walk around looking down at my phone, and keep a contsant sense of alertness.

And no, I will not be pulling the US flags off my truck.


Be careful of the frequencies that you tune in to (only jesting), lol. Welcome to the Community @William952.


American flag on my truck, Songbirds ( guitar museum in Chattanooga ) sticker on truck and Jeep. I have a t-shirt with a picture of Doc Holiday pointing a shotgun with the saying " the doctor will see you now". My daughter gets me a Jeep t-shirt for Fathers Day every year so I have a few of them. Other than that no product advertising unless I get paid to advertise. Oh yea, in 2009 my son got me a t-shirt that said " don’t blame me I voted for Willie Nelson" Wore that alot for 8 years. The reason that I don’t like firearm related Stickers and T-shirts is if I have to defend myself or a loved one , I don’t want a prosecutor claiming that it shows that I was looking for trouble, and you know they will. By the way I don’t wear the Doc Holiday shirt any more. Just my opinion. USCCA stickers are in my workshop.


I have a USCCA sticker on each one of my 5 vehicles. But on one vehicle, which I consider my hobby vehicle, I have stickers just plastered all over it. I have one sticker that reads: “I’m Not The Killer Man; I’m The Killer Man’s Son, But I’ll Do The Kill’n Til The Killer Man Comes…” Another says, "American Paratrooper - “Death From Above,” an American Flag sticker, a “Come and Take’em” sticker; On another vehicle, there is a sticker that reads: “When America Calls, Count On Me To Answer,” “Lead, Follow, Or Get The F$@& Out Of The Way!” "Another reads: “This I Will Defend.” “These Colors Never Run.” And then on each is the USCCA or NRA or Field Craft Survival or Ring or Glock Perfection, and AAA (Always Available - Anytime)! Oh, also a Fish Symbol sticker. So, I probably wouldn’t fit the “Grey Man” profile. Neither is it my desire to do so.

I find it disingenuous, counterintuitive and cowardly to attempt at being Casper the Ghost while wearing the uniform of an organization which guard’s our nation. I wasn’t ashamed of being outed as a soldier in garrison and a warrior in the field. I wasn’t ashamed to have spilled blood for her ideals and her interests. I wasn’t ashamed to protect the freedom of her citizens to have an opinion, to agree or disagree, to give voice to their opinion’s or to stand for what they believe. I wasn’t ashamed to protect the rights of her citizens, even the rights of those who would trample on, spit on, or even burn the symbol of the country it represents, and I’ll be darned if I will be ashamed of a sticker that would identify my affiliation with an organization that advocates being a responsibly armed American citizen. In fact, I damned proud of it!

As for the Grey Man (as a theory, a fad, a trend, or concocted methodology being parroted on social media), I say, duck the grey man, I don’t trust him! He’s a predator! He’s a deceiver! His intentions are nefarious. He surveils in secret. He lives a closeted life ashamed of what he thinks or believes and is heavily influenced by perceived thoughts of him, or what he stands for. He’s a fence straddler - you never know who’s side he’s on. He’s lukewarm. He hides in the midst of freedom. He’s a turtle - safe under his shell - yet in it he’s going nowhere, he stands for nothing.

Many people have placed placards and stickers representing a multiplicity of things, e.g., relationships, positions, and/or interests. Some of them I’m confused by, others I’m offended by, and then others I’m encouraged by, but in all cases it’s only my opinion. I’m glad that I live in a country where I can have my own opinion, and the right to express my opinions and live what I believe barring malicious, violent, or extremist intent. JMHO.

Certain parts have been edited for clarity.