USCCA sticker on my truck gets noticed


So, I know we CCW-types should strive for anonymity, but I’m a proud member of the USCCA, so I slapped one of our stickers on my truck. My thinking was this - those “in the know” would see me as an ally, and others wouldn’t have a clue about what it meant.

Well, this past weekend, I was out running errands when my battery on my truck decided to die on me. The ONLY person that offered any assistance was a lady, a fellow USCCA member, who noticed the sticker on my truck. Yes, Boys and Girls, sometimes it pays to advertise! :slight_smile:


One on my truck and my wife’s car.


USCCA on my truck, NO other bumper stickers of any kind. Same thought as Michael. Very few would know what it was.


I have mixed feeling about it not being recognized :frowning:

I’m glad it’s not tipping your hand so to speak, but I’d rather it was well known. The USCCA offers so much free education and training online, I’d love for more people to know about it and use the free resources to better protect their loved ones.

I’m not trying to advertise here - most of you are members of the USCCA already. I firmly believe that with more education and training, gun owners will be safer and more prepared to defend themselves. The free items we offer could be of so much assistance to gun owners if they all knew about it.


I’m pushing it (gently) on all my CC friends and a few are looking into insurance. It surprises me how many have never given it a thought. I’m also trying to push them into more training time, as opposed to just going to the range, throwing lead, and calling it training.


I have PRO GUN AND PRO 2A stickers on opped at a ligmy car. And some times when I’m stopped at a light I’ll notice that the car behind me will bring their cell phone up and take a picture of the back of my car. I’ve also had people come up to me in parking lots and tell me they like the stickers on my car.


I looked at it as being a subtle heads-up to law enforcement, should my lead foot ever warrant a traffic stop. Sadly, those that claim to be SJWs tend to vandalize Pro-2A vehicles in my neighborhood, and I didn’t want to tip anyone to my firearms proclivity. :slight_smile:


Mine is on my favorite Camelbak cup I take everywhere with me. So whether it’s at the gym or in a staff meeting or running errands that sticker is there for everyone to see. Other than that I just wear the cool t-shirts I’ve gotten from USCCA and advertise that way.


My previous truck (may she RIP) had a Special Forces sticker in the window (my hubby was, not me). Currently no stickers on my dually - but probably going to change that now that I’m a CCW instructor.
I’ve got a USCCA sticker to put in the window, I’ll probably add the Special Forces and an NRA sticker too.
And of course the Hot Pink and Sparkly one my granddaughter made for my truck that says
"Suck it up, Buttercup"
For a city-raised girl she’s getting more country every day. :purple_heart:


I have one on my Jeep Renegade, a long with some Glock stickers and a Glock Perfection front license plate.


Respectfully, Since someone dis-approved my USCCA Sticker on my front door (Sheriff), I was trained by

former military and retired police, It is wise to not have TEE SHIRTS, STICKERS, or SLOGANS that can

be printing you as the target for trouble on you. This is truth, please be careful and not print that you

carry or have a firearm. PLEASE!

I was told in training several times. Stay Safe.




I will take your advice into consideration, thank you. I do love my Glock 19 Gen 5, and more Glocks are to come!

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Nice Job !!!

I do not have the ability to add a stickers, because of the negative responses. I have two
NRA pins on my jacket and 2 people recognized those at a distance, they complemented
them and life moves on.



Please enjoy your firearm and that advice is that you are important to your family and friends. My desired is not to mislead anyone here. I am very pleased that you like GLOCK, enjoy. I love Glock and carry several models, but you can find what fits you the best. I am sorry my listing here was destroy some how.

Under construction and thank you for not hating my typing.

Safety always,


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Thanks, you got me thinking!

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Amen brother… All of us like minded individuals are in this together. I knew my doctor was OK with me carrying to his office, when I seen the sticker on his laptop along with the Green Beret insignia. That told me, yes, this man gets it!!


The only comment I ever got was when I was wearing my NRA life member jacket at a friends funeral, when his brother said to me as he looked at my jacket “I guess you didn’t vote for Hillary then”.


I am working on getting some other options besides :+1: for reactions to replies. We need it for yours, @Rocklock! Because my first thought was: :rofl:


I wear my NRA Life Member jacket as well. And I have a big, broad smile for every sneer it gets. :slight_smile:

No trees were killed in the sending of this message; however, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


I am very proud to have a USCCA R/W/B Sticker on my front door and I have
a USCCA Pin on my Jacket with two NRA Pins. I am very proud that they are
there and I have had complements on all. You will be guaranteed to run into some
negative issue, but use discernment. Like on this web page; BRAGGING is a

USCCA forever

William Smith