Sport your support of your gun rights and the USCCA

Do you sport have a USCCA sticker on your vehicle or vehicles?

I have one on each of my vehicles

a we the people sticker also

I would like to see more second amendment support stickers around.



I like seeing gun stickers on vehicles, but I won’t put one on mine. I just have this weird feeling that that’s painting a sign on my vehicle that says, smash my window, I have cool stuff. I do have this on my hitch though… It keeps tailgaters back. Lol. Resized_20171019_170926


that speaks volumes for sure. love it :sunglasses:


I have several stickers on the back window of my truck and never have had a problem. Anyone who has a problem with the stickers just have to ask me what they mean.


I have a sticker on both of my vehicles and a T-shirt.


I have USCCA stickers in my truck and my wife’s car. I wear a Nexbelt belt with a USCCA buckle. On the 2nd on every month I wear my Responsibly Armed Citizen shirt. I don’t put NRA stickers on things because I don’t agree with a lot of what they are saying these days, and, here are some idiots in my area who would break a window because a sticker has triggered them.


makes two of us. shirts and sticker.

have had a few ask me just what is the USCCA i grin big and start to chat away.

the shirts are light and very comfortable i wear mine a lot about time to order several more.


I dont like identifying stickers on any of my vehicles. But I love wearing my USCCA t shirt.


I only have two American Flags one each side of my rear side glass windows, and a warning this vehicle protected by seat theft deterrent device on the rear hatch glass.


If you walk through the USCCA Headquarters parking lot you will see a lot of our team has a USCCA sticker on their vehicles - but not all of them.

I personally do not put stickers on my car. Unfortunately, being a single woman in today’s environment makes me a target - because my demographic isn’t necessarily associated with carrying. While I’m glad that no one will automatically assume I’m carrying, that perception can make me look like an easy target.

Condition yellow - 100% of the time.


I’m waiting on some stickers. I’ll be happy to put one on my car, and my board at work.

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I don’t have any stickers on my car. Even with clothing, I have few tshirts that would suggest something to someone, cabelas tshirts and a grunt style. Otherwise everything else is non descriptive. I feel like those identifiers can be targets. Sometimes, I cringe at the amount of info one displays on their vechicle.


Dang! I stuck the envelope in a book as I was leaving and forgot to drop it in the mail! I’m so sorry! Putting it in the mail right now!

Edited - it’s in the mail! I’m so sorry - it was making a good bookmark in a book I haven’t opened in two weeks. :frowning:

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I won’t put stickers on my vehicle, but I do have a USCCA t-shirt. I also had a USCCA knife, but I lost it…:sob:

The USCCA stickers don’t give away our positions, IMHO. Unless someone knows what that emblem is, and most likely, they are somewhat like minded on the subject. At least where I live that’s the case.


Thank You, I received the USCCA stickers. It looks good on my office bulletin board Dawn.

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Normally I wouldn’t put a sticker on my car, however, I would sport one from USCCA.

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My truck by itself screams there is a gun in this thing. I haven’t done stickers because the window needs to be resealed and tinted. I don’t worry too much about the sticker or shirt thing. The only people who notice are other like minded folks or bad guys. And bad guys are very bad at hiding if you stay aware of your surroundings


Yes I have uscca sticker on my wife car .and my truck. I have two t-shirts thant where all the time. Wife keep ask y they in the was all the time ( LOL). I have a sticker on the truck I use the my brother owns because I use it to mower. Not one person ask me what it stand for. but I have seen some in town on another truck.

That just my 2 cents. Try get golf shirts from uscca