Wow, Her Husband Can't Have A Gun Because She Doesn't Want Home Invaders To Die


I would never have married someone who didn’t support the 2A and appreciate the importance of self defense. Its also a great hobby. Thank God for the awesome lady who married me.


Joseph488: “Thank God for the awesome lady who married me”.

TRUTH Brother! When god decided he needed another WARRIOR to fill his ranks my wife probably volunteered, she was that awesome!. there would be NO WAY IN Hell I could have have married someone
that had such a distain for 2A/Firearms/Self defense etc. It’s who I am and who she was.


I apologize Brother! Welcome back my friend!

“She doesn’t want home invaders to die”… Hmmmmm
See I have a different philosophy than this woman…I DO!
just saying

It was 109 degrees in my truck in the Costco parking lot this afternoon!
Stay relatively frosty!


My wife also understands the importance of being able to defending ourselves. That woman in the video had all the intellectual stamina of amoebic dysentery.


She’s obviously a more recent product of our public education system.


When I moved in with my wife I came in from my car with an armload of firearms.

She said, “Wow, that’s a lot of guns!”

I stopped, looked at her and said, “If you think this is a LOT of guns, you better freaking brace yourself…”

Funny it was a topic we had never discussed. It never even occurred to me that any woman would be opposed to me having firearms in MY house…


IQ of three!
Warning Explicit!

Maybe she should speak with the parents of the Idaho 4.


For the streets


He needs a better wife.


This comment may send some flak my way, but I agree with her comment on not wanting the home invader (s) to die. Wanting someone to die is not a sane thought. That being said, I would like to qualify my thoughts on the matter.

I consider myself a sane, law-abiding citizen even though I take a very hard stand on the home invasion issue. My home defense plan has been dissected and scrutinized by almost everyone on this forum. My hardline approach does not, however, mean I want them die. What I want is for them to not be home invaders. Think about the old adage of wishing in one hand and crapping in the other to see which fills up faster. Wanting them to not be home invaders is a wish that never comes true, and by them choosing to be home invaders, they have placed their own lives on the line by committing crimes that could bring some extreme penalties up to and including their deaths.

Do I want them dead? NO.

Will I kill them if they make the wrong choice? YES. With extreme prejudice.

On to the Wife issue…

I got lucky with my Wife. Probably luckier than I had a right for. She is the best of all worlds. The best for me, anyway. She is a hippie, practices natural and holistic healing. She is a Witch, she casts spells, performs rituals, dances naked in the backyard at midnight under a full moon. The whole nine yards. She also owns a few firearms and practices when we can get to the range. She is not as experienced as I am, but I would not want to face her if I were a bad guy intent on doing harm to her family. I have seen her march right up to a man with a knife, slap the knife out of his hand with her right hand and then give him a left hook across the chin, knocking him to the ground. Next she stood over him and wagged a finger in his face, told him she just saved his life because he wasn’t facing me. She had told me to stay in the car. “Yes, Mistress.” She never lets me have any fun. :sob:

That is my take on the issue. I do not want them dead, but I will kill them if I need to. If My Wife gets hold of them, they will likely end up pickled in a jar over her altar.

Let the comments commence…


Does she weigh the same as a duck?
(Sorry, I already told you once before that your wife sounds awesome. I had to try something different.)


Ummm…NO. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But she can definitely cook one.


Seems sane and reasonable to me.

In my ideal world no one ever tries to break into my home. If they do then I hope they quickly realize they did not choose a defenseless target, drop their weapons and leave immediately.

I would greatly prefer if no one dies or is seriously injured in the process but I am willing to use all the force I need to make sure my family remains unharmed.


I had a roommate tell me if I shot a home invader, she’d take the gun from me and shoot me in the leg to see how I would like it.

So, you can’t shoot a home invader, but she can shoot you… more liberal logic.


Yeah said the landlord wouldn’t like it. I told her I bet the landlord would like it very much and get a payout. No longer roommates with them.


I’ll wager she’s planning to talk to the intruders until they actually kill themselves.

She impressed me like that kind of do-gooder.


I do not choose or want to kill anyone however it would not be my choice to have someone violate the sanctity of my home it was theirs. Someone entering someone else’s home uninvited especially in the south is having a death wish… wishes should be granted!


What if he promised to shoot home invaders to stop them from hurting her?
If any of them die, well, that would be kind of inconsiderate of them, wouldn’t it? :thinking: