Can you please wrap up our bi-monthly magazine so privacy is maintained

I really enjoy the magazine that is offered with the membership. The articles, advertising and overall content is awesome. Lord knows I’ve spent a ton of money on many items I’ve been turned on to by the USCCA magazine. The concern I have is the most recent mailing some how my magazine was delivered to the wrong addresss. I live in a neighborhood that has mailboxes centrally located for about 50 homes. The person wasn’t able to put it into my box so they just left it on the mailboxes. I’m not sure how long it was sitting out there but now anyone who came by got to see that I’m a member of the USCCA. Not exactly what I want to be advertising. Im not ashamed of it but it’s no ones business who I deal with and with the current enviroment the last thing I want to be doing it flaunting I’m a gun owner. I hate causing extra cost in anything but would the powers that be please think about doing something to protect our privacy. Yes I can do just the digital on-line but I guess I’m old school and enjoy having a hardcopy. Please think about it because I can’t be the only one with this concern.


Nice post. Now that you mention it. Would be great if plain brown wrapper on the outside. Same reasons, tons of next door neighbors on the same block.


That’s a real concern.
I’m glad to have neighbors who share my extremist nationalist views.


Always like the word “but” when making a statement


@David1474 Welcome to our community, we are glad to have you. :slightly_smiling_face:
This question has been asked before and the answer is YES.
Call USCCA and ask for your mag to be wrapped. 800-674-9779. Open 24-7-365 and always ready to answer your questions. :+1:


This is just me, but if I had a centrally located mailbox that might not fit something the size of a magazine, and things might just be left out, I’d get a UPS box to have things shipped to for that extra security/privacy.

In fact, I have a private residential mailbox at my driveway end, and I still have and sometimes selectively use a UPS box

You can also call and request to have them shipped in a plain envelope, but if it were me I’d have more things I’d worry about the security of than a magazine

And I get a ton of gun stuff that I know won’t come in an envelope lol


So what do I do now, that I renewed after 2 years, all my gun porn?
I live in a single family home, neighbors are not exactly anti anything.
I live in an extremely 2A friendly state.
I still maintain one of those boxes, going on 15 years. However, more people have access to the information of a box holder than you may think. Employees are transitional. And they do check out all the mail. Including reading the magazines and catalogs. Nothing in today’s world is private.
I ran one, when thinking about owning one as a retirement business!

Now that I’m home more than away, everything now comes to my mailbox outside my house or to my doorstep.

However you look at it, ammunition still requires an ORMD sticker, and delivery guys are not stupid!

That’s not exactly, nondescript!

Quite frankly, I don’t give a duck anymore who knows!
I still maintain a modicum of discretion!


Welcome! I can see where this may be an issue for those living in apartments in less than friendly cities.

My UPS guy has made comments about wanting to come train with us whenver he sees us on the range lol


When he comes by to deliver my ammo orders, my FedEx guy proudly shows me photos of his gear like his custom holster and his latest AR-15!


I had a problem at one time and it was during the pandemic that they were rotating the USPS letter carriers and my mail would end up in other boxes or never received at all. I mentioned it to the USCCA. Now the USCCA puts mine in a manilla envelope and that worked fine. No problems since.


That’s neat, but something similar is what prompted me to get my UPS box in the first place. Loose lips sink ships and all that.

Plus just the general ‘porch pirate’ thing isn’t a worry this way.

Especially nice ordering stuff online when you might be or are out of town.

I highly recommend


I understand the members that live in the city needing the magazine covered
too many ■■■■■■■■ to deal with
up here the closest neighbors are across the street and they shoot
the others are 1/2 mile away both east and west
what ever USCCA decides is ok with us


Just a thought. You could change your name on the magazine. That way no one would know it was you, unless it was someone who already knew you. If they already know you they probably know you carry.

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I’m not sure if you can get it shipped in a different name than is on your membership


Login and update name on account.[](

You can’t update your name on your account from the website, and your membership account should be in your name


Anti self defense, red flaggers and criminals looking for firearms aren’t going to care or likely even notice whose name is on the cover. They’ll just note that there is a firearm owner at that address.

I switched to electronic delivery only. That way all the folks at my tiny little town’s post office aren’t reminded every month that I’m likely a concealed carrier. It also lets me read the articles whenever and wherever I want.


My address is the box number not my physical address.

Same here all my mail goes to a PO Box. But all the workers at the PO are locals. Putting a different name on the magazine would only make them wonder why I have a random person living in my home. That would only draw more attention not less. And even in a larger town where everyone doesn’t know anyone, anti gun and other untrustworthy PO employees are likely going to be keying in more to the magazine’s content and address than to the name on it.


The OP is old school and wants to get the magazine.

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