April's mag left in box

To my surprise, I’ve left the April magazine in the mailbox with all the junk mail, cosmopolitan has been sending free mags here trying to get my daughter to subscribe, so I seen the woman on the cover and the letters con and figured it was another freebie cosmopolitan mag! Yeah I have an eye dr appointment next week LoL
I leave the junk unsolicited mail in the box and on trash night I clean out the mailbox. Had I not checked in to my dashboard which I try to do daily I noticed this months cover photo so I saved it from the box


Point being is keep your eye checkups and prescription lenses up to date because they might change as you age, mine have. Peace


I understand your points, about the cover and that I got my eyes checked recently - motivated by my need to be more prepared.

You probably knew this; but I discovered the USCCA magazines are free online (digital version), but not think so for those few here who are not members. Once you log in, on the main page, scroll down and there they are:


Reading glasses and hearing aids here… I feel your pain :grin:

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