Two general suggestions

@Dawn I have two general suggestions for USCCA.

  1. An easy way to opt out of the physical copy of the magazine. I prefer the digital version on my iPad :slight_smile: Right now I bring the print copy to the monthly meeting at the gun club and ask a random person if they are a member of USCC and if they say no I give the magazine to them. My motorcycle organization (GWRRA) recently made this change as well. NRA also does this.

This reduces mailing costs, printing costs, and is better for the environment.

  1. An email saying the digital version of the magazine has been posted. Especially for those that opt out of the physical copy.

If you could pass along these suggestions I’d appreciate it.



I can take care of the first one for you in the morning when I’m back at a computer - we’ve have the digital only option for a while. Although, I do love the fact that you’re spreading the word about the USCCA by sharing the magazine :heart_eyes:

I will ask about the email when the magazine is posted on your dashboard. I like that idea a lot!

Thanks @BJP!!


I do the same as @BJP and give the hard copy to different friends to read. Everyone loves to see it. Last weekend we had 15 different guys for a kayak/camping weekend and they all read through the magazine.


i would like to receive the printed copy. I only see the digital copy as a option.

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Not speaking for USCCA but as a member/instructor let me say great suggestion.

In the early 90’s a discussion a I had with a professor where I posited that fifty years from now we’d probably see the death of nearly all print material other than that which we downloaded due to the expected growth in the internet.

Keep in mind, at that time there was really no functional internet like we have today and online activity was basically reserved for DOE/Intel and Military along with DOD related contractors and academics.

It led to hours of discussion and quite a few papers.

At the time, the only windows we had were those we looked through … .

I’m thinking my proposed timescale was pretty accurate.

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@Ryan4, you should be getting a hard copy of the magazine mailed to you 8 times a year. You may have missed the May/June mailing date cut off based on the date you joined. I believe the July issue is on it’s way to the printer or at the printer now - but don’t 100% quote me on that. :smiley:

You should be getting one in the next month. I’ll check back with you a month from now to make sure you got your hard copy!

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Have you gotten your Concealed Carry Magazine yet, @Ryan4?

yes i did. waiting for my girlfriend to give it back :crazy_face:

thank you