Mail Order Ammo Purchass

I recently received some intel that is worth passing on. Do not become paranoid but just consider it food for thought.

Sadly, there are some Antifa insiders with UPS and FedEx who are taking note of the addresses where obviously ammo purchasers live. Perhaps some vendors are savvy enough to use less obvious packaging, but if not, just be aware that there may be a set of eyes out there keeping track of those of us who may be a source of firearms and/or ammunition. Keep your status as a concealed carrier under your hat. Keep it somewhat secret so that if the fertilizer ever hits the impeller, you are not drawing unnecessary attention to yourself or your home.


Sooooo… They are mapping out what streets/houses not to go to then? :+1::rofl:


Thanks for the heads up brother and god bless you.


Luckygunner offers you the option of requesting outer packaging to mask any manufacturers labeling that may divulge package contents.


I’ll bet that any package delivery engineer with I’ll intent pretty much knows what’s in the box from package density/balance alone. Not much else feels like lead in a box.


That might work but it is still,labeled with a hazard label which they will still know and recognize. And the weight unfortunately is a dead giveaway :frowning:


Granted … there was a diamond symbol printed on the box void of any verbal indicators; no additional markings. The return address is from “Lucky Fulfillment”.


The place I use puts bright pink hearts all over the box so it looks like your getting sex toys rather than ammo


Well the tan and black FHP unit sitting out front of the house across the street pretty much makes this sort of thing a moot point on my block. Then again, so do the 4 combat vets within 100 meters of each other with USMC, USN, and US Army flags and what not. So do the 1 in 10 houses flying Trump 2020 flags. And most streets in my neighborhood are like that, but some have a lot more Trump 2020 flags and firearms mfg signs in the windows and flags on poles.

16 Likes provides an option for placing your purchase in a plain box. Yes, the weight may give it away anyway.


Just took delivery of my ammo order!!! Only took 11 weeks, but it’s here now. No hazmat labeling, just a small sticker saying ORM-D CARTRIDGES and something else but it was half covered by UPS delivery sticker.

But my ammo is here!


Obviously, it’s not paranoia if it’s real. There are spies among us. It’s wartime, do the math.
Is it a better idea to have it shipped to your work place (if they are on the same page) or have a P.O. Box?


Good info, sir. Thank you for the heads-up :+1:


Figured this might be a good spot to ask which mail order ammunition places do you all like best. I have never purchased mail ordered ammo before.


Anyone that has 9mm in stock and not price gouging.

There’s a lot of online retailers and everyone has their preference. During normal times, I’ve used TargetSportsUSA and SGAmmo multiple times. I normally check TargetSportsUSA first because they ship for free if you order in bulk.


Agree with both Target Sports. SG Ammo, and also like Lucky Gunner. Target Sports also does the discreet overbox packaging. Yes, the hazmat triangle and weight are telling, but it’s still better than a box that leaves no doubt.

My UPS driver knows what I am getting, but he is a 2A guy and avid shooter. Still, I wish nobody knew.


Yes, there are spies everywhere. But keep in mind, most of us use the mail for more than just ammo. I dont do much ammo cause I dont like the hazmat fees that usually make it more expensive than my LGS. Keep this in mind. Most of us here are members of USCCA and other organizations such as the NRA for example. So, they know you have ammo when you order ammo. They also deliver your USCCA magazine to your house, so they know you are at least interested in CC. Ever order from Midway USA? They deliver in a box that has Midway USA and Nitro Express shipping loud and proud. How about Cabelas? I bet that most people who handle the stuff we order every day know who the shippers are that they approve and disapprove of. Do you fly an American flag? We are targets, whether we order ammo online or not. The situation @Edgy01 is describing is real, but ordering or not ordering ammo is not going to be the deciding factor for them. We are already marked.


“…They also deliver your USCCA magazine to your house, so they know you are at least interested in CC.”

I was just getting ready to post that, until I read your post :slight_smile: . Maybe the USCCA magazine needs to be shipped in a plain brown wrapper.

The few (small qty) random ammo shipments I get have Federal printed on all 4 sides. No wording of “ammo”, but the weight and rattling/movement in the box is probably a giveaway to a savvy delivery person. Plus, if it comes FedEx they have you sign for it, but UPS doesn’t.


Good points all @Brian139


Thanks for the heads up. It is ashamed what this country is coming too.