Empty gun/ammo boxes

Whenever I purchase a new firearm and/or ammo, I don’t throw away the empty boxes or cases in my trash at home for the trash men to pick up. I always either take them to work and throw away in the dumpster or take them to deer camp and throw in the burn barrel. I do this to prevent advertising that I have guns if someone rummaged through my trash. I was curious if I am the only one who does this? Or am I too distrustful?


No, you’re not. :shushing_face:


Eh, that might be the best idea, might get that anti-2A employee that sees you.
Deer camp burn pile? :+1:


No sir, not paranoid at all. I do the same thing. At a minimum, I tear the address labels off the box. I do the same thing with ammo boxes. Same rationale.

The less people know the better. I totally agree.


I keep all the boxes. I don’t have a “safe” spot to throw them away. I reuse the ones that aren’t weird inside, and the others go in the box closet


We don’t do trash pickup here. It is pretty expensive in our rural town and since we compost for the garden we don’t generate very much trash each month. So the boxes are used as fire starter for the wood stove or taken to the dump without the address info.

Think it is a good idea to not advertise what you have as much as possible whether that is firearm related or a new TV, etc.


I dump them in my brother’s trash😀


I put them in a trash bag and then into the trash


They go in the trash bag and then into the trash. Someone wants to dig through my trash and find out I’m gunned up at my age maybe it’s a deterrent. So I’ll just go outside in the drive once in awhile and act really stupid! Then they’ll think not only is he gunned up he’s a crazy old fart!


Anything than can be shredded will be shredded! It’s not paranoia if it’s real. This is as real as it gets! Heck, I’m considering canceling all my gun porn magazines for fear my mailman may go postal! LOL :joy:

You do remember these…?


Same here, and usually at the bottom of the bag.


Test your theory. Put them in the trash of an anti-gun liberal and watch for ATF.


I usually keep my gun boxes, in case I decide to sell the gun, or need to send it for repair/ upgrade. I usually throw out my ammo boxes at the range.


Mine get thrown in neighbors garbage can, he’s anti 2a


No, you are not alone. But I do that with a lot of other merchandise containers as well.


You are so right once you put your trash out it’s the property of the county :bangbang::100:AND THEY WILL GO THROU IT TO SEE JUST WHAT YOU are buying and once you leave it on the street for pick up :bangbang: it no longer belongs to you :bangbang: so if you truly want to keep some private see Take all the paperwork and all your information and burn it. Or it can be used to steal your :id: and cause you more problems than you can ever BLEAVE. I am pretty sure that no one wants to be me :bangbang::100: HAW HAW but some people are truly stupid. Haw haw. Now that is funny Bobby Jean :feather::feather::owl::us::chile:

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Nothing like brotherly love haw haw

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Haw haw now that is funny haw

Just because you are peranoied that word does not mean that they are not out to get you. So it’s time to be that work Haw Haw Bobby Jean :latin_cross::us::chile::owl::feather::feather:AMEN

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I Just join the law suit against the gun grabbers so I have done my part to try and not let them take any our ASAILT WEPONS that I have none of what so ever at my house Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather: