Ammo in Unexpected places

Got bored yesterday sitting around because of all the covid stuff. Decided to start cleaning and tossing a bunch of “crap” I have accumulated over the years. Was in the house and digging thru a pile of stuff stashed between two dressers, mostly old T-shirts for working in the yard, old computer junk then come across this really heavy box. Opened it up and SHAZAM! over 100 rounds of misc 12GA buckshot (misc sizes) and slugs.
Today, I went up into the attic to drag down some fishing gear. Figure I will do some fishing if a dry days comes up. Digging through old bottles of powerbait and misc fishing things and found another heavy box. Opened it up and there were 3, 500 Round boxes of .22LR in it. Price tag on them said $14.00. All vacuume packed and everything. Just left it up there.
The last two days have been like Christmas! I need to clean more often!


I like to think that I know exactly where all my ammo is. The only way I can be sure it is stored properly. At the same time, the longer it stays stored under lock and key the more tenuous my understanding of it becomes. I can overcome this somewhat by visiting it from time to time. :laughing:

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Wish I had so much that I lost track of it!


I keep a clipboard with all my calibers so I know where I stand with it.


In my case it is an accumulation of ammo purchases here and there over the last 30 years. My house and garage are separate buildings perhaps 100 feet away from each other. I have always been wary of fire… once blew the 200 Amp main breaker in the house, plus live in a high forest fire danger area.

Because of this I tend to store guns, ammo, food, a little of everything spread out between the house, garage and a couple sheds. Figure is a disaster struck I might not be wiped out. Fingers crossed. Be hard for anything to survive a forest fire. It would just roar up the side of my hill which is heavily forested.

Also found about 60 rounds of Hornady Match 7mm Rem Magnum BTHP in unopened vacuum packed bags.


Show-off!. LOL

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I’ll be honest @John512 . Sounded more like an Easter egg hunt. you found a lot of little eggs. :joy:


Keep searching brother @John512 because you might find some money you were saving and just forgot about. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Wish I could find some money. That would be more useful than the ammo!

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