Possible theft ???

My son, a 20 year Marine Recently died in NC. . His wife recently moved to WA. . I live in MI. . I inherited my son’s firearms, a picture his wife sent to me showed he had 20 loaded 30 rd magazines. Yet when the ammunition
(Packed loose in a box) arrived at my local FFL dealer and I brought it home and loaded the empty mags that had arrived in a different box, there was only enough ammo to fill 5-1/2 mags. In the box were 20 empty mags so I didn’t miscount. I suspect that someone along the way may have helped themselves to the ammunition. I estimate approximately 450 rds of ammo are missing. The Gunny out in WA. I consider above reproach. But what about the gun shop out in WA. ? They packed up everything & shipped it here to Michigan . What about the FFL dealer here in Michigan ? As for myself, I really don’t give a damn, I can always buy ammunition, but for some reason it grinds me that someone would steal from #1, my son but also #2 that someone would steal from a Marine who has passed but who also has served his country for 20 years.
Should I just let this go ? And try to remember all the good times I had with my son. Will I end up looking like a damn fool if I make inquiries ?
I welcome your opinions… maybe I AM a damn fool, so many things rolling around my head these days


First of all brother @Thomas109 I am sorry for the loss of your son and my condolences to you and your family. He died a hero because he served. I will keep you in my prayers. It is sad that someone would steal ammo from you which you inherited. IMHO I would leave it alone. The ammo can be replaced. Don’t hold anger or resentment because that is the root or all illnesses. God hates ugly and who ever did take it will have to pay. Don’t sweat it and be at peace.


Also think of this, Washington State laws are so whack now, I am not sure about the “High-Capacity magazine ban” in Washington State has and the ability to transfer or receiving any from or to any other state. I am glad you were able to get what you did get. As for missing ammo, I confer with Johnnyq60 anyone messing with a Marines Stuff will end up paying for it in the end. God loves our Marines! We make the grass grow green and God loves the color green!


I think that you should do what brings you closure. But I would call the local police in all of those jurisdictions and let them know that there is a largish amount of ammo missing.

My reasoning for that will sound strange, presuming your son was the last person to handle that ammo, his fingerprints will be all over them and if someone did something and shell casings were left behind with his prints on them. It will be easy to prove he has passed and his effects were inherited by you. That’s all pretty far fetched.

Now (to me) the most important part. Thank you for your son’s service.

Semper Fidelis


Sorry about your loss, always a sad thing to have one of yours pass before you. About the ammo: why bother, truly serves no purpose, people that would steal something as unimportant to them as ammo is unbelievably low. Let it ride.


Celebrate your sons life, he Served Honorably, You can be proud of him.

I doubt you get anywhere trying to find the ammo or proving who messed with it, that said, ‘just me’ I wouldn’t go back to that FFL ever again nor would I do business with the folks at the other end ever again.


The country owes you a debt of gratitude that will never be fully repaid.

We can all certainly understand your anger at what is essentially a desecration of your son’s memory.

I would probably never get over it, but no emotion will serve to bring your beloved son back.

If there are still people you love in your life, concentrate on showing them you love them in the time you have left.

If you decide you can’t let go of it, there has to be a paper trail showing a manifest of what was dropped off, what was sent, what was received, and what was given to you I would think. FFL’s are licensed by their respective states and must be accountable for their transactions. I would also have to believe the Gunny had paperwork for what he dropped off, although I don’t know all these details.
Just speculating here, but I would guess the weakest link in the chain would be the FedEX driver (or whatever) that took it out for delivery to the Mi. FFL., or when it was picked up at the initiating end. The weight of the package at the sending end would have been recorded. Check the tracking number.

Good luck should you decide to pursue, and please accept my condolences from a sad but grateful nation.


@Thomas109 I am sorry for the loss of your son and my condolences to you and your family.

Best advice I see is:

I would be curious enough to check the shipping documents for weight at the origin and at the end of the trip!


The thing that really grieves me is not that someone may have stole from
-me- but that someone would steal from someone that faithfully served his country and helped maintain our freedom for 20 years. Thank you for your kind thoughts :pray:


Thank you sir, I am following your advice :peace_symbol:


Thank you sir, I hadn’t thought of the fed-ex.


I’d like to take a moment to thank all who took the time to reply and give me some really good advice. Thanks to for your kind thoughts & prayers.
As my son would say…… Semper Fi !


Yeah the FFL’s business would dry up pretty quickly if they were stealing from the packages they had legal custody of. Shipping company drivers come and go, especially the unscrupulous ones. Lots of youtube videos showing the bad ones on surveillance cameras.