Surplus or Different Caliber Guns?

Watched this video. It’s fun. He recommends a bunch of old surplus guns. Do y’all have a gun that you can feed ammo that is not super hard to find?

I have more than a couple Milsurps mostly American (from 1898 to today I am missing 4 rifles and about that many hand guns) but some Axis and Allies. He is correct that a lot of the off cartridge ammo has not gone up in price but the original problem remains in FINDING it. Privi Partisan has been my go to for weird rounds and it’s fairly priced as far as box ammo goes and all the brass cased ammo is boxer primed so you can reload it. I have a tendency to buy a 100 rounds of “sporting” ammo for any new cartridge I acquire as well as reloading dies and a bag or two of cheap boolits and mebby a bag of brass if it’s cheap. It all goes into an ammo can with that cartridge’s label on it. I generally have SOMETHING I can use as powder if the need should arise. Primers are going for about $50.00 / 1K now and powder has gone up from $25 / lb to ~ $35 / lb. I still have bricks of primers and bottles of powder that have $12.95 stickers on them. I think there is only one gun I own that I don’t have 100+ rounds for and that is a Smith Carbine in 50 cal paper patch (ie: no brass) only because it is totally outside my wheel house as to how to make it. I might have to make that my new years resolution, hmmmmmm.




I used to have a 7.7 x 58 type 92 Arisaka that my uncle brought home after the War. He passed on and I got the rifle. Even back then finding ammo of a 7.7 was a pain and only Norma was selling it when I had the gun.

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