Are USCCA Members required or expected to support the Republican Party?

I’ve been growing increasingly concerned with the 2nd Amendment policies of the Trump Administration.

Specifically, I’ve been noticing a tendency for the current POTUS to endorse Red Flag Laws (aka ERPOs), in which he has advocated for the suspension of Due Process laws.

“Take the guns first, due process second.”

Historically, the current POTUS has registered as Democrat, and until the election cycle of 2008, the current POTUS was a registered Democrat, and was fully in support of extreme gun control laws.

Are USCCA Members expected to endorse the current gun control policies of the Trump Administration?


ah… some of the Democrats in the room are insulted by the current holder entitled “President of the United States” LOVE the OFFICE of the President: totally think Donald J Trump is a nitwit. It will take a decade to undo 90% of the harm done.


The USCCA doesn’t expect or dictate our political affiliations.

Trump is not going to endorse any RFL’s/Erpo’s that don’t put due process first so I wouldn’t be too concerned.


The USCCA isn’t a political organization. We hope people do their research and vote for the candidate that best fits their beliefs. :slight_smile:

I kind of think you might support the Second Amendment. :wink:


No what is this ? The 4th Reich? No you’re not required, I have seen one of our regular friends on here from Pennsylvania who said he leans Democrat, he’s a nice person but I haven’t seen him on here lately. I also think Pres. Trump’s daughter is calling Senators lobbying for support for Red Flag Laws implementation. Hopefully she’ll get blown off but you can vote how you wish.


I absolutely do support the 2nd Amendment.

I voted for Donald Trump, even though he has proved to be a disappointment.

I created this topic because it is highly political, and I was genuinely curious.


The only thing the USCCA expects and/or requires of us is to be responsible gun owners. Period.


My primary concern was political, which this thread seems to be concerned with.

I think I’ll withhold any additional comments and observe what infringements upon the 2nd Amendment that the Trump Administration may or may not make before I make another statement.


I am socially liberal, but the Second and First Amendment are important to me. I cannot ignore the social agenda of someone just to vote them because they are pro gun or pro 2A, but I also cannot just vote for someone who checks all the boxes for civil rights, non discrimination, bodily autonomy, and such, who want to take away my second amendment rights. I too, have become more mute, to the echoes and reverberations of ad hominem, over generalizations, and blind following that seems to repeat in chorus a plenty. Tyranny of majority I will say, does not make a thing right.


I’m not particularly supportive of the Republican Party (or the NRA) as I see them as establishment “swamp monsters”, that said with our current two system party you are pretty much left with and “All in or out” vote. Laws are passed with a 50%+1 vote or a “60 vote majority” which is a crappy way to run the world but it is what it is.

FWIW, I like Trump, he plays “Star Trek Chess” while the media is playing checkers. I happen to think that his “Tweets” and off the cuff public statements are meant to inflame or distract the news media as needed. His actual “acts” are fairly well thought out and well grounded even if they contradictory to the establishment conventional wisdom. I think the news media has not figured him out yet and are so focused on deriding him that they miss the obvious fact that he is playing them like a fiddle.

He uses tweets like “flash bang’s”, toss one waaayyyy over there and the news gloms on like its the whole world and he walks off in another direction to actually do something. Then he comes back to the flash bang and tosses another one pointing out why the first one was correct after the news has shot it’s wad calling him racist/bigot/homophobe/etc. . Baltimore is a fit example of this, and unless I miss my guess he put Cummings on notice and by proxy Pelosi who represents the trash dump that is San Francisco.

Current politics is that you may have to “Hold your nose” and vote for Trump/Republicans but I’m thinking that is better than “Swallowing” for Biden/Democrats. JMHO and worth what you paid for it.




I think that goes on both sides of the aisle, @Hailey.

You’re the embodiment of the example I use when I’m talking with someone who is adamant it is “all those liberals trying to take our guns away.”

Self-defense isn’t a liberal or a conservative thing. It’s a personal thing - for every individual.

Glad to have you here.


I think you should change that some and maybe help start a Grass Roots effort that
A) Shows the economic spending power of pro 2A
B) Prominently displays that article you guys did from an academic research paper on " Concealed Carry: Truth or Fiction.
C) Shows what a candidates true voting record is concerning Constitutional issues truly is.


USCCA is not a political organization. The reality is whether someone is “red” or “blue” is not definitive of their position on the second amendment or firearms in general. That said, what we hear from the media clowns is that all blues are gun grabbing heroes and all reds are baby killer bigots. I vote on the issues, plain and simple. I also educate myself and the candidates’ positions on the issues that are important to me.


I have noticed the same pattern as well on Capitol Hill and in the NRA’s leadership, that’s why I let my NRA membership expire. I still support the GOP, the NRA and those on the opposite side of the aisle who actually believe in the constitution and are willing to uphold it. I asked a similar question on Quora, a public forum for questions, many months ago and was advised to choose my own path. With suggestions that included the USCCA and the GOA as alternatives to the NRA.


The reality is that neither the GOA or USCCA are “alternatives” to the NRA, they are complimentary and the NRA has more political power than all of the other 2nd Amendment advocates combined.


When voting on issues, I believe everyone must prioritize issues because you may support one candidate’s views on one issue but not other issues. For me, freedom and the second amendment is the most important issue because so many other things stem from that. In this current climate, I cannot support any Democrat because of the national party’s views on 2A. Even support for a local Democrat trickles up to the national entity. I’m not a huge Trump supporter or apologist even his worst 2A actions so far are not as bad as what the crop of Democrats running for POTUS are promising.


USCCA isnt political, until it comes down to anything left of liberal, even if they support the 2nd amendment. See their response to the Socialist Rifle Association lol

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While I agree with the personal thing, when a group is advocating taking away my ability to defend myself then it is a group thing. While the GOP isn’t as strong as it should be on our right to own/carry a gun it is the socialist dim party, AS A WHOLE, that wants to totally strip our rights away. IF there is a dim that is truthfully a supporter of the 2nd I could consider a vote for it but there is no such thing. Same goes for the dims and the 1st, they give lip service but when it comes down to it they support silencing anyone that disagrees with them.
The GOP is pretty much split on supporting the 2nd and none of them have called for keeping the socialist from speaking their minds.
Can’t vote for ANY dim. Anyone that does is supporting the destruction of the country as I have known it for 70 years.


I thought it was hoped & expected that each of us was a safe & responsible gun owner. Each with their own preferences, histories, goals, wants and needs. Individuals who are unique yet have made their way here for whatever reason.


President Trump has done more for this country with both hands tied behind his back than any other president in my lifetime, and probably before. I have to admit he doesn’t always get ALL that he wants but he is being assaulted from all sides by the socialists. My wife is from a socialist/communist country (Cuba). My niece is from a socialist/communist country (Bolivia) so I know first hand what socialism/communism is. The previous administration provided automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels that were used against U.S. Law Enforcement. As much as I respect our President, I don’t think he is smart enough to do the damage the others have done to our country. Also, party doesn’t seem to matter. He is a lone wolf fighting for survival. I pray for him daily. (My humble opinion)