Non Trump supporting gun owners

While every thread has the potential of being an echo chamber, I didn’t want to show discord to the happiness that seemed to go on with the bonding in a related thread. So I was still curious, are there those here who do not count themselves among the Trump supporting, OANN swearing, second amendment supporters and gun owners? I’m a veteran. I’m married and have a family. I just, disagree with all the claims made in the related thread, about our man under impeachment. So, anyone else out here? Don’t need to be bashing or spiteful, just, raise a hand.


I’m not a Trump supporter. Not a hater nor do I bash him and/or those who choose to support him.


Thanks for speaking up @TX_M, I really appreciate it. I hope you’re having a good friday.

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I’ve never been a Trump fan even before he ran. However I think in today’s climate he’s the only one who can handle the heat. And at the end of the day, so long as the laws and constitution are followed I will respect the offices our elected representatives hold.


I support him, as the elected President. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says. He was the lesser of two evils. I will support, the politicians that represent ME. As I said in another thread(slightly amended here) right wing, left wing, all attached to the same buzzard. @Hailey, you are entitled to your views, as are we all, without degenerating to name calling, and being hateful. That’s the nice thing about this community. We do a pretty good job of showing respect to one another, and others that aren’t even part of our community.


Thanks for speaking up @Sheepdog556, it’s appreciated.


Thanks for inputting @45IPAC, I do appreciate it. I can’t say that a related thread felt respectful of views that didn’t align with their own, that was the impetus for asking if others were not such supporters, and would speak up. That being said, speak up, input please, just, whichever view you hold, please leave this thread free of fearmongering and such. I know I’m trying to do the same. If I make a mistake, please, kindly point it out. Thank you again @45IPAC


Thank you @Hailey. And, if I haven’t said it directly to you before, thank you for your service.


I’ll agree with this. Most people here want to just live and let live.

The other threads I’ve noticed started out divisive you took a different approach and I’m sure will see different results.

Thanks for not being afraid to start the conversation.


I do not support, appreciate, nor feel Mr. Trump has any redeeming characteristics. We made a terrible mistake that our Country would be better off correcting sooner than later. The real damage is being done not just by Trump, but the criminals and fools who have been allowed into positions of National Responsibility they are neither qualified for nor capable of managing in the interest of The People.

I know this left me in a position of difficulty regarding easy conservation of the Second Ammedment. That said, there are other equally significant principles which classified DJT unsuitable for the Office of President of These United States.


Thanks for speaking up @CHRIS4. For myself I have to look at things and be more than a one issue voter, like some of the things you mentioned. I appreciate you adding your voice.

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I could not have said it better man. :v:t5:


I try to be objective as I can when it comes to politicians and politics. I voted for President Trump (but not in the primaries)…I also voted for President Obama his first term.

I support President Trump in a lot of his ideas/endeavors…e.g. America first…darn straight…

However there are also many ideas/endeavors and behaviors that I absolutely do not support and feel diminish the office of the President…e.g. various personal attack tweets, failing to listen to experts he appoints to various positions…

I think I stated in another thread that the election of President Trump brought to light without a doubt the mainstream media (that all of them are biased and have political agendas). If it weren’t for them going to the point of running with “made up” stories and spinning everything against him, I think I would actually be a lot more displeased with President Trump (as he’s done plenty to shoot himself in the foot).

One thing I do like about President Trump is how he pushes back against the media spin, but the problem is that he doesn’t seem to have any filter or limit and that’s caused an escalation of words/behaviors on both sides.

One thing I really cannot stand about President Trump is his “alternate facts”…just tell the truth sir!!

I think President Trump (or his campaign/administration) has probably done some shady things…but nothing “illegal” and nothing more than the shady things done by past administrations……I think the whole impeachment thing is a farce and nothing more than a political ploy by the Democrats.

There are a few key issues that I care about and I support whatever candidate checks the box against most of those. So far President Trump is the candidate checking the majority of those boxes, so it doesn’t leave me with a lot of other choices.


Thank you too @JamesR for your thoughts here, I appreciate that you could include them.


I will agree with this here. I just want to be left alone. You do you and I will do me. That’s pretty much my views on everything except our military service’s and the Constitution.


I am acquainted with a few people who are gun owners and solid 2A supporters but do not support President Trump, even though some of them voted for him. They didn’t so much vote for him as vote against his opponents.

I, myself, an not a big fan. That being said, for the most part his policy actions haven’t been so bad. This is really a case of respecting the office, or not the man. Problem is, the possible opponents in the next election are no better then those in the last one, and that’s before considering the fact that I no longer have any faith, and damned little hope, in the Democratic Party.

Stick to your convictions, Hailey. They are the essence of free will and self determination. Whether or not I or anyone else agrees with you is irrelevant. You be you.


Hello Hailey. Glad you asked. I am a supporter of President Trump but I understand that about half of American isnt. Just to be fair, half of America didn’t think to much of the previous guy. For me it’s much more about supporting the party that offers the greatest chance of preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In the current political climate we see one side actively suppressing freedom of speech (1A), firearms ownership (2A), due process (5A), equal protection under the law (14A)…and the list goes on.

Some will vote for the Democrats knowing all this. It’s called cognitive dissonance. As for me I’ll vote for the party that best preserves the Constitution.


James you make some good points. Speaking about the impeachment farce, I predict that the dems will never send it to the Senate. it’s way to risky for them since the Republicans will be able to call witnesses including both Bidens, the CIA agent whistleblower, and other nefarious individuals who have to date been shielded by comrade Schiff.

Even if they do draft articles of impeachment they are unlikely to send them to the Senate. Instead, they will use them to continue this political sham.


Agreed, the object of this is not impeachment…it continued political embarrassment and distraction. Not a bad strategy…….except that it discredits the entire process.


Trump supporters love to bash me when I point out the anti gun things trump has done and has said. I predicted Trump would be flexible with our gun rights and I was correct, I wish I wasn’t, but I was.

Trump is not all bad. Infact he’s done alot of good. But he’s not the advocate for freedom he says he is.