Why do You Vote Democrat?

Serious question for you “2A” democrats who vote for those who hate the 2A?

Why? Its like shooting yourself in the foot.


Elza1 The wording of your questions is not likely to get many responses from the people it is directed at, but I’ll give it a try.

I vote democrat. I’m not a single issue voter and Democrats speak to more of my concerns than Republicans.

I don’t hate the 2nd Amendment. I do dislike the tormented logic applied to it to justify things I don’t believe the Founders intended it to justify.

I don’t view policies that no responsible law abiding gun owner should fear if it helps keep our community safer as shooting anyone in the foot.


What policies (seems we are referring to gun control here) are you referring to that are proven to keep our community safer?


}cough}common sense Gun laws{cough}


I think @Crockett nailed it. There are more issues in politics than just gun control.
I think part of the problem is our 2-party system. One side takes a bunch of positions, and the other side is determined to oppose them on every issue. No matter who I vote for, I’m getting something I don’t want.

Also don’t forget that there are some reluctant firearm owners who would be happy to abolish the 2nd Amendment and trade their guns in for rainbows and unicorns. They probably drive the grumpy old farts on this forum crazy, but I think the USCCA is a good place for anyone who owns a firearm, even if they aren’t in love with the idea.


I remember when BOTH parties cared about America (that ended with Kennedy).

I continue to be amazed at how people can look at what’s happening and think the democrat way is the right way. If the democrats were to succeed with their wish list… we will be disarmed and be turned into slaves-- not “free-er” citizens.


WOW!!! (Shaking my head).

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For the record, I oppose gun control.
But the question was why some people here would vote Democrat. Two quick answers are:

  1. They’re voting for a different issue(s) besides 2A
  2. They aren’t big 2A advocates, anyway.

Probably more complex than that, but I’d wager that covers a lot of ground.


Welcome to the Community @Crockett.


A lot of “gun owners” and carriers support a lot of gun control laws. That’s one answer.

A lot of gun owners and carriers care more about other issues. That’s another answer.


I think we get a skewed sense of reality on this forum. There are so many grumpy old men sitting with crossed arms on their front porch complaining about their grandkids’ loud music, that it seems like that’s how the world is. But walking around my neighborhood, there aren’t that many people who sit around and obsess about politics and guns. There are a few red a-holes and a few blue a-holes, but most of us are just trying to pay the bills.


I’ll try to keep this as civil as possible!
What exactly are those wonderful democratic concerns and how do they help the American way of life?

I’d really like a qualified answer to how pro murder, pro rape, pro violence, pro child pornography, pro drug use, pro invasions, pro tax to death, pro destruction of energy independence, pro communism, pro socialism, pro lie to our faces, pro sexual mutilation, pro surrender of serviceman and women, pro aiding and abetting all our enemies in general, when, exactly, did the Democratic Party become the worlds a$$ kissers?
Are these the concerns in the voting booth?
Today I think I’ll vote for the destruction of a city, tear down a few statues, maybe I’ll vote to have people freeze to death so they will understand my views on CLIMATE CHANGE, is this the logic? That’s no better than the creep tossing oil or soup or flour on priceless works of at, that’s not democratic that’s outright domestic terrorism!


I sincerely believe that this administration and its followers are determined each morning they wake up and breathe my air, are willing and able to thoroughly decimate our cherished way of life. On a daily basis democrats are willing to endanger society to free all that are in prison and actively condone violence. Then lie about it.

Sorry but my concerns in the voting booth are the right to establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of LIBERTY to OURSELVES and our posterity!
The last DEMOCRAT to hold office was Kennedy


I spoke to my neighbors yesterday and it’s impossible to pay the bills when they tie your hands behind your back and tape your mouth shut. It may not look like China, but democrats have learned the subtleties of crushing the modern American blue collar family to death.
They’ve doubled the price of everything and on national TV, tell us to eat Chef Boyardee. I think I’ve heard this before, “let’em eat cake”! Think her name was Marie or something!


Indeed. There’s a pretty good graphic out there (I will try to find it) showing how bipartison cooperation has dwindled over the past decades. I think Elon summed it up well when he replied to those suddenly “hating” him by saying “…my beliefs have not changed, but you have slid so far left…” I’m paraphrasing from my poor memory but it was something along those lines. I feel the same. My stance on political beliefs have not changed but what we call progressives today has. I’m all for progress but most of the social engineering today is not progress, it’s creating coveted victim classes seeking special protections and restorations for all kind of of-the-wall “things”.


Thanks. Happy to be here. Looking forward to learning and to meaningful exchanges of ideas.


And there are definitely other single-issue voters out there. Abortion is a good example. For some it’s just more important than anything else.


There’s another curiosity, too. A lot of folks just root for their team. Republicans and Democrats both do this. It goes back to that problem of only having to sides to pick from, but once you find yourself aligned with one party or another, you’ll be tempted to see everything from their point of view.

It’s like a controversial call in a football game, where the fans of the different teams have wildly different views about what happened, even though they’re all watching the same instant replay. In politics, this has only gotten worse with the internet, because folks can find whatever they want to feed their confirmation bias, and they can isolate themselves in little internet echo chambers where they won’t have their opinions challenged by anyone who has a different perspective. (That happens on the USCCA forum, too.)


I’m not saying this to be difficult or just for sarcasm, but I honestly do not know of a single thing Democrats push for or represent that would make most Americans lives better or make America a better place! If you know of something that Dems want to do that makes the majority of Americans lives better please enlighten me!


+1. The democrats of old (up to JFK) are FAR from being the dems of today. Yesterday’s dems could at least work across the aisle.

On a side note, McConnell’s about to screw his base again. The government votes on December 17th to fund the government for another year. Typically this bill is over 1200 pages long (Remember Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” comment?) and congress is champing at the bit to adjourn for the holidays. I see no reason AT ALL why the upcoming bill (to fund the government or shut it down) should even be considered for an omnibus (Complete funding) bill. McConnell is pushing for the omnibus option while Pelosi is still speaker of the house, instead of pushing for a continuing resolution, which would fund the government temporarily until January’s republican majority controls the house. The budget money would then be under republican control. There is no bigger RINO than Mitch, and he should be tarred & feathered for his backstabbing. More delicious pork for the dems.


I know everyone wants to pick on Democrats in this topic, but I don’t care much for Republicans, either. I’ve never understood why calling someone a “RINO” is considered an insult. I’ve never thought of being a party-line politician as an achievement.