Interesting POV about Gun Control


I have not met one Leftist 2A supporter who will not still vote for those trying to take our rights away. One would think that it would be a vote for those who want to preserve our God given rights.


I can’t do videos but if the point is that passing anti gun laws will motivate more pro self defense people to vote for Republicans then I would definitely agree.

In my personal experience there is only a very small core of Democratic voters who are truly motivated to vote for gun control. The anti self defense media and politicians are having to spend a whole lot of time and energy trying to convince everyone else that passing anti gun laws will do anything to stop violence.

Some of the same arguments can be applied to anti abortion laws. They are far more likely to motivate voters on the left and center and even some female voters on the right to vote Democrat. And almost as unlikely to stop abortions as anti gun laws are to stop other forms of murder.

Will be interesting to see which cause motivates the most people in November.


Interesting video, and I agree that trying to refocus the problems with the Country to a look at gun control will not work out well for the Democrats. I also believe that instead of aiming at taking rights away from people they should be looking at the real problems. One being a lack of mental health initiatives. Many of the problems with crime don’t stem from a lack of laws but rather a lack of the Politian’s will to have them enforced.


I’ve seen it before one party get’s creamed, lest we forget the tea party win, the other party takes control, house, senate, White House. Then nothing happens, remember Obama Care. The Repubs had the White House Senate and House of Representatives and they didn’t even try to get rid of it. I’m all for the Right taking control, the problem is they won’t take control. They’ll get in and the first thing they’ll do is start working on, yep, you guested it, Re-Election.


yup, and nationwide reciprocity and no-stamp silencers that we thought were a sure thing…well, you nailed it.