Dist far and wide: Why good people should be armed

She will rock your world and provide you the ammo you need to discuss with those who oppose us.


I believe only a small portion of the people are anti- gun because they want to be tyrants. I think most are either fearful or deceive.


Why good people should be armed! Two reasons…

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The anti-2nd amendment crowd are all of your claims. Fearful, deceitful and tyrants.


Love opposes them all.

Funny, I’m more concerned about the psychos from the other side of the aisle who can’t seem to stop themselves from opening fire on innocent people.

I remember when Obama was gonna take my guns, too. I also remember when killer bees were poised to spread from South America and spread accross the entire US, spreading untold misery. And let’s not forget the Y2K non-event. Talk about alarmist BS.

I know Democrats with guns, I know Republicans with guns. But those I know who have the most, and by far the coolest guns, refuse to align themselves with either clown car of self- righteous, sociopathic liars.


So my take away is the obfuscation the media applied (killer bees, Y2k, Obama/Clinton/Biden gun confiscation) has been successful at getting you to sit on the sidelines and watch.


Regarding “the psychos from the other side of the aisle”, my post has nothing to say or do about people who choose to break the law and harm other people. In fact, my post, via the attached vid provides you information, should you choose to use it, to counter any arguments from just one side of the “self-righteous, sociopathic liars”.

I’ve never been one to sit on the sidelines of an issue that directly affects me.

The amount of legislation that has passed that directly affects me, tells me if I were sit on the side line, the MSM mantra of they are coming for my guns, will in fact happen.

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Dude, check the post again…i wasn’t even replying to you.

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The best of the best liars on the planet!
In addition they all exhibit the following traits of Antisocial personality disorders…

I should have clarified my position earlier!
The legacy of what they are going to leave behind, will kill our grandchildren!

Symptoms of the disorder!

  • exploit, manipulate or violate the rights of others
  • lack concern, regret or remorse about other people’s distress
  • behave irresponsibly and show disregard for normal social behaviour
  • have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships
  • be unable to control their anger
  • lack guilt, or not learn from their mistakes
  • blame others for problems in their lives
  • repeatedly break the law

Edited to reflect climate change behavior! These are for children!

Anymore questions?


You forgot at least 2, in my opinion:

  • exhibit boundless amounts of incompetence in the performance of their positions.
  • Repeatedly demonstrate a complete lack of qualifications for positions they currently hold.

Why good people should be armed, because instead of a “border czar” we have the honor of having a “TOILET CZAR” !
Sleep tight America! You want the TRUTH, you got it!
You won’t understand it, but you get what you pay for!


A TOILET CZAR let that sink in!


The Democrats I know with guns don’t practice or use them. They just have them. The Republicans I know with guns practice and will use them - that’s been proven to me over the course of time. The guys I know with the coolest guns are hard-core kick-ass individuals. They don’t trust anyone - why should they? Wearing a t-shirt that sez “Strap-up” means poop to me. Especially in a Barnes & Nobles.


sorry for any confusion. the presentation on the web isn’t clear (to me) replies directed a specific posters. I see now in the upper right of your post, it was meant for @Scott52

sincerest apologies