Alabama Representative Says Concealed Carriers Have ‘Mental Problems’

Beth points out something people seem to be worrying about with Constitutional Carry:

17 other states have already passed, including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma (effective November 1, 2019), South Dakota (effective July 1, 2019), Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and the latest addition, Kentucky. (Side note: These 17 states have not descended into chaos and disorder or turned into the “Wild West.”)

What are your thoughts?

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Any elected official that is looking to manipulate, hinder, or take away the rights of law abiding citizens should be stripped of their position immediately. As for these officials who want to scare the public with reckless rhetoric like this understand that they do it behind a wall of security and that wall is armed with the very guns they claim are destroying America. They only look at the gun as being the problem when all evidence points another direction. It seems in the last year maybe more they really have finally just came out said it. They want them, all of them. It has nothing to do with guns it has everything to do with control.

PS. Not a single law they’ve passed or tried to pass would have prevented a single shooting. NOT ONE


I’m in Alabama, though originally from Tennessee, and I would say some of our Reps are the ones with mental problems.

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When a violent act is committed, with any other thing than a gun, we blame the offender. When they use a gun, OMG, WE’VE GOT A GUN PROBLEM! Criminals, don’t care if they have a valid permit, when they choose to use a gun to commit a crime. It sounds clichéd, but, if gun owners were as crazy and violent as the anti-2A crowd says we are, there wouldn’t be any anti-2A crowd anymore. The vast majority of people who carry a gun, look to avoid conflict, and try to de-escalate tense situations. We carry a gun, and a heavy burden, that we might possibly end the life of another human being to defend ourselves and others. That is no small thing to undertake.

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When my state of New Hampshire passed SB 12 enacting “Constitutional Carry” in 2017 there was no increase in gun violence. In fact, I rarely hear of a shooting reported on the news. In a year I could probably count them on one hand.

My neighbor to the south, Massachusetts, is another story altogether. Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and rarely does a day go by where there isn’t a report on the morning news about another shooting.

Responsible gun owners aren’t the ones with he “mental problems”. I believe that moniker belongs with the legislators who don’t look at the data and have knee jerk reactions that cause them to propose new anti-gun laws that have no chance of solving the problem.

It’s been said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.


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I wish and desire for all of FLORIDA would fall into place too; correctly and honorably .
This state has more issues with crime and we have several prisons more than most states.
I worry how our police and sheriffs feel? Our sheriff in this county wants all law abiding
people to carry daily. that is positive!

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The questionable mental prowess that should be in question here is the Representatives.

And we also know (Arizona) Congresswoman (Gabby) Giffords was actually shot during that time, during a demonstration.

It wasn’t a demonstration. It was up to that point just everyone having a pleasant day while Giffords made a public appearance.

It’s always curious to me when those who live behind walls in gated communities or other upscale heavily guarded neighborhoods and compounds, provided at taxpayer expense with armed security everywhere they go call law abiding gun owners mentally unbalanced for simply wanting to provide their own personal security at their own expense.

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One fo my favorite quotes (it’s from Albert Einstein) and a mantra that I try to live by.


Whenever something bad happens you can count on some officious “knows what’s best for you better than you do” government official running right out to punish the uninvolved.
The mental problem with many elected officials is they’re snobs. They think there’re smarter than us, know better than us, are saner than us, more mature than us. They think they have righter answers than us.
They think they know better than we do about what’s good for us.
They think because they’re better than us, they are entitled to protect us from ourselves by enforcing rules that are for our own good.
It is that elitist opinion they hold of themselves that makes them feel entitled to make decisions based on what they believe is better for us.
That better-than-you core belief is the root of the mental defect that scares me most.
It is the foundation of why they don’t trust “us” to be rational adults when armed… it’s why they think we’ll just all run around shooting people because we have a gun without a permission slip from some “wiser” entity like a government official.
They do not trust us, and they think they know better than we do.

The thing I fear most in life is someone who thinks they know what’s good for me better than I do, and who has the weight of government behind them to allow them to force their decisions on me.

Hey @JKetchem… hows my tin hat looking?


Worse, the APA and American Phsyciatric Association along with the AMA have been coopted and corrupted by extremely leftwing political activists.

Imagine living in a state that requires you to show cause and good mental health to get a gun permit or permit to carry. You go then to the state approved “mental health professional” for your interview. You tell the “doc” that your ex is out to get you or that because you work in a high crime neighborhood you fear for your own safety.

What are the odds they don’t look for an excuse using your own, honest answers to their questions to not only deny you the permit but that they will then flag you as “mentally incompetent” preventing you from legally possessing firearms at all?

It’s not a question of how whether or not it would happen, only the degree of prevalence.

Just look at other forums where lawful carry and even ownership are discussed and look at how we are bombarded with accusations we’re all “living in fear”, or “paranoid” for thinking we should be allowed to carry for our own personal protection or even to keep firearms at home or in our businesses for the same reasons.

Those attitudes are epidemic with democrats today.

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Nope, not imagining that… it would raise my blood pressure far too much.
But its reasons like that behind why I live in Missouri.
This is part of why the red flag laws are so scary.

To quote a local Missouri sheriff, “here in Missouri we don’t think it’s odd if you arm yourself if you’re scared”

And it’s only paranoia until it turns out to be prudence.

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Those are exactly the types of gun control reforms that are becoming the basis of the democratic platform for 2020 along with national registration and sweeping new bans on “assault weapons” and high capacity magaiznes with the intial target being to completely ban semi autos within a decade before we see the next sweeping round of infringements.

Until they think they have close to majority support for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment they plan to keep chipping away at it in the name of “Gun Safety Legislation” which of course has nothing to do with gun safety at all, and “sensible regulations on weapons of war”.

It reminds me of a film I watched back in the sixties about preserving our hunting heritage. They showed us a world where in a few decades you’d still be “allowed” to hunt, but you’d only have one day to do it, be required to sit or stand in a designated one yard area and a game warden would accompany each hunter and hand you only one round for your single shot rifle when the deer stepped out into one very specific location.

Sounded preposterous at the time to most but indeed that’s the direction they want to take us.

So far they haven’t gone back to promoting outright bans on hunting because they know it’s a loser position but don’t kid yourself about the eventual goals of the left.

It’s all about eventually disarming us and absolute control over people, not just control over our access to firearms. They can’t get to the second without first accomplishing the former.


*bows to the queen *


Like i said earlier. Democrat->liberal->politician

I’m going to disagree with you on this one - it is not a Liberal/Democrat thing. Just because the guy who said it was a Democrat that does not mean that everyone who is liberal or democratic agree with his position.

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I think we’re agreeing. In 1979 30% of NRA members considered themselves Democrats. But democrats who are 2A and vote fir politicians who are not is an oxymoron. Please name a democratic billionaire or democratic politician who favors the 2A

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Joe Manchin. West Virginia

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Past Tense. He’s now supporting such things as red flag laws and universal background checks.

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Not all democrats are anti 2d Amendment, however, it is clearly a platform issue for almost every democrat who has been running for office, especially the hoards of gun banners running for President.


That is a great point.

I truly wonder how many individual people who vote Democratic are actually anti-Second Amendment? I don’t know anyone who votes on only one issue and there are other hot-button issues that rank higher for some.

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