What is the biggest issue facing gun owners today?


There are a lot of issues facing gun owners today. Background checks, magazine limits, ammunition limits, only certain guns approved for purchase, misinformation, different laws in different states (sometimes even counties), the list goes on.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing gun owners today?
There is no wrong answer.

Follow up question - what can you do to help fix the issue?


Those who clamor for gun control thinking it’ll control the criminal populace from committing terror attacks and mass shootings. All the while being spurred on by the Democratic Socialists who would like nothing more than to see the United States Constitution disappear.


Ignorance of those that believe the act of owning a firearm somehow means you have criminal intent.


This is a great, yet controversial question, there are many challenges for us, I think that the fact that people don’t know what they’re talking about I’d a big one, Example; This 9mm, .223 full auto, semi automatic assault rifle, that’s capable of firing 600,000 rounds a second with a 30 round magazine clip, is made only for killing people and is accurate out to 2000 yards and is fully automatic. This mentality has to stop. I know some folks will disagree with me, but I feel we should have nation wide gun laws, Massachusetts law is strict, but fair, it takes a lot to get your LTC here, but they don’t make it impossible, or even difficult, you have to take a safety course and qualify, and you have to be in good standing with the police, no felonies or violent crime, or restraining orders. I feel that “Gun free zones” are no different than the kill floor at a slaughter house. Even though I believe in common nation wide rules, I by no means think that this will solve any or the issues that we face with mass shooters, the left are going after the wrong people, and they feel good about it. It’s a shame.


this one is so true, but the left doesn’t want to acknowledge this as any kind of a reality, it doesn’t fit their agenda…


I do disagree with you a bit, Steve. Places like Mass and NY are liberal states that are doing their best to make it almost impossible for you to conceal carry.
All states have the same rules for CCWs usually. The issues I have with states like those is that they have such strict gun laws that you can hardly do anything. Honestly, I believe that all 50 states should be Constitutional Carry with the NFA disbanded and the government only doing background checks on people getting guns. That’s it. And the states with the strictest of gun laws should loosen up theirs a bit to match some of the more freedom loving states such as Alabama or NH.


That’s cool Luke, we all see things a bit different from time to time, the thing I don’t like about what Massachusetts has done is Healy banning the sale of AR-15s, she did this at night and it wasn’t on the up and up, so she changed it to gun stores, so we can buy and sell if it’s a personal sale. I’ve never had a hard time getting my lic renewed, and I find their system to be pretty fair. Like I said, this won’t by any means do anything to stop mass shooters from their agenda. They’re going after the wrong folks, we have gun laws, and they have worked for many years, yet somewhere down the road, we got very relaxed on enforcing the laws, just my personal opinion, I may be very wrong, but this is what I’ve noticed over the years.



I think everyone has some very good issues here.

I live in New Jersey (for now) and the laws here are so strict that sometimes I feel like I live in a Jail Cell or a Prison Camp. I think the biggest problem, which encompasses all of what you listed above, is the Democrats trying to impose crazy laws against the legal gun owner that has NO effect on the criminals who get their guns on the street illegally and not in a gun shop.

As for magazine limits, it only hurts the law abiding citizen who has to defend him or herself from a criminal who has a 30 mag cartridge or a drum magazine. It is totally unfair!

I own two Glocks and an AR15 of which I only shoot on a range with. Just because you own an AR15 or some other kind of assault weapon does not make you a criminal nor does it mean you will do something wrong with it. I served in the US Navy from 1980-84 and I trained on the 45 auto and an M16. One day I would like to try and get into competitions with these skills.

Ashamedly, I have been a Democrat for most of my life, even though I have voted Republican a lot, and now I am sick of what the Democrats are trying to do to us law abiding gun owners and my wife and I have made the decision to register as Republican this coming week.

To help fix this, as @Dawn asked, would be to join organizations that help the gun owner and shooting enthusiasts like the NRA, NJ2AS (NJ Second Amendment Society) and there are others. Fund them when you can and call your congressmen and congresswomen and governors to tell them what you think and ask them politely to vote in favor of the law abiding gun owner.


Ignorance I think is the plague right now. Politicians make laws out of there own ignorance, and the masses don’t challenge them. We even have ignorance among gun owners. Those so affectionately known as “Fudds” only believe in the right to huva “hunting” guns. They deny the fact that the founding fathers had just fought a war against tyranny, with “military style” weapons owned by private citizens, and they sought to make sure that We the People would forever have the same right to defend our life, and liberty the way they did.


Honestly, any of the over 20,000 laws currently on the books nationwide. They can’t even enforce those laws now yet they are constantly making new ones. Everyone of those laws are made for one simple purpose, to disarm the law abiding citizenry. Which we all are more than aware is their ultimate goal. Simply put, “Shall not be infringed” is infringed upon with each new piece of legislation passed restricting law abiding citizens. With all that is going on legislatively, it’s extremely hard to point to any single thing or even a few things. I guess the “hot” one now is the so called “red flag laws” which we all know is just a back door to gun confiscation.


As a matter of fact that reminds me that I’m going to write my representative with the idea of at least repealing the federal age limit to buy handguns. Once you’re 18 you’re legally an adult in the eyes of the government. Thus by saying you have to wait till you’re 21 is infringing upon my 2A rights. So I’m gonna write her and propose a bill to make it so you can buy any gun at 18. And I will mention seeing about repealing the NFA as well. I pray that I make some headway with her. She’s a Republican conservative who’s all for the Second Amendment. I pray to God that she’ll see reason and try to go with my idea.


Red flag laws and firearm confiscation without due process. It’s being introduced everywhere!


You all make great points!

Personally, I would go so far to say that the issue isn’t limited to one political party at this point. :frowning:

Here’s a great way to find your representatives and their contact information:

Here’s a link to find your Congress person:

Here’s a link to the records from Congress:

As the old Saturday morning adage used to say - the more you know…


I think the biggest issue is ignorance. If you look at mass shootings almost every single person was on a mind altering prescription drug. I do think some of these shootings could have been avoided. I think lack of education on those carrying is another issue. For instance:

That was 20 minutes from me. I know we all have the right to bear arms and Missouri is a constitutional carry state but, the guy should have known the law. Another guy was shot and killed in BAR, where you are not supposed to be carrying, and the guy died. These stories are pert of why the gun grabbers are so amendment on taking our guns. To say it is a Democrat thing is just ridiculous. The county I live in has been liberal forever but they are not the pink hat wearing liberals you see today, they are the old school , God fearing, gun loving, pro life Democrats of yesteryear. In fact, because of the parties changing so drastically, most politicians have flipped and became Republicans but the people still call themselves Democrats. They are just very conservative Democrats. I think it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for all and with rights comes responsibility and we all need to step up and educate and advocate and be the most responsible gun owners we can be. Not to point fingers or place blame, but if you look at the school shootings, things could have been done but things were overlooked. We as parents and gun owners can not ignore or overlook. We need to lead by example. That is the biggest reason I have USCCA, I feel it is the responsible thing to do if you are going to carry because the continued education is worth the cost and they say you are a product of your training.


Ingornace and fear being a close second.

I say ignorance because the anti gun people have no idea what they are against. They listen to whoever is on TV saying guns are bad and that they won’t be safe till only the government has them. They don’t educate themselves on crime rate in correlation to gun ownership. They know absolutely nothing about current gun laws and restrictions and that more legislation does absolutely nothing to make them safer. Which is why fear is a close second. They allow people keep them scared of their ignorance and then they vote with emotions vs logic and emotions are easy to manipulate.


Wrote my response then read yours. Wouldve saved me time to just agree with you.


Luke, when I was 14, I got my FID card, because I was a boy scout and got the merit badge for marksmanship (I think that’s what they called it), the. When I was 18, I got my pistol permit for target and sporting, the second I turned 21, I upgraded to all lawful purposes, and have had that ever since, getting my pistol permit consisted of filling out an application (nothing like today’s app) and talking to the chief of police for a few minutes, that was it, so I’ve been licensed for about 40 years now. Point being, it use to be 18 for a pistol permit, now you can’t even get an FID card until your 18. Back in the 70s, we didn’t have the issues that we have now, people were different back then.

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I am more afraid of doctors than I am a gun.


Dentists too! :tooth: