Is your state following VA's lead?

The gun legislation that is being discussed in Virginia is starting to seep into other states. Some representatives in Indiana are also proposing new gun laws (both good and bad).

What gun laws are your state representatives proposing?


None, thank God!

My heart goes out for those effected and should they be reminded there are people who has their back.

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A bunch of these showed up on the “prefiled” list in MO… and the dominant R party is vowing not a one of them will see the light of day. Party line is “nothing gets out of committee”. I’m pestering everyone anyway, just in case they think we’re not paying attention.

Missouri Proposed Gun Laws for 2020 - The Good

Missouri Proposed Gun Laws for 2020 - The Bad


This is not a comprehensive list, but a sample of what I am watching in KY. Both Senate and House are GOP controlled, but our new Gov. is D. I don’t expect any of them to go anywhere with the exception of House Bill 51. I’m not sure how it will go.

# Sponsor Party Status Note
HB31 C. Booker D to Judiciary (H) Require Permit
HB45 6 D to Judiciary (H) “Assault Weapons”, Mag limit, BG Checks, ERPO
HB51 16 R to Local Government (H) No Sanctuary cities or Counties
HB76 N. Kulkarni D to Judiciary (H) Possession by DV
HB192 J. Donohue D to Judiciary (H) “Assault Weapons” and 10+ Mag Registration
SB32 G. Neal D to Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection (S) Firearm Storage

There are several in the pipeline here in NC. Each one chips away at rights enshrined in 2A. While both houses are pro 2A at this time, it still gives me pause that progressives and liberals are patient and content with eroding our 2A rights bill-by-bill.


Virginia has passed the new gun laws ahead of the protesters getting started just moments ago of the VCDL Event
VCDL Event

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I hope Virginia becomes the first model of what the people will do to any politician that would break their oaths of office and enact gun control turning citizens into criminals.

To the sum of, I’m looking for said politicians to essentially be drug through the streets for their crimes.

To be a warning to all others who would want to turn citizens into criminals.


Do you know which passed and if they are now law? Some things have to pass both houses before they are law… not sure if that’s how it’s done in VA? Did they just make felons of gun owners?

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@Zee. I’m not positive Zee, Jarod is going to find more information about this later today. When I find out I will tell you I’m sure others will also post here also.


That came up in my email!

It makes me want to cry and after I googled impeachment process for officials…Like president,almost impossible (But for the case it’s needed unlike trump).

@Robert, anything new in your state?

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According to ISRA which is Illinois State Rifle Association as of yesterday’s newsletter nothing will come out until February according to the ISRA Lobbyists. I don’t trust any Democrat politicians and everyone should still keep Republican politicians in check also. When people had to work two jobs for the support of their families, when they became so busy in their daily lives and when politicians became comfortable and believing that the average Joe is stupid and they are the easily manipulated is when they started having to be put in check. Those jobs were never meant to be full time jobs they were part time jobs originally but look where we are now. We have the They known better, they’re smarter, and politicians are not any of those things in my opinion except slippery, and shifty like professional liars @Randall318


None of these proposed laws are anything new here in California. We already have most of these laws in place and most of them are not difficult to get around. Yes they shouldn’t have even been allowed to become law, but we are hopeful things will change in the future.

It’s easy to assemble an “assault weapon” to make it “California compliant” It looks different but has exactly the same functionality.

I have yet to read any statistics or reports of people having guns confiscated via our Red Flag law, but I assume they have occurred.

My county (Placer) and 80% of the counties in California approve CCW permits as easily as if California was a Shall issue state. The only counties you essentially can’t get a permit in are counties you don’t have enough money to contribute to the Sheriffs re election campaign and/or you don’t want to live in if you don’t have to. My county’s Sheriffs’ office does 24 permit interviews a week and you have to wait about 3 months to get an interview. It was obvious when I went through the permitting process that they really support your right to carry.

At the end of March 2019 , federal Judge Roger Benitez ruled our 19 year old “high capacity” magazine ban unconstitutional and for one week (until he ended the stay pending a final ruling) we were able to purchase standard capacity magazines again. It is estimated that over 1 million magazines were purchased during that week most of them coming via mail order from out of state. I have yet to see any of the evil magazines to commit murder.

At the end of this month, Judge Benitez is going to hear oral arguments in Miller vs. Becerra to overturn the California Assault Weapons ban. We are hopefully Judge Benitez will either grant a stay or outride overturn the law.

Judge Benitez was also assigned Rhode vs Becerra to overturn out ammo background checks.

From what I’ve been hearing, Judge Benitez and/or the 9th Circuit of Appeals may be waiting to rule on some of these case pending the Supreme Court ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York.


@Zee. As of this minute guns have been banned in the state capital and the Pocahontas building. More coming from the tyrantical legislature Monday but Jarod says that’s what we have now and the demonstration and militias are still a go not being canceled.


I lived in CA during a lot of that transition - retreated to high ground 10 years ago. Did the whole “bullet button” if-this-feature-then-not-that do-si-do. Got the flowchart to prove it. :angry:

It wasn’t good then and its not going to be any better in VA, or the rest of the country. Surely not going to go down easily in Missouri.

I lived in the SoCal land of the sheriff going on record as “I see no reason why any civilian should ever be allowed to own a gun.” :angry: People who’d had CCW for decades were denied renewals, and there were no new permits happening at all.

I hope you get some sanity back on the AW ban… that would be awesome. I know folks like you and @KenM are there fighting the good fight.

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Zee I think we are going to be fine here. Governor would NOT sign, so veto proof is virtually nill. And as you said it shouldn’t even spend much time on the floor before going to the wastebasket!


@EDC_always probably, but I’m watching the catastrophic sea change happening elsewhere - Not going to wait until it gets away from us here before I get after the people I vote for.


Link to the existing thread to the recently identified effort in Georgia

SB 281 georgia-bill-introduced-to-ban-all-semi-automatic-weapons


While KY HB51 (Ban on Sanctuary Counties/Cities) hasn’t moved much since being sent to committee (Local Government), I think I found a loop-hole in case it gets passed.

From this point forward, my house and my vehicles are now 2A Sanctuaries!

@MikeBKY, can I make it easier and just declare myself a 2A sanctuary?

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