Oh, You Bet VA Democrats Are Putting Gun Rights in the Crosshairs After Big Wins Last Night



I am really glad that we just moved to GA

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That’s not scary at all. Glad the Democratic Party is showing its hand early.

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I think its scary… but I’m right with you on the showing their hand early part.


Oh, I was being facetious. It’s scary as hell. Their definition of an assault weapon is so broad it’s basically anything that isn’t a revolver or Bolt action rifle. Going by their definition, EVERYTHING I own is an assault weapon.

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Yeah, pretty much that ^^^
Oh, wait, I have a single six that isn’t…


Yeah we’re pretty much screwed. Glad I don’t own anything they are coming after.



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VA resident here. I’m extremely saddened by the outcome of the elections and especially as it concerns our constitutional rights. I don’t know what we’re going to do here. I feel like the CA residents who everyone tells “your state is lost, just move out”. The problem is almost every state that has strong 2A is starting to feel the “blue wave”. Little by little they creep in, and whittle away at gun rights in every state. I don’t even know where I’d move to at this point that is safe. 20 years ago (heck, even 10 years) no one would have suspected VA would fall. The proposed legislation bans pretty much every semi-auto pistol or rifle, doesn’t grandfather in existing, and says you have to turn it in or ship it out of state. There is literally no reason they won’t shoot for the moon since they have control of both houses and the governorship.

I have a few friends who are like “just wait, we’ll get it back in the next cycle this is blowback from anti-Trump”, but I’m not so sure. If they enact all the anti-gun legislation they’re proposing (and there is no reason to suspect they won’t) there will be now way to roll it back without getting back the super-majority again and I dont see that happening as long as the major metro areas of Northern VA, Richmond, and VA Beach continue to lean Blue (and theres no reason to think they wont stay that way as urban areas always tend to lean Blue).


It’s sad and scary.

We did leave CA for that (among other reasons).

I’d look at the constitutional carry states, Missouri would love to have you. Idaho sounds good too if you can deal with the cold.


I’d be curious to see the voter turnout numbers. Bloomberg organizations spent 8 times the amount the NRA did in Virginia. Now, they are eyeballing Texas. They have an agenda, and very deep pockets. We have to encourage our fellow compatriots to be sure and vote. Because I guarantee, those that seek to eliminate our fundamental rights, will be at the polls in force.


Exactly why voting is so important. Every office at any level needs to be filled with people who are committed to abiding by the constitution first and foremost when making official decisions on behalf of the nation.

It is a privilege of the citizens to control their own rights rather than being controlled by those who would gladly abolish all rights, and voting is our first best option in preserving what we presently have. The other side is absolutely going to pursue “abridging” all individual freedoms, especially when it comes to 2A, the one that provides our ability to protect them all. And their pursuit will increase with each election in their favor. As @Harvey rightfully acknowledged, the anti-rights/freedom mentality is creeping in step by step as it grows nationwide.

Somehow, and I don’t know how to make it happen, people of this persuasion need to understand the true cost to themselves and their future generations of what they are trying to achieve. And with the number of people from other countries now entering our borders with no background of our system or even desire to learn it, the task may actually be impossible at this point.

A government unbridled gains everything, exactly what the people lose. That’s just the way power is.


The anti-firearm people are very outspoken. The pro-2A community isn’t, but they do come out and vote a lot of the time. Hopefully, with how outspoken the current candidates are against the Second Amendment, the pro-2A will be even more motivated to vote.


According to the Washington Post turnout was:

823,694 Democratic votes, 860,993 Republican votes and 55,187 votes for other candidates have been counted statewide for all House of Delegates races. We estimate this is more than three-quarters of expected turnout.

808,633 Democratic votes, 843,652 Republican votes and 112,897 votes for other candidates have been counted statewide for all State Senate races. We estimate this is around three-quarters of expected turnout

As for the amount of money spent… the Democratic Party faaaaaaaaaar outspent the Republican Party. Source for dollar amounts is VPAP.

Rank Amount Donor
1 $8,079,342 House Democratic Caucus (Richmond)
2 $5,813,169 Democratic Party of Virginia (Richmond)
3 $5,489,325 Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus (Richmond)
4 $3,796,957 Republican Party of Virginia (Richmond)
5 $3,240,104 Republican State Leadership Committee (Washington, DC)
6 $2,418,355 Colonial Leadership Trust PAC (Colonial Heights)
7 $2,235,676 Virginia Senate Republican Caucus (Williamsburg)
8 $2,147,021 Justice and Public Safety PAC (Washington, DC)
9 $2,100,000 Bills, Michael D (Charlottesville)
10 $1,834,085 Dominion Energy (Richmond)
11 $1,758,777 Legislative Majority PAC (Washington)
12 $1,538,543 Everytown for Gun Safety (New York, NY)
71 $362,269 National Rifle Association (Fairfax)

Justice and Public Safety is funded by George Soros, and is out of state.
Bills, Michael D is a Democratic donor (not sure how he, by himself, was able to directly contribute that much?)
Everytown for Gun Safety is funded by Michael Bloomberg, and is out of state.
Legislative Majority PAC is out of state.

Out of the top 12 donors, that is $26,926,177 for Democrats, and $11,691,092 for Republicans (I didn’t count Dominion Energy) (someone may want to check my math). The NRA comes in at $362k and in 71st place. (Rolls eyes at people saying the NRA is buying elections)

In almost every single election whoever has the most money to spend wins. This holds true here, and I bet it holds in all the other elections no matter which side wins. The only election that I know of to buck that trend was Trump vs Clinton, where Clinton spent way more money and yet still lost the election anyway.

The VA GOP didn’t compete in (I believe) 10 Senate races and 27 House races. Not sure why they conceded those races, maybe they knew they’d lose and so figured not to waste the time/energy (In my area, my senator ran unopposed, and my delegate a D incumbent won with 70% of the vote). There were lots of places you couldn’t pick a pro-gun choice even if you wanted to.


This kind of liberal lunacy won’t be stopped at the ballot box. The Supreme Court might stop it or the people who truly love freedom may need to step in.

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I live in Virginia, as well, and believe that we are doomed. Virginia has been turning blue for the last 10+ years and it has finally happened. I agree with Harvey and believe that anyone who believes that it will be reversed in the next cycle is in for a rude awakening. The demographics just don’t support a switch back to GOP control anytime soon. The influence of Washington has crept out to Loudoun and Prince William counties and continues to move westward even to where I live in Warren county.

You can bet that in additional to stepping on 2nd amendment rights, Virginia will become a sanctuary state, endorse abortion up to and even after the moment of birth, and raise taxes to an oppressive level to fund the transfer of wealth advocated by the progressives. I think Virginia is a lost cause and, although I have lived here for 40+ years, it may be time to move.


VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) just put out their email with after election analysis and “next steps”. It’s worth a read, and if you’re in VA I highly encourage you to join the VCDL.



Never thought i would see the day…

I will place the text from the above URL in case connectivity issues prevent anyone from reading. This is extremely important.

Moderators, if the below takes up too much space please edit however needed; apologizes in advance.

The Elections

Of the four possible results, yesterday’s elections provided the worst scenario for gun owners in Virginia and one that VCDL has been warning about for almost a year.

Starting in early January, the state will be completely under Democrat control for the next two years: House, Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General.

Overall the VCDL-PAC supported candidates did well. For the Senate, 75% of the VCDL-PAC endorsed candidate won. For the House, 63% of the endorsed candidates won.

Initial Analysis

While this election was supposed to be a referendum on gun control, it appears to have had much more to do with recent court redistricting, which turned six Republican districts into blue-leaning districts. Chris Jones, Dave Yancey, and Rocky Holcomb lost their redistricted seats. Chris Stolle lost his race by 18 votes! A reminder that every vote counts. However, there will be a recount in Stolle’s race and things could change with such a small margin.

Strong pro-gun legislators across the state won their elections, including some in tightly contested fights, such as Amanda Chase’s race for her Senate seat, Nick Freitas (as a write-in nonetheless!), Dave LaRock, Emily Bewer, and Margaret Ransome. All won handily. Speaker Kirk Cox, who had been redistricted into a much, much harder district for a Republican to win, still managed to beat down his opponent!
The same for Barry Knight.

Tim Hugo lost with his opponent getting obscene amounts of cash from out of state donors, including over $600,000 from Michael Bloomberg.

Republican Senator Glen Sturtevant, who lost, voted to support a Red Flag Law bill earlier this year, weakening his base.

Anti-gun Rosilyn Tyler almost lost her seat. Her bad voting record on guns, especially if gun control gets passed in the upcoming General Assembly session, could well catch up to her.

The Road Ahead - Playing the Hand We Were Dealt

While gun control wasn’t the driving force for voters that the gun controllers hoped for, they will still use the election results and their huge debt to Bloomberg and Soros to push their gun-control agenda. Senator Dick Saslaw said as much yesterday, as he promised movement on gun control to Moms Demand Action and Everytown.

While we don’t have a firewall to stop bad gun bills from becoming law, we are not helpless.

  • The right to keep and bear arms is an enumerated and protected right, under both the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but also under Article 1, Section 13 of the Virginia Constitution. That leads to the next item:
  • The Courts can be used to block unconstitutional laws and possibly provide an injunction against such a law taking effect until a final ruling has been made. We can use state and federal courts, including the Virginia and U.S. Supreme Courts.
  • Moderate Democrats might not go along with some of the more extreme gun-control schemes. Those of you in their districts need to keep the pressure on them.
  • We can push for more Second Amendment Sanctuary Localities, like Carroll County, which will refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws. Sheriffs and other law enforcement have no obligation to enforce unconstitutional laws, either.
  • VCDL will continue to be on the offensive, pushing to restore the gun rights that have been stripped away from us over the years.

What we need:

  • A stronger VCDL. Our membership is up 25% since last year (we have over 8,000 members and 30,000 subscribers to VA-ALERT). That’s a good start, but we need to have as many members as we possibly can get (there are over 650,000 CHP holders in this state, not to mention hunters and target shooters). Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to join us!
  • Gun owners being more active and visible. Write letters to the editor. Reach out to neighbors and friends, especially those on the fence about guns. Teach non-gun owners firearms safety and then take them shooting. Talk up VCDL at your local gun range or gun club. You’ll be amazed at how many members of clubs and ranges don’t have a clue about VCDL.
  • More volunteers manning VCDL tables at gun shows and other events.
  • A massive Lobby Day on January 20, 2020. Take off work that day, if necessary. This time we are rallying on the Capitol steps for the first time!

VCDL is not going to back down - the fight is on.


It will have to be a fight at every doorstep when LE attempts to confiscate weapons that were purchased legally. JMHO. If the VCDL members join together, hire and consult with a pro 2nd Amendment law firm, start a class action lawsuit, where the legally proceedings would have to make their way through the court system, preferably all the way to US Supreme Court. Of course money would be an issue as the Anti-Gunners pockets are much deeper… Are we talking mass arrests if Virginia citizens do not comply?

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I’m not in VA, but the results were scary enough I joined the VCDL. You don’t have to be a Virginian to support the Second Amendment rights of our fellow citizens. :wink:


If you are inclined to become a member of the VCDL or support them, here’s the links:

To join VCDL , click here. To contribute to VCDL , click here.